2012 Chicago Men’s Playoffs

Updated: August 23, 2012

Playoff Video

The Playoff Video which highlights each and every game throughout the final 2 weeks of All Sports Series is above for all of you guys.

Here’s how the Playoff Wrap-Up will work.. I’m going to just go down the line in Chronological order from the First game in the Opening round straight through until the Championship and give a run down.. I’ll try to make it obvious when a new round begins so that if you want to skip around you will know where to look.. The Champions are revealed at the bottom of the page.

Let’s get to it..

**Opening Rounds of 12 – Hoops**

Monday August 6Hoops (Playoffs - Round of 12 & Elite 8)
Windy City Field House
7:00 - 8:00 pm5. Team Apuli (Giordano's) v. 12. Team Horwitz (Steve's Deli)
7:00 - 8:00 pm6. Team Saltzberg (Whiskey Bar) v. 11. Team Greenberg (PopChips)
8:00 - 8:00 pm7. Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep) v. 10. Team Feldgreber (EFT Sports Performance)
8:00 - 9:00 pm8. Team Radist (Carriage Hill Kennels) v. 9. Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing)
9:00 - 10:00 pm1. Team Dorfman (Teplitz & Bell) v. 8/9
9:00 - 10:00 pm2. Team Cohen (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) v. 7/10
9:00 - 10:00 pm3. Team Merar (Greater Than) v. 6/11
9:00 - 10:00 pm4. Team Watts (Jam 'n Honey) v. 5/12

5. Team Apuli (Giordano’s) v. 12. Team Horwitz (Steve’s Deli) – 5. Apuli wins 66-54

This game pitted up two teams who know each other quite well off the basketball court.. Which usually makes for an interesting game on the court.  The game was close throughout but in the end Team Apuli had enough to hold off Team Horwitz.  Both teams have been plagued with injuries as of late which is a shame because you definitely want to see everyone at their best come Playoff time.. Nicholas “Rosengardern, Rudabager, Rosensmackin (Rookie of the Year, come on folks)”  Baumgartner put a massive 24 points but it just wasn’t enough to pull off the 12-5 upset.   Jono “some used to incorrectly think Hoops was a weaker sport for him”  Matasar put up 18 valuable points for his squad in the victory.. For Team Horwitz they had many highlights (like the last second win in Flag Football against Team Dorfman) that can get through the off-season but are without a doubt unsatisfied with the finish.  I know these guys well, and they will come back next year ready to go.  As for Team Apuli the question is, how much do they have left in the tank after this slugfest?  In just 2 hours time they will match up with 4. Team Watts (Jam ‘n Honey) who many think (myself included) are favorites to take the 2012 Championship.. We will see.. (scroll down).

6. Team Saltzberg (Whiskey Bar) v. 11. Team Greenberg (PopChips) – 6. Saltzberg wins 52-37

This is a rematch from the final week of the regular season where Team Saltzberg got the W in Flag Football.  This is also a match-up between two teams in their 1st All Sports Series Playoff game.. With so much on the line, Team Saltzberg managed to get it done behind a great effort from Armon “do not leave him open behind the arc” Shahpar who had 17 points.  Team Greenberg had a really successful season in my book. I know that they would have liked their Playoff run to be much longer, but not everyone can go the distance.  For a time during the regular season they were Ranked in the Top 5 and even tied for 1st in the Standings a couple weeks into the Summer.  Those are definitely things to build on for the 2013 campaign.   Their points were spread out pretty evenly on Monday Night so instead of giving a shout-out to the leading scorer, I’m going to take this opportunity to thank Captain “sean” Elliot Greenberg who has proved to be a fine evaluator of talent over the last couple years and all around nice guy.  As for Team Saltzberg the question is the same for them as it is for all of the Opening Round winners.. Do they have enough in their tank to go and beat a Top 4 seed?  Their Elite 8 game happens to be against #3 Seed and Defending Champions Team Merar (Greater Than).  Should be a doozy.

7. Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep) v. 10. Team Feldgreber (EFT Sports Performance) – 7. Bulwa wins 60-41

I’ve been saying it all Summer.. Team Bulwa enters the Playoffs as a favorite.. No matter what their Playoff seed these guys know how to get it done.  Many of them won the 2011 Suburbs League.  That being said, Team Feldgreber gave them a fight.. The score is not necessarily indicative of how the whole game went.  The game was no blow out and in Team Feldgreber’s first Playoff game they shouldn’t walk away feeling down whatsoever.  All Sports Series is about matchups and they ended up with a rough draw, playing one of the top Hoops squads around.   Ross “brother to Captain Jason” Feldgreber put up 17 in the game and really had a solid season all-around.  He’d definitely get consideration for the hypothetical All Sports Series all-star team.  As for Team Bulwa, I think heading into the Opening Rounds on Monday Night many would have pegged them as the team with the best shot at winning not only 1 but 2 Hoops games to get into the Final 4. They are just really good.  Captain Zach “with an h not a k (pronounched za-tch)” Bulwa put up 18 in the victory.  They had no time to rest however as their Elite 8 game with #2 Seed Team Cohen (Stuart Levin & Associates) immediately followed..

8. Team Radist (Carriage Hill Kennels) v. 9. Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing) – 9. Kornblatt wins 41-36

Before the game started I had a conversation with an anonymous source and we were talking about how this game would be a low-scoring fight to the finish.  I’m not right all that often so I’m going to go ahead and say “I WAS RIGHT!”  These two teams want it.  It doesn’t matter what sport, who they are playing, or when it is.. They both want to win.  They also, tend to get into scrappy type games because those are the types of players they have.  So getting both of these teams together for a Hoops game all but ensured a low-scoring affair.  When the final buzzer sounded it was Team Kornblatt who was advancing for their first All Sports Series Playoff win.  Team Radist who all season have been fighting without their injured Captain Eric “moving around well” Radist just didn’t have the few extra made baskets they needed to advance.  Adam “was not Gross from the field” Grossfield had 12 in the game.  These guys are making strides each Summer.  This was their first Playoff encounter and I definitely believe they will make a serious run at it in 2013.   As for Team Kornblatt they advance despite not having Phil “man in the middle” Weisberg.  Sean “bball guru” Wallis had 16 in this game and did just enough to get his guys the win.  He drilled a 3 in the final minute that all but sealed it.  Team Kornblatt with their victory advanced to the Elite 8 for the 2nd straight season (last year 8 teams made the Playoffs) and it’s sort of fitting that waiting for them, was their old-nemesis #1 Team Dorfman (Teplitz & Bell)…

**Elite 8 – Hoops**

1. Team Dorfman (Teplitz & Bell) v. 9. Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing) – 1. Dorfman wins 66-32

In any league, any sport, any age, etc.. There are just certain teams that went then they lock-up you throw out the records because the Rivalry that they have brings forth emotion that can alter the normal playing level of the teams.  Team Dorfman and Team Kornblatt are two of the pioneer teams for All Sports Series. They were a part of the original 12 and from the first season they were rivals.  They are All Sports Series version of Bears/Packers.  There are several meetings between these two, like last year’s 2OT Flag Football thriller.. What has remained consistent, Team Dorfman always gets the W.  This trend continued last Monday Night in the Elite 8.  So for the third time in 3 years Team Dorfman will head to the Final 4. But lets back up and recap the game.. The game was close for most of the first half but in the second half Team Dorfman caught fire and Team Kornblatt just didnt have the answers in them to retaliate.   Captain Matthew “have you been to righfitchicago.com ?” Kornblatt put up 9 which led his team.  For Team Dorfman it was once again the usual suspects.. as Benny “the Jet” Lalez had 19 in the Victory.  Team Kornblatt’s roller coaster ride will end here for this Summer.. They will have plenty to stew over considering the exit at the hands of their Rival.. However, Captain Kornblatt has proven he can make the necessary adjustments in the off-season to fill voids for his team, I expect must of the same this Fall/Winter.   The #1 seed Team Dorfman moves on to the Final 4 and awaits the winner of the #4 Team Watts and #5 Team Apuli game..

4. Team Watts (Jam ‘n Honey) v. 5. Team Apuli (Giordano’s) – 5. Apuli wins 54-53

There’s always an Elite 8 upset.  Each year, each league.  It’s just the nature of the beast.  This was it.  This is nothing against Final 4 participant Team Apuli, it’s just that Team Watts has been a front-runner all season… Team Watts controlled most of this game leading by as much as 15 in the second half..  Team Apuli clawed back and go to within a point with a minute left..  A loose ball foul that could have gone either way landed Jordan “let’s go to the Final 4” Rosenberg on the charity stripe where he sank a shot to give his team the lead and win 54-53.  For Team Watts, I’d be lying if I said I didnt feel bad for these guys… It was a questionable call at the end that could have been called on either team and they came up with the short end of the stick.. Eric “H to the” Izzo put up 13 to lead Team Watts in scoring.. Captain Jake “coming back stronger in 2013” Watts really has a great group of guys moving forward, including Bobby “still on my MVP ballot” Dobry.   An adjustment here or there this Winter and these guys will be once again one of the favorites to take the crown.. Moving back to Cinderella.  Team Apuli has done something that is very rare in All Sports Series, winning two games in one night… Especially 2 Playoff basketball games.  These guys gave every ounce of energy they had, literally.. there were several cramps and worn down members of the team after Game 2.. But they survived and advanced!   Michael “my time is now” Glink put up 19 in this one and they needed every last point!  They will go on and play #1 seed Team Dorfman in softball.. That game has all the makings to be pretty special.

2. Team Cohen (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) v. 7. Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep) – 7. Bulwa wins 47-35

Team Cohen’s nightmare has once again become reality.. They fought all season long, and played incredibly well each week.  They truly earned the #2 seed and once again (for the 2nd straight year) they met one of the best Hoops teams in the Elite 8 and got bounced.  All they can do is gear up again and come back next year ready to go.  They clearly are a really good team and for what I can tell, there’s no true way to avoid extremely talented Hoops teams in the Playoffs, so hopefully their luck just turns around in 2013!  Brian “the young gun” Harris had 10 to lead his team in scoring which he did in each Hoops Game.  They just didnt have enough offensive firepower.  Team Captain Andy “who does NOT administer @teamcohen2” Cohen is a skilled GM and will definitely add a piece here and there to help his squad out for next season.  Now to #7 Team Bulwa.. Their Final 4 appearance is of no true shock to anyone. They are one of the more talented teams in any of the All Sports Series leagues.. that being said, I think their slow regular season start might have played to their advantage as they were able to stay a little under the radar while other teams got targets on their backs. These guys are the real deal and know what it takes to make significant runs in the All Sports Series Playoffs.  Nick “copy and paste your name” Wieczorek led his team in scoring with a cool dozen.  They move on to the Final 4 and await the winner of..

3. Team Merar (Greater Than) v. 6. Team Saltzberg (Whiskey Bar) – 3. Merar wins 66-56

To be All Sports Series champs you must be resilient. You must be able to get a Playoff win when you are not playing your best or without a key contributor.  The Defending Champs did just that last Monday Night.  Team Saltzberg gave them all they could handle and even led for a majority of the game.  Armon “who led his team in scoring earlier in the night as well” Shahpar had a serious 27 points.  He and the rest of his squad looked as if they were ready to knockout the Greater Than squad.. But Team Merar rallied.  Jumpers started to fall, for Brad “lee” Deutsch who had 22 and when they didnt Jake “O-Boards” Weiner cleaned up and had 18 of his own.. Brad’s older bro Brian had a late arrival during the game but helped add a much needed spark with about 10 minutes left to play..  Team Saltzberg has to be excited about their late season surge and Playoff performances. Obviously there is no such thing as a moral victory when you are ousted from the Playoffs, but I think these guys gained vital experience that they will use to their benefit in 2013.  All in all, Team Merar was pushed, and likely more than they liked in the Elite 8.. But they are moving on to face #7 Team Bulwa in as close as we’ll get to a game between 2011 Suburbs & Chicago League Champions.. It should be an awesome softball encounter.

**Final 4 – 16″ Softball**

 1. Team Dorfman (Teplitz & Bell) v. 5. Team Apuli (Giordano’s) – 1. Dorfman wins 5-3

Team Apuli got three runs in the Top of the 1st to grab a lead behind back to back to back hits from “Tres Amigos” Nick Woeckel, Michael Glink and Jordan Rosenberg.  Going into the bottom of the 3rd Team Dorfman still trailed, with the score 3-1 when they broke through and took the lead.  It was Kyle “Korver  Hot Sauce  Klutch” Miller who came up with the hit to drive in 3 and give Team Dorfman every bit of Offense they’d need to advance to their 3rd straight Championship game.   Allow, me to go back to Team Apuli for a moment.. I can honestly say, more than any other Men’s team this Summer, they have been a pleasant surprise.  They won not just one but two Hoops games in the Opening Rounds of the Playoffs including a win against one of the favorites Team Watts.  They battled through injuries all summer long and Captain Justin “Captain (it’ll make sense in a second)” Apuli was still able to navigate his team through to the Final 4.  These guys should be extremely proud of their performances..  They will be a squad to be reckoned with for years to come.. As for Team Dorfman it’s their 3rd Championship Game in as many years.   They would face a familiar foe in that game no matter who won the other Final 4 Match-Up, but who would it be?

3. Team Merar (Greater Than) v. 7. Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep) – 7. Bulwa wins 14-0

Team Bulwa put up 2 in the first and they continued to tack on runs throughout the game.. The Defending Champs Team Merar just couldn’t find the magic that they had in 2011 to get them through the Softball Rounds.  They were unable to string together hits and continually left guys on base.  Instead of focusing on this lone game I want to go ahead and give some props to the 2011 Chicago League Champs.. They fought with a target on their back all Summer long and did so without a full crew in most weeks.  Injuries definitely bit them and eventually that is going to prevent a team from realizing their full potential.  Winning All Sports Series is an incredibly difficult thing and there is a reason we have not had a Back to Back team just yet..  Captain Mike “Merf” Merar will have his guys ready for the Summer of 2013 and they will come in as a favorite once again.. As for Team Bulwa, not to toot my own horn, but all season I have been saying these guys are the real deal and their seed shouldn’t matter because many of them have the Playoff experience necessary to win All Sports Series.  In fact many of them won the 2011 Suburbs League…  They got a tremendous performances from Adam “Air” Bernkopf who had a HR and 3 RBI on the night.  Sam “shmu” Harmelech also added a couple RBI as did David “of the 750 people in All Sports Series, he’s got the best hair” Spreckman.  All that stands in front of their goal was 2010 Champs Team Dorfman.. This is going to be epic.

**Championship – Flag Football**

1. Team Dorfman (Teplitz & Bell) v. 7. Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep) – 1. Dorfman wins 13-7

There are certain storylines that unfold throughout the year, some occur on the All Sports Series fields and others begin else where.  To quickly bring everyone up to speed with this particular one.. In 2010 Team Dorfman won the very first All Sports Series.  In 2011, they fell to Team Merar in the Chicago League Championship.  On that version of Team Dorfman (2011) – Zach “captain of Team” Bulwa was a key piece to their puzzle.. Then at one point last spring Captain Bulwa decided to ditch the boys that call Glenbrook home and align himself with many players from the 2011 Suburbs Champion (Team Glickman).  So coming into this season Team Dorfman had Team Bulwa already highlighted as a Rivalry game.  They would not have to wait long to get their chance to take on their former teammate’s new squad as in Week 1 they defeated Team Bulwa in Hoops.   That game, however, was a long long time ago. 9 weeks in fact.  Team Bulwa has found their grove and figured out their individual roles.

Ok, so now that the stage is set, lets get to the action.  Everyone says football is a game of inches and it truly is.  There were several balls thrown on Monday Night that were tipped by one team (just an inch or two one way or the other and maybe a different outcome) but not hauled in and then somehow corralled by the other squad.  These would serve to be game-changing, season-changing tipped passes.

In many of the Flag Football games this season, big numbers were thrown up on the Scoreboard, but not on this night.  Each team are veterans on the Flag Football field and Defense ruled the turf.  Each team started the game with a turnover on downs and it took almost 12 minutes before a team finally broke through for a score.   Mike “the eldest” Maione went back to pass and threw the ball about 40 yards to the back of the endzone where the ball was tipped by a Team Dorfman safety.. Groans were heard from the Team Bulwa sideline as they thought it was a sure fire INT, but Team Dorfman couldn’t quite haul it in and somehow Adam “Air Bernie” Bernkopf was waiting with his arms open and feet in bounds to snag the first TD of the game for Team Bulwa!  They would then connect on the 1 point conversion and led 7-0 going into the final minutes of the 1st half.. That is when Team Dorfman called a TO and interim co-captains Benji “13-12” Patzik and David “brother of Daniel” Dorfman made a strategic switch along the Offensive front.  The move paid immediate dividends as Benny “He’d be the scrambling QB in Madden, so hard to catch up with” Lalez connected with Matt “Fitzgerald” Fritz for a TD! The catch was simply unreal by the way.  They would not capitalize on the extra point and Team Bulwa led at the half 7-6.

The 2nd half started much like the first with a few turnover on downs.. There were also a few missed opportunities for some INTs that could have been brought to the house.. Pick 6’s usually swing the momentum in one direction for good, but neither team could capitalize on the numerous chances..  With about 6 minutes left in the game finally a team broke through.. Team Dorfman QB Benny “the Jet” Lalez hurled a ball deep down the right side of the field where a leap turned into a dive and at the end, Matt “Fitzgerald” Fritz hauled in his 2nd TD of the night!  After the 1 point conversion was completed, Team Dorfman led 13-7.  Team Bulwa’s defense led by Captain Zach “MLB” Bulwa had done everything they could to hold the speedy Dorfman O to just 13 points, and now the Team Bulwa O would have the ball with a chance to win the All Sports Series championship.  Maione, hit Johnny “this guy was super open in the middle of the field” Lindquist for about 20 yards.  Then Maione hit a slanting Sam “Shmu” Harmelech over the middle for a catch and run.  With a minute left in the game Team Bulwa got down to the 5 yard line.  It was 3rd down which means they’d have 2 shots to score.. On 3rd down Maione scampered to the right and got out of bounds at the 1 yd line!  The entire season came down to 1 yd… On that 4th and 1, Maione dropped back and flung it to the right side and the pass was just outside of the stretched arms of Lindquist.  When the ball hit the turf Team Dorfman knew they would be Champions once again!

Team Bulwa had a fantastic run to the Championship game and have a lot to be proud of.. I know most of these guys pretty well and it’ll take them some time to realize getting 2nd out of 16 teams is really impressive.. They have now experienced everything need to as a group to get over the hump in the Chicago League.  For a long time people have said the Chicago Men’s League is the “Big Leagues” of All Sports Series and if that’s the case, the Big Leagues better watch out cause these guys are coming for the 2013 Championship, and I don’t know if anyone will be able to stop them.. As for the 2012 Champs…

All Sports Series has a Dynasty ladies and gentleman and they go by the name of Team Dorfman aka Glenbrook Domination.  Allow me to rattle off what this group has accomplished in the past 3 seasons:  2010 All Sports Series Champion, 2011 Chicago League Runners-Up, 2012 Chicago League Champion, 2010 and 2011 Volleyball Tourney Runners-Up, 2012 Volleyball Tourney Champions, 2010, 2011, 2012 Regular Season Points Champion.. I think you get the point.  Captain/GM Daniel “Philly got a whole lot better a few weeks ago” Dorfman is quite simply THE Exec when it comes to All Sports Series.  Through many roster shake-ups they have continually been the top dog.  I just want to say Congratulations to all of you once again.

That does it for All Sports Series 2012, thank you all for participating in and supporting the league.  I hope to see all of you in the Summer of 2013!

– Holden