2012 Chicago Co-Ed Week 7 Flag Football – Playoff Preview

Updated: August 3, 2012

Week 7 Video

Final Regular Season Video is above.  The regular season is totally in the books and the Playoff Seeds have been set.  This week I’m going to stray from the Rankings and do more of a Playoff Preview/Regular Season Wrap-Up.  I’m just going to go through each match-up for Next Monday’s 1st Round Hoops Games.

Here are the Final Regular Season Standings:

(# = Playoff Seed)
Points (Points Behind Leader)
1. Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport)147 (0)
2. Team Leibow (YouSwoop.com)92 (55)
3. Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution)80 (52)
4. Team Silberstein (Cy Fredrics)73 (74)
5. Team Harris (RazorReef.com)
Wins Tiebreaker from head to head Week 6 W.
57 (90)
6. Team Thomas (City Point Realty)
Loses Tiebreaker from head to head Week 6 L.
57 (90)
7. Team Geer (Whiskey Bar)26 (106)
8. Team McMenamin (FansEdge)17 (110)

1. Team Bartlett (Atomic Transport) – 147 points v. 8. Team McMenamin (FansEdge) -17 points

Team Bartlett completed their perfect regular season on Monday Night in Flag Football just cementing their dominance a little bit more.. They defeated the #2 overall seed Team Leibow (youswoop.com) 40-26.  Captain Ellie Bartlett got into the Endzone on Monday night and to celebrate she climbed up one of the soccer goal posts, hopped up onto the crossbar, and to everyone’s disbelief, broke out into an Olympic style balance beam routing – flips and all.  Crazy.   QB Jon “Bryan” Nickow finishes the season with a combined 10 TDs.  That is an insane number.. They will look to continue on their blistering pace next Monday in the 1st round against the Ultimate Underdogs Team McMenamin.  Their last week in the regular season did not go as well as Team Bartlett’s.  What I will say about them.. they continue to fight until the clock reads 0:00.  They also were pretty decent at Hoops a few weeks back and if Team Bartlett sleeps a little on the 8th seed who knows what will happen.  Word on the street is that Michaela “Kobe” McMenamin has been saving her 3-ball for the Playoffs, so watch out!  I know the rest of the league will surely be rooting for the Red Squad.

4. Team Silberstein (Cy Fredrics) – 73 points v. 5. Team Harris (RazorReef.com) 53 points

Both of these teams have shown flashes of greatness during the season, which is why they finished in the top 5.  Both won their only Hoops game as well a few weeks ago.  Both teams are also coming into the Playoffs with a full head of steam, grabbing big wins in Week 7.  Team Harris put the hurt on Team McMenamin setting an All Sports Series record by scoring 78 points in a Flag Football Game. 78!  When you score 78 points its sort of hard to pick out just a few people to mention but I will give it a whirl anyways.. Captain Adam “Al” Harris returned an INT for a Tuddy to go along with a couple more on Offense.  Dave “When his team enters the Red Zone he gets into the End Zone (that was bad I know)” Sever got into the scoring action as well.  Laurie “not to be outdone by any of the guys” Draut had a TD as well..  Team Silberstein also had a nice win!  They defeated Team Geer (Whiskey Bar) on Monday Night. QB Jordan “Jefferson” Kirschner had 10 combined TDs (throwing and running) in 2 games. That is really impressive.  Both teams have to be excited about their Playoff chances.. However, only one can advance and possibly get a crack at Team Bartlett in Rd. 2 Softball.

 2. Team Leibow (YouSwoop.com) – 92 points v. 7. Team Geer (Whiskey Bar) – 26 points

Team Leibow is a fun bunch of cats.  They are having a good time out here and if they win its a nice bonus.  Except for Captain Harrison “Chuck Knoll” Leibow who wants to win at all costs.  They came up a little short this past Monday to Team Bartlett and my intel has given me word that he hasn’t even spoken with his teammates since Monday Night.  Now I believe he knows for them to get past Team Geer on Monday Night they will all need to be on the same page, so I expect fences to be mended by then..  Last Monday, “Big” Ben Klassman found his way into the endzone.  As for Team Geer, they have had an up and down season heading into the Playoffs. They have shown their skills but have a hard time keeping it all working for the entire game.  This is a rematch of a Hoops game that was played a few weeks back and Team Leibow eeked out the W.. Believe me when I say this, the seed won’t matter here, either team can win.. A lot of course will be riding on the tender hamstring of Co-Captain Daniel “YES!” Mason.  If he can go on Monday Night then I think they have a real shot!  The winner of that game will face the winner of..

3. Team Shiffman (Real Ryder Revolution) – 80 points v. 6. Team Thomas (City Point Realty) – 57 points

Both these teams have their eyes on the prize.  You can just tell.  They want to win. They want to be the first to knock off Team Bartlett. They want to be the first ever All Sports Series Co-Ed Champs.  Well there can only be 1.  To attain their goals they will have to go through each other.. This is actually a rematch from last week’s flag football match-up which Team Shiffman won 31-19.  Captain David “Garrard” Shiffman threw with accuracy and galloped throughout the night to account for 3 TDs.  “Desmond” Howard Lamm returned an INT to the Big House for a Pick 6 as well.  While Team Thomas didnt get the W they did get some great effort and a TD out of either Danielle or Jessica “if you guys don’t put an initial in the Stat sheet there’s just no way to know which” Martorano.  Both teams should be content with their regular season as both had plenty of high points.  Like I said before, both of these squads have greater aspirations and their journeys truly begin Monday Night in 1st Rd. Hoops action.

That’s it for the Playoff Preview. Have a great Weekend and see you all Monday Night at Windy City.

– Holden