2012 Chicago Men’s Week 4 Volleyball Tourney

Updated: July 13, 2012

Week 4 Video

Week 4 video is above.  Take a look.. So was anyone scared standing in the gym while all of those volleyballs were flying around?  Let me see a show of hands.. (Editor’s Note: I’m typing this part with 1 hand.. because I was terrified!)  Anyways aside from the nerves there was some great volleyball played on Monday Night.. The Tourney always serves a separator in terms of the Standings and this year was no exception… On to the Rankings we go!

1) Team Dorfman (Teplitz & Bell) – Currently in 1st with 87 points (Last Week: 3) – Finally…. Finally the Rock Team Dorfman has come back to Mountain Top!  This squad has gone under some makeovers during the past few Summers but the core has remained intact..  A core that has won All Sports Series (in 2010) and were Runners Up in 2011.. They have finally claimed their 1st Volleyball Tourney Championship.  They had gotten 2nd in both 2010 and 2011 and silently stewed about it.. No longer do they have to think about that.. Daniel and David “brothers” Dorfman in combo with the thunderous spikes from Ted “American Gladiator” Schoenfeldt and Mark “Sets” Reding were just too much for everyone on Monday Night.  With 3 weeks left in the regular season they have put themselves in fantastic position to remain in the Top 4 and skip the Opening Round of 12 Hoops games..  Next Week they get Team Horwitz (Steve’s Deli) in a rivalry game of sorts. These two teams know each other well and as all of you know, you can throw out the record book when Rivals mix it up in Flag Football.

2) Team Apuli (Giordano’s Pizza) – Currently tied for 2nd with 62 points (Last Week: 5) – 2nd place in the Volleyball Tourney and tied for 2nd place in the Standings is good enough to earn the #2 spot in the Rankings if you ask me.. My oh my were these guys impressive on Monday Night.  The show that they put on with Team Dorfman in the final was just spectacular.  Jono and Mikey “brothers” Matasar were joined by Colin “stretch armstrong” Rice (aka All Stars of the Suburbs VBall Tourney) and just whaled spike after spike after spike.. They have nothing to be ashamed of with their 2nd place as the tourney was chalk full of talent.  Like Team Dorfman they have put themselves in good position to maintain a top 4 spot and get a bye in the Opening Round of 12.   Next week they are going to have their hands full with Team Watts (Jam ‘n Honey) who also want to hold on to a Top 4 finish.

3) Team Cohen (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) – Currently tied for 2nd with 62 points (Last Week: 1) – I have been saying this all Summer — Good Teams find a way to pick up points even in their “weak” sports. Team Cohen did just that on Monday night going 3-0 in their pool to pick up 7 points.  They didnt get farther than the 1st round of the Knockout Round but that is 7 points that teams thought they could gain on them but didn’t.. Next Week they will face Team Glass (Crescent Movers) in a game that has been built since Freshman year of High School… Let’s have a clean game gentleman!

4) Team Watts (Jam ‘n Honey) – Currently in 4th with 55 points (Last Week: 2) – I think all things considered Team Watts is pretty happy to still be in a Top 4 slot after the VBall tourney.. Volleyball is admittedly their weakest sport and now that it’s behind them, they should really only go up from here.  Captain Jake “on the record” Watts went on the record after the tourney by saying, ” I just want to congratulate all of the teams that advanced into the Knockout Stages.” Class Act. All the way.

5) Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing) – Currently in 5th with 43 points (Last Week: 6) – Odds makers had them as the 3rd favorite coming into Monday Night behind Team Dorfman and Team Apuli.. They got through the Pool Stages even without Jeff “where were you!?!!?!” Nathan because of vicious attacks from Phil “seriously can hurt someone with his Kills” Weisberg, Reed “I set Phil Up” Adler and the Mr. Chris “bumps all day” Chez.  However, they fell a little short in the Knockout Rounds losing in the Semis and in the 3rd place game.. They came away with 3 points which can be enough to leap someone for a seed in the Playoffs however I think they thought that others figured they’d get more points in Volleyball.. I think.

6) Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep) -Currently in 8th with 32 points (Last Week: 8) – You know how some teams need a purpose or lets say something to rally around in order to play at their best?  Well team Bulwa has found there’s after 4 weeks of All Sports Series.. his name is Captain Zach “he hate me” Bulwa..  Somehow they managed to eek out a Pool Victory after going 2-1 in their pool with a +9 Point Differential to just edge out Team Feldgreber and grab 7 points on the night.  Also, this just in Adam “Air” Bernkopf can jump.

t-7) Team Merar (Greater Than) & Team Glass (Crescent Movers) – Currently tied in 6th with 35 points (Last Week: 4 & 7) –  Team Merar is defending Champs. You know this. Team Glass go to the final four a year ago.. You know this.   They are still forces to be reckoned with and I believe seed matters less for them than many of the teams in the League. Case in Point: Last year, Team Merar was the 6th seed and Team Glass was the 7… My point is.. they didnt advance to the Knockout Rounds in volleyball and for that they slide a bit in the Rankings.. However.. I don’t think that matters to either team and nor should it.. Flag Football next week. Lots of points up for grabs..

9) Team Horwitz (Steve’s Deli) – Currently in 10th with 28 points (Last Week: 10) – Jon “Congratulations!” Horwitz has banded together a rag tag bunch but man are they finding ways to scrape up some points. They got through in VBall as a wildcard team and added 3 points to their overall total. Again it might seem small but when you get towards the lower middle end of the Standings every point will matter!  Brian “the Bones” Bonemarte was flailing his long arms around all night keeping the ball up in the air… They have a new challenge next week in their first Flag Football game of the Summer and with Jeff “QB1” Nault out for the rest of the summer with a non-all sports series injury who will step up as QB2? Numero Uno Team Dorfman awaits..

10) Team Feldgreber (EFT Sports Performance) – Currently in 15 with 8 points (Last Week: NR) – Rounding out the top 10 is Team Feldgreber! Welcome to the Rankings guys!  Some might be scratching their head why a team still near the bottom gets to be in the Top 10.. Well if you get 3rd in the Volleyball Tourney, especially with all of the talent that Monday Night had, you deserve to be in the Rankings.  These guys just missed out winning their pool by literally 1 point for the point differential. So they picked up 3 points for being a Wild Card team and 5 more for their eventual 3rd place Finish!  They sure can use this momentum and climb the ranks in a hurry.. They are a win or two away from grabbing hold of a Playoff Spot.  Next week they have a team that is just ahead of them in the Standings.. Team Faye (Dr. Jacob DDS)..

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical)

Team Faye (Dr. Jacob DDS) – Currently tied for 12th with 20 points (Last Week: NR) –  They didnt have a great run of it in VBall but with a Flag Football game under their belt from a few weeks ago they are looking to pick up some points and get back into the Rankings.

Team Greenberg (PopChips) – Currently in 9th with 30 points (Last Week: 9) – If the Rankings were the Top 11 they would have been #11 for me this Week.. More importantly they are still sitting pretty in 9th looking at their first playoff Birth. Another win or two should lock it up for them. #ULockItUp

Team Kluever (Sunset Foods) – Currently in 16th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – They are still lookinf for their first points but I’m telling you they are going to get a win in the next few weeks!  They might even sneak in as the 12 seed!

Team Radist (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently tied for 11th with 25 points (Last Week: NR) – If the Playoffs started today they’d be in.  That’s always a place you want to be.. However they are going to have to get another win or 2 to keep that spot.  They  have Flag Football against Team Greenberg (PopChips) – I foresee the winner being Ranked this time next week!

Team Saltzberg (the Whiskey Bar) – Currently in 14th with 18 points (Last Week: NR) – They too got through to the Knockout Rounds and earned 3 points.. Like the rest of the people who are out of the top 12.. 1 win will propel them right into the Playoffs. Should be an interesting few weeks.

Team Solof (Atomic Transport) – Currently tied for 12th with 20 points (Last Week: NR) –They are in a tie for the final playoff spot right now.. Lots of time left of course. These guys won a little on Monday Night but just couldnt get through in their Pool.  Josh “Atomic Transport’s own” Solof has these guys playing hard at the very least..

That’s it for the Week 4 Wrap-Up. See you Monday Night at Flag Football!

– Holden