2012 Chicago Co-Ed Week 6 Volleyball

Updated: July 26, 2012

Week 6 Video

Week 6 Video is above.   This week’s wrap-up is going to be a little different than the previous weeks’ renditions.. It will serve more as a Playoff Scenario/Preview as far as seeding goes instead of Rankings.  I’m just going to go down the line in the Standings and give everyone where they could possibly finish after next week.. (Editor’s Note: Flag Football is worth 20 points).

Here are the Standings entering Week 7

(# = Playoff Seed)
Points (Points Behind Leader)
1. Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport)147 (0)
2. Team Leibow (YouSwoop.com)92 (55)
3. Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution)80 (52)
4. Team Silberstein (Cy Fredrics)73 (74)
5. Team Harris (RazorReef.com)
Wins Tiebreaker from head to head Week 6 W.
57 (90)
6. Team Thomas (City Point Realty)
Loses Tiebreaker from head to head Week 6 L.
57 (90)
7. Team Geer (Whiskey Bar)26 (106)
8. Team McMenamin (FansEdge)17 (110)

1. Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport) – Currently in 1st with 127 points -Surprise! The #1 Seed in the Playoffs is going to be Team Bartlett..  They have it all locked up.  They don’t even need to suit up next week and they have it.  They didnt even really need to play last week either.. But they did and they won all three of their Vball games to attain another 15 points in the Standings.  This squad is obviously firing on all cylinders.. They are expressing an heir of confidence as if this is what they expected.. To run the table and let everyone race for 2nd place.  Anyways, their real test will be in 2 weeks when the pressure will actually be on them for the first time in Weeks.  The Playoffs are a single-elimination tournament, and Regular Season Records will be thrown out the window.. The question for these guys is.. who will land in the #8 spot and have to play Team Bartlett in Rd. 1 Hoops.  It’s really too bad that their lead isn’t a little bit less because they have a date with #2 next Monday..

2. Team Leibow (YouSwoop.com) – Currently in 2nd with 92 points – Yup #1 and #2 will square off in Flag Football in Week 7. Could be a Championship preview?  They are also locked into their spot no matter what happens next week.  They are more than 20 points behind Team Bartlett and more than 20 ahead of #3 Team Shiffman.. Which means your #2 Seed going into the Playoffs will be Team Leibow (pronounced La Beau).  Captain Harrison “Sgt.” Leibow was already irate with his team for only gaining 10 pts in volleyball that when he heard that Team Bartlett had locked up the #1 seed he literally passed out.  It took both Michelle and Marissa “yes both” Grodskys to take turns dumping cold water on his face to revive him from his anger induced pass-out.. Even after the “incident” this team has a lot going for them going into the Playoffs.  As the #2 seed they can avoid Team Bartlett until the Championship.  That is a good thing!

3. Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution) – Currently in 3rd with 60 points

4. Team Thomas (City Point Realty) – Currently in 4th with 57 points

5. Team Silberstein (Cy Fredrics) – Currently in 5th with 53 points

The middle of the Pack is where things get interesting heading into the final week of the Regular Season. Teams Thomas and Silberstein gained ground by getting 10 pts last week in Vball to Team Shiffman’s 5.  Team Shiffman and Team Thomas will play each other in the Flag Football on Monday night.  the winner will be the #3 seed.. Again this is key because most teams would like to avoid Team Bartlett for as long as possible.. The #3 Seed can stay away from them until the Championship.  The loser of that game will likely become the #5 seed.. However who they face is still up for grabs.. Team Silberstein will be the #4 seed with a W over Team Geer (Whiskey Bar) on Monday night.  If the Team Silberstein falls however they could fall to the #6 seed and end up playing the winner of the Team Thomas and Team Shiffman game from Monday Night.. Basically there are several scenarios heading into Monday night with these 3 teams and the entire Playoff Bracket will really be dictated by them…

6. Team Harris (RazorReef.com) – Currently in 6th with 37 points – Team Harris can wind up in anywhere from tied for 5th place to tied for 7th place (and end up as the #8 seed) depending on what they do on Monday Night in Football against Team McMenamin (FansEdge). If they were to lose on Monday Night then Team McMenamin would tie them with 37 points and then hold the head to head tiebreaker over them… Then it would come down to if Team Geer wins or loses to determine if they were to get #7 or #8.. Now if they win in Flag Football they will finish no worse than 6th and could possibly tied for 5th.   I think its safe to say they just dont want to wind up in 8th!

7. Team Geer (Whiskey Bar Chicago) – Currently in 7th with 26 points – If they win in Flag Football against Team Silberstein than they can do no worse than 7th and not to sound like a broken record.. avoid Team Bartlett in the 1st round of the Playoffs.  However, if they fall on Monday Night and Team McMenamin wins then they will be #8.  They were very good in Flag Football a few weeks back as QB Danny “the Ez” Mason likes to spread the wealth around.. The last week in the regular season means everything to this squad..

8. Team McMenamin (FansEdge) – Currently in 8th with 17 points – This is pretty clear cut.. If they get a W against Team Harris then they will tie them and hold the tiebreaker.. Thus, they will miss Team Bartlett in the 1st round. Hooray! If they lose, they will be the 8 Seed no matter what.. They hold their own destiny in their hands on Monday Night.. Which is more than most teams at the bottom of the Standings can ask for.. It’s definitely going to be an interesting Week.

That’s it for this week peeps, see ya on Monday Night! Enjoy the Weekend!

– Holden