2012 Chicago Co-Ed Week 1 Dodgeball

Updated: June 15, 2012

Week 1 Video

Hello All Sports Series Participants! (Beware the next paragraph is a copy/paste from the Suburbs and  Chicago Men’s posts so feel free to skip down if you read them already). This is the first of many write-ups coming your way this season.  Before I get into the week that was I want to set up what I do here for the new teams and readers.  Each week there will be a review about the past games as well as some insight and a brief preview of the week to come.   I also will include the Video for each week at the top which you can view by clicking the “Week 1 Video” above.

Please keep a couple of things in mind.. 1) I write about all of the games using a statistical review; I do not see nearly enough of the games to have a decent opinion as to what is going on.. 2) I am changing the format this year just a hair.. I am going to do a sort of “Power Rankings” type review as opposed to the individual game wrap-ups.  This was a suggestion from either Jon “or Brian” Nickow who participate in both the Chicago Men’s and Co-Ed leagues.

On to the Rankings..

1) Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts – You know those people in middle school that loved gym class? (Like Me). Well Captain Ellie “White Sox Fan” Bartlett’s squad is chalk full of them!  They loved being out there and it showed.  It doesn’t hurt that they have some players who were throwing dodgeballs at about 90 MPH either.  I’m not quite sure if dodgeball translates to other sports but leaving Monday night this team deserves the Number #1 Spot.   Their Volleyball ability will dictate whether they can stay there or not..

2) Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts – David “The Chive” Shiffman has put together a dynamic roster full of size, speed and more size.  Drew “P” Sultan and Michael “VP” Bemoras may not strike you as the ultimate dodgeball duo but boy did it seem like they were dodging wrenches in the off season!  This might be my pick to click for the volleyball tournament next week.  Just a hunch.  If I’m right they’ll be sitting atop the Rankings next week!

3) Team Thomas (City Point Realty) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts – It’s so nice to just have a nice group out there!  I had not met anyone on the team until Monday Night and I couldnt have had a better experience meeting the Thomas Bros. and crew.  Definitely take the chance to introduce yourselves to the team in Gold.  They also were really good at dodgeball! Winning their match 8-3.  If you havent noticed already I cant provide too much analysis on the games because well it was dodgeball..  Team Thomas is one to watch.

4) Team Leibow – Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts – Captain Harrison “Sportsman of the Week” Leibow has said time and time again that he just wants his team to come out on Monday Nights and DESTROY THE OTHER TEAMS! All he talks to anyone about lately is pulverizing the opposition.  Rumor has it he had a midnight practice Last Sunday Night which involved throwing watermelons at each other.. Marissa and Michelle “Happy Birthday!!” Grodsky were quoted as saying, “We didn’t know Harry was this intense..”  However the hard work paid off as they won the majority of their games and come in at Numero 4.

5) Team Harris (RazorReef.com) – Currently in 5th with 12 pts – Well this is a fairly easy selection.. When in doubt turn to the standings. They won the most games out of the teams that did not win their match.  Captain Adam “yes another” Harris! has an army for a team. I mean they literally have 75 players on their team.  From  a strictly math perspective I’d give them great odds to have some really good volleyball players for next week.  Also they have Josh “Biceps” Feld who eats volleyballs at the gym.. I can see Team Harris making a big run next week.  On a side not its Summer! If you need bathing suits or sandals or tank tops, etc.. head over to razorreef.com  They have everything!!!

Teams just missing the Top 5 (in alphabetical order)

Team Geer (the Whiskey Bar) – Some accused me for having a bias towards this team.. Why, just because I live with people on the team? Pshh.. If I had a bias I would have let them pick their jersey color first.. Ohhh I see… This squad is only going to improve Monday Night.. In fact Roomate and Co-Captain Daniel E.  “Ryback” Mason I. has stated they will have a BLAST! at volleyball.

Team McMenamin (FansEdge) – Team McMenamin suffered a few losses early in the night due to some traffic and a lack of numbers on the court.. as soon as they got everything straightened out they totally held their own! I see great things in the future for this team.. All Sports Series Staff team member Michaela “no nicknames for team members, sorry” McMenamin has put together a great bunch along with the help of her brother Connor.  Also, I think their jerseys are great! Just a personal side note..

Team Silberstein (Cy Fredrics Jewlers) – Well someone had to play the flamethrowers on Team Bartlett and unlucky for Team Silberstein they were that team.. Just unforunate scheduling.. Lets not dwell on the past.. Word on the street is they have some excellent volleyball players so watch out! Also, Captain Stef “winning the Pick-em contest as of today!” Silberstein is winning the Pick-em contest as of today!! Woohoo! Dont forget to play! It’s on the right side of the homepage.

Overall, I have to say I’m very excited for the Co-Ed league as it seems like there are a bunch of fun people out there!

Have a great weekend everybody and see you Monday Night!

– Holden