2012 Chicago Men’s Week 6 Hoops/Floor Hockey

Updated: July 26, 2012

Week 6 Video

Week 6 Video is above. Take a look why dont ya? 6 weeks down and 1 more to go in the Regular Season.. The Wrap-Up is going to be different this week.. Instead of giving Rankings I’m just going to go down the line with the Standings and give everyone their Playoff Scenarios.. That way you know what you need to go down, to get where you want to be..

Playoff Scenarios here we come.. Just keep in mind half the teams have 25 points left to grab (teams with Softball next week) and half have 20 points possible remaining (teams with a flag football game next week).

1. Team Dorfman (Teplitz & Bell) – Currently in 1st with 107 points 

2. Team Cohen (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) – Currently in 2nd with 97 points

Team Dorfman has a 1o point lead on Team Cohen going into the final week of the Regular Season for the #1 seed in the playoffs.  However, both have already clinched Top 4 Spots – meaning byes in the Opening Round of the Playoffs.  This week Team Dorfman got a big win in floor hockey against Team Kluever (Sunset Foods) which kept them in the pole position for the #1 seed.  Led by David “Lester Averman” Shiffman and his hat trick.  @TeamCohen2 held on for a W in Hoops against Team Radist (Carriage Hill Kennels).  Brian “Big Dog” Harris had 21 points in the win.  Both teams can wind up at number 1 with Team Dorfman’s lowest possible finish is the #3 seed and Team Cohen’s lowest is the #4 seed.  Team Dorfman has the Rivalry of Rivalry games next week in a flag football rematch from last year’s 2OT thriller with Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing).  Team Cohen has softball against the desperate Team Faye (Dr. Jacob DDS).

3. Team Watts (Jam ‘n Honey) – Currently in 3rd with 90 points – Team Watts has also guaranteed a Top 4 Finish for the Playoffs.  With a win and Teams Dorfman & Cohen Ls they can hop up to #1 and with a L they will fall down to #4. However they will have a bye in the Opening Round of the Playoffs, that much we know.  This week they won in stunning fashion against Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep).  They trailed most of the game and finally tied it up with about 12 seconds left in the game when Bobby “Clutch” Dobry hit a huge 3 ball.  Team Bulwa had a chance to win it but turned the ball over with 5 seconds to go and again it was Mr. Clutch who hit a runner as he fell to the baseline and the clock read 0:00.  I might have put a target on these guys backs last week when I ranked them #1.  Seems like they have no problem with that so far. Next week they have Softball against the Team currently in 4th.. Team Merar (Greater Than).

4. Team Merar (Greater Than) – Currently in 4th with 70 points – With a W they will leapfrog #3 Team Watts and get an Opening Round bye.  However, with a L next week they open themselves up for several teams to pass them for that all important bye. Last Season on their Championship Run, they proved to be the best 16″ Softball team in the League. They will need to re-assert that dominance once again in the next couple of weeks.  On Monday Night, they got past Team Horwitz in a Rivalry game and they looked like they were hitting on all cylinders.   Brian and Bradley “Justin is my fav” Deutsch combined for 35 points on the night.  The Defending Champs are in a better spot then they were last year at this point, but some injuries have popped up in the last month or so.. Next week could determine their fate in the Playoffs.

5. Team Apuli (Giordano’s Pizza) – Currently in 5th with 62 points

6. Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing) – Currently in 6th with 58 points

7. Team Saltzberg (Whiskey Bar) – Currently in 7th with 53 points

8. Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep) – Currently in 8th with 52 points

9. Team Greenberg (PopChips) – Currently in 9th with 50 points

Stay with me here because this might get a little confusing with the middle of the pack.  Out of these 5 teams only two have clinched playoff berths already: Team Apuli and Team Kornblatt.. However, all 5 of these teams can still get into the Top 4 and get an Opening Round bye.  First of all, for any of these 5 teams to get the Top 4 spot they of course need to win themselves and then need a Team Merar Loss to Team Watts.  Team Apuli as the #5 team right now, needs just that a win and a Team Merar Loss.  Team Kornblatt would need Team Apuli to also lose to gain a top 4 spot.  Team Saltzberg would need a win and Losses from Merar, Apuli and Kornblatt.  Team Bulwa would need to win and have Teams Merar, Apuli, Kornblatt and Saltzberg all lose (which is possible because none of them play each other.. Team Greenberg can still tie Team Merar if they manage to beat Team Saltzberg in Flag Football and then have Teams Merar, Apuli, Kornblatt and Bulwa also lose.. hey anything is possible in All Sports Series.. Needless to say there is a lot to still determine as far as seeding goes.. If any of these teams lose they will likely get jumped by several teams going into the playoffs, something none of them want.

Last Week Team Apuli lost to a tough Hoops Squad in Team Solof (Atomic Transport).  Jono “can score in Hoops too” Matasar had 19 points in the contest as Will “aka Wesley” Matthews had 18 of his own.. Next week they have softball against Team Glass (Crescent Movers who will be fighting for their playoff lives.

Team Kornblatt pulled out a big victory against Team Faye (Dr. Jacob DDS) on Monday Night.  It was pretty much expected from these guys as they continue on with their up and down regular season. What’s really interesting is that last season Hoops was this team’s vice but with some roster shake-ups in the off-season, Hoops has become this team’s stabilizing presence.  Sean “aka the roster shake up I just mentioned” Wallis had 19 in the W.  Team Dorfman awaits on the field turf.

Team Saltzberg got a W in their Rivalry game on Monday night with Team Feldgreber (EFT Sports Performance). Armon “sharpshooter” Shahpar had 30 big points on the night.  Next week they play Team Greenberg in Flag Football.  They really control alot of the middle seeds in their own hands with this game. They will get past by Team Greenberg if they fall and likely a couple more teams since the Standings are so close.  They were extremely impressive in flag football a couple weeks back however.

Team Bulwa lost a heartbreaker to Team Watts that was described above. Sam “Melo” Harmlech had 12 to lead his team in scoring.  I feel like I defend this team with some regularity and its time for them to back up my words.  They need to rebound from a few injuries. I still expect them to make a deep run in the playoffs.   That would obviously become a much easier feat if they can manage to somehow snag a Top 4 seed.

Team Greenberg had a helluva night on Monday.  They scored a whopping 12 goals in Hockey without even breaking a sweat! Many of their team got in on the action as Jeff “Shorthanded” Davis put in a (you guessed it) short handed goal with 3 guys around him at one point.  Captain Elliot “Seguin” Greenberg managed a hat trick and the “Bash Bros.” Scott Schneider, Nick Henner and Brent Linsky all got in on the scoring action as well.  Aaron “it’s the Goalieeee” Levy was rock solid in between the pipes as well.  They too hold a lot in their hands come next Monday. With a win they can finish no worse than 8th and get all the way up to a tie for 4th. With a loss they could somehow be on the outside looking in come playoff time.

10. Team Horwitz (Steve’s Deli) – Currently in 10th with 48 points

11. Team Radist (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently in 11th with 45 points

Even though Team Horwitz leads Team Radist by a huge 3 points (seriously it could be the difference in making or not making it) they do find themselves in similar situations heading into the final week.  Wins = Playoffs for both squads.  They both have flag football this week which means they have 20 more points up for grabs.  They are both within 20 points of 5th place and with alot of help could get up that high.  However, a loss next week would mean 2 in a row for both teams and could very well be their final game of the season.  On Monday Night Team Radist was helped out from Justin “the tarantula” Kaminsky who had 15.   Team Radist plays Team Solof (Atomic Transport) who is tied for 12th right now.. So if they lose they will definitely get jumped by at least one team.  Last Monday Night, Captain Johnny “Congratulations!” Horwitz led his team with 11 points.   Team Horwitz (Steve’s Deli) will do battle with Rivals Team Bulwa (Crystal Lake Jeep) next week.  Remember, Team Horwitz shocked the world last night with a 50yd TD bomb in the closing seconds against Team Dorfman.. This one should be fun.

t-12. Team Glass (Crescent Movers) & Team Solof (Atomic Transport) – Currently tied for 12 with 35 points –
If the Playoffs started today these two teams would be tied for the final spot.. This is how tiebreakers work.. The first tiebreaker is head to head. (Editor’s Note: these 2 squads did not play this season).  The 2nd tiebreaker is overall win/loss record during the season (Editor’s Note: If you advanced to the Knockout Rounds in Vball you get a W, if not you get a L).  If teams are still tied after that, we will go to strength of schedule..  Each team’s opponents’ Final Points in the Standings will be added together and whoever has the highest sum (aka the harder schedule) will win the tiebreaker.

As for these two squads going forward.. If Team Solof wins they will get in. They are playing Team Radist in Flag Football and since they are within 20 points, a W will have them leapfrog Team Radist.. With a L they may fall out of the Playoffs depending on how Teams Glass, Feldgreber, and Faye do.  Team Glass also will need a W to secure a spot.. (Either Team Radist or Team Solof will lose and thus with a W they will be in).  However, if they Lose they might also miss the Playoffs which would be a stunner from a team that was in the Final 4 a year ago..

Last week Team Solof got a Hoops victory over Team Apuli. Team Solof has showed flashes of greatness this season but it seems like they havent been able to get their whole team together for many of the weeks.  On Monday Night they finally did and got a good result out of it.. Jeremy “downtown” Morton helped save his team’s Playoff hopes with a big 24 points.

14. Team Feldgreber (EFT Sports Performance) – Currently in 14th with 28 points – If the Playoffs started today they’d be on the outside looking in. Lucky for them they have 1 more week!  They will do battle with Team Kluever (Sunset Foods) who will be searching for their first win of the season in Softball (worth 25 points) on Monday Night.  With a W Team Feldgreber could get as high as 9th if they get some help! They will definitely be rooting for Teams Glass and Horwitz to fall.  They will pass the loser of the Team Solof v. Team Radist contest.. A loss for these guys will seal their fate.  They fought tremendously hard on last Monday against old Rivals Team Saltzberg (Whiskey Bar Chicago).  Even with getting 14 points from Alex “English” Dobkin they couldnt quite pull the victory out.  These guys can play Softball though. I knew it to be true. I’ve seen it.  I think they have a really good shot of sneaking into the Playoffs.

15. Team Faye (Dr. Jacob DDS) – Currently in 15th with 20 points – There is still a chance!  Team Faye needs to win in softball next week against Team Cohen and then get losses from 3 of these 4 teams: Radist, Glass, Solof and Feldgreber.. Stranger things have happened!  Last week Team Faye fell to Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing).  They are missing Team Captain and Leader Sam “e” Faye which is not helping matters.  This is a squad that is surely more talented than their place in the Standings and one that other teams would be happy to see sitting the Playoffs out..

16. Team Kluever (Sunset Foods) – Currently in 16th with 0 points – These guys suffered a hard fought defeat on Monday Night in Floor Hockey against #1 Team Dorfman. Dave “Bolland” Levy notched 2 goals. They ended up falling 5-3.  In their first year of All Sports Series they will not be making a Playoff Appearance however they definitely now have the lay of the land and hopefully can pick up a W next week to give them something to build on for next Summer!