2012 Chicago Co-Ed Playoffs

Updated: August 23, 2012

Playoff Video

The Playoff Video is above.  Highlights from each and every Playoff game are included, so check it out!  The way the Playoff Wrap-Up will work, is I’m going to go through each game in chronological order.  I’ll make it obvious where new rounds begin so that if you want to skip around you will know where to go.. Want to just know who the Champs are? Well you can look at the pic above ORRRR scroll down and read the Championship recap at the bottom of the Wrap-Up.

Let’s get to the Playoff Wrap-Up!

**Elite-8 Hoops**

Monday August 6Hoops (Playoffs - Elite 8) -
Windy City Field House
1. Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport) v. BYE
7:00-8:004. Team Silberstein (Cy Fredrics) v. 5. Team Harris (RazorReef.com)
8:00-9:002. Team Leibow (YouSwoop.com) v. 7. Team Geer (Whiskey Bar)
8:00-9:003. Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution) v. 6. Team Thomas (City Point Realty)

1. Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport) – BYE to the Final 4.  In the Final 4 they will play the Winner of…

4. Team Silberstein (Cy Fredrics) v. 5. Team Harris (RazorReef.com) – 5. Harris wins 53-34

The 4 and 5 game is always one of the more interesting match-ups in the Elite 8.  Those two teams are usually separated by very little in the Standings and there is a sense that anyone can win.. Both of these teams have shown glimpses of greatness throughout the Summer, but have also had their weaker moments.. On Monday Night Team Harris got the better of Team Silberstein by notching their 2nd Hoops victory of the Summer.   Dave “refuse 2 lose” Sever put in 19 to help his team advance to the Final 4. Rob Lay “up” matched with his own 19 point effort but just didnt get enough help around him.  For Team Silbertstein they will leave the 2012 season obviously still hungry for a long Playoff Run.  They know that if they can get to Flag Football in the Playoffs then there is no one that can beat them.. They definitely made strides as the Summer went on and will have stuff to build off of for 2013.  As for Team Harris, next up is the one and only #1 seed Team Barrett (Atomic Transport).  They have won their last 2 games and are feeling the momentum building for their squad.. However, this is a rematch from about a month ago which Team Bartlett took.. Should be a fun one on Monday Night!

2. Team Leibow (YouSwoop.com) v. 7. Team Geer (Whiskey Bar) – 2. Leibow wins 53-38

2 seeds usually are heavy favorites over 7 seeds however this particular match-up was different as it was a rematch from a close Hoops encounter a few weeks back.. Team Leibow has been that “take no prisoners/ win at all cost” throughout the Summer and they have really been chomping at the bit to get their chance to finally eliminate a team.. Well they got their wish on Monday Night.  Ben “Lights out” Klassman was en fuego on Monday night putting up a gigantic 22 points.  After each basket, Captain Harrison Leibow’s voice echoed, “ok HANDS UP! HANDS UP!”.. not wanting his team to let down any defensive possession.  As for Team Geer, they had a nice run this Summer but ultimately succumbed to injuries and just  couldn’t get past Team Leibow in Hoops.  Brandon “Big willie style” Williams put up a big 19 points in defeat.  They will be back next Summer with a healthy squad ready to make some noise. As for Team Leibow they will play 16″ Softball next Monday Night in the  Final 4 against..

3. Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution) v. 6. Team Thomas (City Point Realty) – 6. Thomas wins 41-40

There’s always one game with a little extra intensity.. This was that game..  Obviously the close score helps build tension throughout the game but more than that both teams really wanted to get the win and extend their season.  Not that other teams didn’t want to win or anything, but you could just tell both of these teams wanted it so bad!  In the end Team Thomas just scooted on by.  They held the lead for much of the game and survived a late Team Shiffman comeback. In the loss, Team Shiffman got 10 points from Brian “bry guy” Herst who really played well.. In the end it was just not enough.. After the game Drew “down on the block” Sultan welled up a touch but Team Shiffman was quick to rebound from the heartbreak and congratulate Team Thomas.. They were also quick to declare 2013 would be their year!  I tend to not doubt these guys so everyone should be ready come next Summer.  As for Team Thomas, they have survived and advanced to take on the #2 seed Team Leibow Next Monday night in the Final 4.. These guys were really really impressive in 16″ softball last time around and I know they believe a spot in the Championship game is theirs for the taking..

**Final 4 – 16″ Softball**

1. Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport) v. 5. Team Harris (RazorReef.com) – 1. Bartlett wins 12-11

I was excited to see this match-up happening in the Playoffs.  Both squads have teammates that are pretty familiar with each other, in fact some opponents in this game are teammates in the Men’s League.  Familiarity usually makes for close/tough games.  This game sure fit the bill.  Team Harris took an early lead during in this one and they held it throughout the entire game.. Captain Adam “do you need any swim gear? go to razorreef.com! :)” Harris showed up big at the plate getting on base in all 4 at-bats.  He was a double away from the cycle actually!  He also drove in 2 runs.. Meanwhile other Team Harris member Josh “1 arm push-ups” Feld was on cruise control on the mound.. Team Bartlett struggled for the first time all season.. In fact coming into the bottom of the 7th Team Harris led the Undefeated bunch 11-5.  Then base-runner after base-runner reached base for Team Bartlett whether from hits, walks or a few defensive miscues, Team Bartlett was back in the game.. They managed to score 5 runs to bring Team Harris’ lead to 1 run.  The stage was set for a Hero to come through.. Dan “his time to shine” Lehtman came up with the bases loaded and 1 out when he drove a the ball down the 3rd base and into left field allowing 2 runs to score and sending Team Bartlett to the Championship game!  For Team Harris it was a heartbreaking way to end the season. They were so close to the Championship they could taste it.  They’ll be back next Summer ready to take that leap to the final game of the season, that is for sure.  As for Team Bartlett, it might have been a scarier ride than some anticipated but they moved on.. Now who would they face?

2. Team Leibow (YouSwoop.com) v. 6. Team Thomas (City Point Realty) – 6. Thomas wins 26-5

Not all Playoff games can be 1-run nail-biters.  Team Thomas went on the Offensive early and often, and then some more..  Team Thomas just played a fantastic game and Team Leibow didn’t really have any answers.. Let’s focus on the positives shall we.. Michelle “thank you and your sister for the cookie, it was awesome!” Grodsky went 2 for 2 from the plate on the night and also drove in a run!  Team Leibow also has nothing to hang their heads about as they finished the regular season in 2nd in a strong league!  Also, according to the movie Semi-Pro starring Andre 3000, as long as you get 4th place (which you guys tied for 3rd and 4th) you are the true champions!  So there you have it.. Captain Harrison “Adolph I Fabis” Leibow is already holding practices for next season. I know you might think, geez that’s pretty early, well he disagrees..  As for Team Thomas they are going to try and ride this wave of momentum all the way to the Championship.. The only thing standings in their way is the Undefeated #1 Seeded Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport).

**Championship – Flag Football**

1. Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport) v. 6. Team Thomas (City Point Realty)  – 1. Bartlett wins 34-12

Team Thomas struck first when Justin “QB1″ Udany tossed a TD to Bryan”welcome to the wrap-up!” Dieckelman early in the 1st half to give their team a 6-0 lead.. Team Bartlett did not wait long to answer when Jon “other QB1” Nickow hit Andy “Bernard” Cohen for a score.. Team Bartlett tacked on an extra point and led 7-6..  They would up the lead to 21-6 shortly after halftime and never looked back.. Before I get to the Undefeated season.. I want to give the proper attention to the 2012 Co-Ed Runners-Up.  Led by the brothers Thomas this crew fought incredibly hard all season long.. Even when they received a lower seed in the Playoffs, they didn’t just pack it up and go home they went on to upset both the #2 and #3 seeds!  They got pretty banged up along the way as well and who knows what a 100% healthy squad would have done in the Championship game.. Team Thomas made a declaration for 2013 being their year and I have no reason to believe otherwise.. Well except for that the Undefeated and now Champion Team Bartlett will likely still be very present in 2013.  It is insanely difficult to go Undefeated in any type of league, but to do so in a league with they type of format that All Sports Series presents is not only unheard of but pretty shocking.  They got victories in 5 different sports this season while taking down each and every team on their path to the Championship.  Captain Ellie “@ebartlett26” Bartlett constructed a dynamic squad that I have been singing the praises of all season long (and deservedly so).

That does it for the first ever Co-Ed All Sports Series season.  I want to thank all of you for participating (and reading if you are still with me).  Congratulations once again to Team Bartlett and hopefully I will see all of you next Summer!

– Holden