2012 Chicago Co-Ed Week 3 Flag Football

Updated: June 29, 2012

June 24-27 Video

Week 3 Video is above. Check. It. Out. .. It’s always a fun time when All Sports Series heads outdoors for the first time of the Summer and Co-Ed Flag Football was just that! (or so I hear..)  Let’s get right to the rankings..

1) Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport) – Currently in 1st with 67 points (Last Week: 1) – Umm duhh.. They are #1 in both the Standings and Rankings because they just don’t lose.   This week they captured another W 26-14 over Team Thomas (City Point Realty).  I’m starting to wonder if this team will be the first team to ever complete a Perfect Season in All Sports Series.  We have had teams win everything but the volleyball tournament before but the Bartletteers even pulled that out!  Jon “the one who played QB” Nickow threw 3 TDs and Ran for another score while connecting with twin bro Bryan “the one who played WR” Nickow and twice with Jeremy “last name isn’t Nickow” Bauer for 2 more.  They have proved to be dominant in dodgeball, volleyball and flag football.. Up next is Hoops on July 9 (after the week off for the Holiday) and Team McMenamin (FansEdge). Should be a fun one.

2) Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution) – Currently in 3rd with 35 points (Last Week: 5) – What happens when the #2,3 and 4 teams lose in one week?? Tons of Shaking-Up for the Rankings, that’s what!  Team Shiffman moved up 3 spots this week after what many would call the most impressive win of the Night in Week 3.  They defeated former #2 Team Leibow (YouSwoop.com) 27-2.  Team Shiffman actually fell behind due to an early Safety but rattled off the next 27 points to take the game decisively.  Brian “fun fact: My personal QB Coach” Herst threw for 4 TDs to 3 different targets..  Megan “who didn’t give her last name when registering so I’m not totally sure what it is” _______ hauled in 2 scores!  All week I have been hearing some gripes from other teams around the league about Team Shiffman’s TD Celebration –> For those who didnt see.. It began with Drew “the base” Sultan putting Michael “also scored a TD” Bemoras on his shoulders and then Bemo would put Howard “nice gloves!” Lamm on his shoulders and it just continued until there were 10 people on Drew’s shoulders.   Needless to say they kept getting delay of game penalties.. They have Team Harris in Two Weeks for Hoops.

3) Team Leibow (YouSwoop.com) – Currently in 2nd with 37 points (Last Week: 2) – You win some. You lose some.  This one just didnt go their way… It happens.  I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the loss or not but.. Rumor has it that on Sunday Night TBS (very funny) had a marathon of Saved By the Bell College Years.. All I know is probably mattered to 3 or 4 of the guys on the team and affected their sleep cycle going into Monday Night.  1 more thing.. Brian “fast” Migdow is fast.

4) Team Geer (the Whiskey Bar) – Currently in 4th with 26 points (Last Week: NR) – Welcome to the Rankings Team Geer.  For those of you not aware, my roommates, Danny “I (as in me Holden) took out the garbage from the bathroom, you are welcome. ” Mason and Sam “the Chef” Weinberg are on this team.  Not sure where I’m going with this right now, but they won!! Woo Hoo!  Danny did his best Matt Seracen impression and led the Panthers Geers to victory. Sam “there are two of these on the team” W scored 3 TDs on the night.  This is the momentum they needed going into hoops against #3 Team Leibow on July 9.

5) Team Silberstein (Cy Fredrics Jewlers) – Currently in 5th with 23 points (Last Week: NR) – Another first timer in the Rankings! What a week.  The team in Maise and Blue has found their sport and lucky for them the Co-Ed Championship game will be Flag Football!  Jordan “Cam Newton” Kirshner threw for 4 TDs and added another on the ground.  Rob “Tidwell” Lay was on the receiving end of 2 of those scores.  Things are definitely trending up for Team Silberstein.. With Hoops in Week 4 and Jen “Ray Allen” Sherman out there hitting 3s they will be looking to keep the momentum going against Team Thomas (City Point Realty).

Rest of the Pack (alphabetical):

Team Harris (RazorReef.com) -Currently tied for 7th with 12 points (Last Week: NR) – Captain Adam “Tommie is not rlated to this set of” Harris has an enthusiastic bunch that is just trying to figure out the chemistry on the field right now.. There is still plenty of time for them to do so and they most certainly will.   Jimmy “of the Jungle” Georgantas managed to throw for a Tuddy and Run for 1 more in the L.

Team McMenamin (FansEdge) – Currently tied for 7th with 12 points (Last Week: 4) – Erik “his arm was sure” Reedy threw 2 TD strikes in their game to Dan “run 10 yards and cut in at the” Kerr (street football reference.. common people).  I obviously am not certain of this but i have a feeling there are some sharp shooters on this Hoops team.. Watch out.

Team Thomas (City Point Realty) – Currently in 6th with 22 points (Last Week: 3) – Falling from 3rd to out of the Rankings never means that the week went as planned.. Sometimes you just run into a buzzsaw.  This crew was talking about basketball all the way back in March so I fully expect some PG magic and some 3ball extraordinaires.

That’s it for this Week’s Rankings. Enjoy the week off and the July 4 Holiday. I will see you all Monday Night July 9 at Windy City Field House.

– Holden