2012 Chicago Co-Ed Week 4 Hoops

Updated: July 13, 2012

Week 4 Video

Week 4 Video is linked above for ya.  All the games last night were relatively close which has me pumped for the 1st Round of the Playoffs which again will be Hoops in just 4 short weeks.   Next Week is 16″ Softball. Girls you can use gloves in the field if you want.

Ok let’s get back to this past Monday’s action and Rank!

1) Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport) – Currently in 1st Place with 87 points (Last Week: 1) – I know that many teams were crossing their fingers that this would be the week that Team Bartlett showed some sign of weakness… Well unfortunately for the rest of the league this squad can Hoop too.  They had a smooth victory 46-35 over Team McMenamin (FansEdge) and are a win and some help away from clinching the #1 overall seed in the Playoffs.  That means the rest of the league should be trying to avoid the final #8 seed come Playoff Time! Bryan “Basketball Jones” Hills led the team with 11 and Georgia “on from the 3pt line” Sechen had 9.  Next up for the Undefeated Squad is Team Harris (RazorReef.com)…

2) Team Leibow (Youswoop.com) – Currently in 2nd Place with 57 points (Last Week: 3) – Back up to the #2 spot this week is Real (like theyd say in Spain or Salt Lake City) Leibow.  They got back on the winning track this Monday Night in a nail biter against Team Geer (Whiskey Bar Chicago).  After the game Captain Harry “Ford/Potter/Conick Jr. wrapped up into one ball of” Leibow did 2 forward summersaults and a backwards one too!  The whole team was excited!  Brian “the only member of the team w/o earrings” Migdow had 14 points.   All I know is, the “you play like you practice” motto really paid off this week.  This team trains harder than any other and that is why they are in 2nd in the Standings. Job well done team. Next week they will face off w/ #3…

3) Team Silberstein (Cy Fredrics) – Currently in 3rd with 43 points (Last Week: 5) – This is their highest ranking of the season so far! It seems like the Silbersteiners are peaking just at the right time.  They had a fantastic come from behind victory on Monday Night and it seems like they are hellbent on finishing in a top spot come Playoff Time.  Michael “Kosmo” Kramer had 14 and Jordan “Hill” Kirschner had 12 points in the win.  Captain Stef “John Lucas III” Silberstein and Jen “Nate Robinson” Sherman were so pumped after the game they invited their entire team over for cupcakes! That’s leadership folks.  Next week they will take on #2 in the Rankings Team Leibow in what many have called the Game of the…. Week. (you thought I was going to say century, but its just of the week).

4) Team Harris (RazorReef.com) – Currently in 5th with 32 points (Last Week: NR) – Welcome back to the Rankings Team Harris!  The Blue squad also won a nail biter on Monday Night as they picked up 43-40 W against Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution).  Nick “Van Exel” Lukes had 11 in the victory.  They are one more win away from really leaping up to the top 2 in the Standings.  They are likely underdogs going into next week with the Goliath Team Bartlett.. However if they can pull off a W they will be putting the whole league on Notice.. Time will tell.

5) Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution) – Currently in 4th with 35 points (Last Week: 2) – As mentioned above these guys dropped a heartbreaker 43-40 to Team Harris..  Michael “Hot Sauce” Bemoras had 8 points including 2 Tre-Balls… After the 2nd one he was seen holstering Joakim Noah style with one hand and blowing kisses with the other.. One of the more bizarre celebrations of the Summer.. Next Week Team Shiffman will take to the diamond against Team McMenamin in a battle of Red Teams.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical)

Team Geer (the Whiskey Bar) – Currently in 6th place with 26 points (Last Week: 4) – They had a shot to tie it on a pull up 3 that just couldnt connect at the buzzer.. Always a hard pill to swallow.. However I know this bunch and they wont stay down for long.. Zain “I don’t have your last name” ______ had a whopping 24 on the night.  Co-Captain Daniel “Fullafunk Inc.” Mason has been perfecting his Softball swing for the better side of 10+ years now and he is ready to unleash it next week!

Team McMenamin (FansEdge) – Currently tied for 8th with 12 points (Last Week: NR) –  They cant take the L too badly b/c no one has defeated the Bartletteers just yet.. They gave it their all.. Especially Connor “Kobe’s Bro” McMenamin who had 19.. Also his sister Michaela “Kobe” McMenamin was quoted after the game as saying “good shooters just gotta keep shooting.”

Team Thomas (City Point Realty) – Currently in 7th with 22 points (Last Week: NR) – They built up a nice lead in the early going but just couldn’t hold on to it.. Danielle “Diana Taurasi” Martorano had 11 to lead her team in scoring.. Next Week they will face Team Geer in 16″


That’s it for the Wrap-Up/Rankings this Week. See ya on Monday.

– Holden