2012 Suburbs Men’s Adult Playoffs

Updated: August 23, 2012

Playoff Video

The Playoff Video is above. All of the games are in there along with some highlights from Week 7’s VBall Tourney. Check it out!

Here’s how the Playoff Wrap-Up will work.. I’m going to just go down the line in Chronological order from the First game in the Opening round straight through until the Championship and give a run down.. I’ll try to make it obvious when a new round begins so that if you want to skip around you will know where to look.. The Champions are revealed at the bottom of the page.

Let’s get to it..

**Opening Round – Hoops**

Wednesday August 15Hoops (Playoffs - 1st Rd) -
Highland Park Rec Center
4. Little Legends Soccer v. 5. the Alley
7:30-8:30Body By Solomos v. Moccios -
Winner gets to pick Final 4 opponent on Aug. 22
BYE3. Cy Fredrics has a BYE to the Final 4 on Aug. 22

Body By Solomos v. Moccio’s – Winner gets to pick Final 4 opponent – Moccio’s wins 68-21

At this point, we all knew what was at stake in this one.. The winner of this game between the top 2 teams in the Standings would get to choose their opponent in their Final 4 Softball game next week.  That is a HUGE deal as there are teams with clear strong sports and weaker ones.  The Moccio’s crew got out to a lightning fast start and never looked back.  After Eric “half-court heave” Hernandez sank a 40 ft shot at the buzzer they led by over 20 at Half.  Hernandez went on to have a whopping 25 points on the night.  This went along with 20 from Chris “really wanted to pick his Final 4 opponent” Gottschalk.  Body By Solomos just didn’t get enough fire power on Offense in this one.. Even though Gary “13 ft jumper” Bazelon had 7 points.  Moccio’s was pretty jacked up about getting the big W.  However, each of these teams are still 2 Ws away from getting where they really want to be.  Body By Solomos would love to get a rematch with Moccio’s in the All Sports Series Championship.  Scroll down to find out if they got their shot.. Also, scroll down to see who Moccio’s selected to play in the Final 4.

4. Little Legends Soccer v. 5. the Alley – 4. Little Legends wins 38-35

This was the 1 and only Elimination game in this Round.  The winner would advance to the Final 4 and the losers would have to go home for the Summer.  From the opening tip the game had a different edge to it than any other game played so far this Summer.   There was no feeling each other out or playing nice.. it was on.  Larry “For threeeeeee” Strawder came down for the Alley and nailed 1 of his 4 3balls in the first 30 seconds of the game.   The Alley took a commanding 8-0 lead early and held the lead for the entire game.. Well until the last minute.. That is when Little Legends Soccer player Trevor “any relation to T’Wolves GM David?”
Kahn hit big shot after big shot.  He ended with 16 which included a 3, a fade and a free throw all within the last minute to give Little Legends an improbable comeback victory!  On to the Final 4 they go!  As for the Alley, this was obviously a heartbreaking loss, as they had the game in hand and seemingly would advance.  These guys fought hard all season and just had some bad luck along the way.  Captain Sammy “Coach” Roses assembled a fun group that already made promises about doing better in 2013.  With their determination, I’m sure they will!  Who would Little Legends play in the Final 4? ….

1. Moccio’s selects to play 3. Cy Fredrics which means that 2. Body By Solomos will play 4. Little Legends in the Final 4 Softball games.

Wednesday August 2216" Softball
(FINAL 4 & Championship) -
Sunset Park
FINAL 4: 1. Moccio's v. 3. Cy Fredrics
7:30-8:30FINAL 4: 2. Body By Solomos v. 4. Little Legends Soccer

**Final 4 – 16″ Softball**

1. Moccio’s v. 3. Cy Fredrics – 1. Moccio’s wins 22-9

The fire/police men wearing the Moccio’s jerseys that finished the Regular Season tied for the #1 seed were not messing around early in this one.. While, team Cy Fredrics struck early in the top of 1st grabbing 2 runs behind a rally started by Jamarcus “no not Russell..” Lowery.. The Moccio’s crew followed up with 13 in the first! And that was all they would need to get to the Championship game.. While most of their guys had impressive stats in this one.. Chris “DHS alum” Gottschalk went 4-4 with a Home Run and 4 RBI. That is a stat line ladies and gentleman.. As for Cy Fredrics, their early exit is as much attributed to the Schedule than anything else.. These guys were the best Hoops team in the League and showed real strength in Volleyball and Flag Football as well.. Softball proved to be their weakness all season and it bit them one last time on Wednesday Night.  Now that they know how the Playoff structure works I anticipate a much stronger Softball crew from them in 2013.. Now the question is who would Moccio’s face in the Championship game?

2. Body By Solomos v. 4. Little Legends Soccer  – 2. Body By Solomos wins 7-5

When this game turned up on the Playoff Schedule I was pretty excited.. Both teams are solid/crafty softball squads that can play good D and keep it close.. Right on cue the game was pretty low scoring and close throughout..  Scott “Line Drive” Gordon drove in the first run of the game for Body By Solomos as they got a 3-0 lead in the 1st.  That first lead quickly evaporated as John “Da Coach” Whitehead drove in Scott “Coolio” Kulberg.  Body By Solomos regained the lead in 3rd as they went up 5-3 and then tacked on another couple in the 4th.  Little Legends cut the lead to 7-5 when Ben “the Iron Man” Loftus crossed home plate.  Little Legends was able to get the tying run up in the 7th but just couldn’t get him in as Body By Solomos advanced to the first ever 30+ Championship game.  For Little Legends, they finish this with season with a ton to be proud of.. They rattled off victories in the middle of the season when they were undermanned and they also managed to knockout a team in the Opening Rounds of the Playoffs.  I fully expect to see these guys back in 2013 and with the right roster additions they can take the whole thing!  Scroll down to find out who would become Champions!

**Championship – 16″ Softball**

1. Moccio’s v. 2. Body By Solomos – 2. Body By Solomos wins 14-13 in 9 innings

In all of the All Sports Series leagues this is the first time that the #1 and #2 seeds have met in the Championship game.  These two teams have had plenty of encounters this season and in each and every game Moccios’s got the better end of it: Moccios got a last second Flag Football win against Body By Solomos, then they won 9-6 in a softball game a few weeks back and finally in the Opening Round of the Playoffs Moccio’s pummeled Body By Solomos in Hoops to win the choice of who to play in the Final 4.  It’s safe to say that Body By Solomos was due for a win!

Moccio’s started the game how they normally do.. Fast!  These guys sprinted out to a 7-2 lead and then a 12-5 lead going into the top of the 6th.  The Moccio’s Murder’s Row (the 2-5 hitters) combined to go 19-22 in this game: Reyes Montermayor, Mike Shimanski, Chris Gottschalk, and Ben Pankiewicz just hit the tar out of the ball on Wednesday Night..  So heading into the Top of the 6th it seemed like this game was going to follow the script for these two teams where Moccio’s takes the game.. Then Body By Solomos realized that his was their last game for sometime and they might as well go all out.. The boys in Blue managed to put up a 4-spot and cut the lead to 12-9 when Scott “frozen rope” Gordon hit a double that sent in Steve “goldie” Goldsmith and Jeff “rosie” Rosenberg.  Moccio’s came up in the bottom of the 6th with a chance to extend their lead but couldn’t do so.. So the stage was set.. 3 runs to tie and 4 to take the lead for Body By Solomos..  That is when Hank “Kirk Gibson” Shulruff stepped up to the plate with 2 men on and sent a ball “high and deep” to right field and touched them all!

That’s right in the top of 7th Body By Solomos tied the game at 12!  They were unable to gain a lead however and that meant Moccio’s would need just one run to take the Championship.. While Moccio’s got baserunners into scoring position they couldn’t get a run and to extra innings we went.. The 8th inning saw an opportunity for both teams to get a run in but all chances were squandered.  Then in the top of the 9th Body By Solomos was able to piece together a couple of hits from Rosenberg, Gordon and Shulruff to take a 2 run lead.. Moccio’s was able to get 1 run across but a grounder up the middle led to a force out at 2nd and the Championship would go to Body By Solomos!

To say this was an upset would NOT be doing the incredible comeback justice.  These guys were 7 down with 2 innings to go against a team they lost to 3 times in different sports.  Just an incredible thing and “that is why we play the games.”  Captain Dan “back to back in 2013?” Wolf was beaming after the game as his guys truly earned the first ever 30+ Championship.  For Moccio’s it was a heartbreaking end to a great season.  They were truly dominant in most weeks and were as close to winning the title as any 2nd place team has ever been.  I believe that next year they will be better and with a few different bounces they may hold up the Crown in 2013.  This night though, belonged to the boys in Blue – Body By Solomos.

That’s it for this Season. Congrats to the Champs and thank you all for participating and reading throughout the Summer.  Hope to see you soon and definitely back next Summer!

– Holden