2012 Suburbs 30+ Week 1 Hoops

Updated: June 21, 2012

June 17 – June 20 Video

I am extremely pleased to be writing the Wrap-up for the very first All Sports Series Adult League games!  Let me take a second to explain what will happen in the Weekly Blog Wrap-Ups. Each week I will rank the teams based on the their performances in the past week.  Obviously, please take everything writen here with a grain of salt.  I don’t see enough of the games to provide true analysis, this more or less serves as a fun way to review some key performances etc..

Before I actually get into the Week 1 Rankings, here is a quick plug for the new All Sports Series FansEdge Pick-Em contest.  To play you just go to allsportsseries.com from June 14-July 1 and on the right side of the homepage you pick who you think will win each day.  Really quick and easy.  2 people will win gift cards from FansEdge. The person who answers the most correctly and the person who simply plays the most (if there is a tie then I will pull out of a hat b/t those tied for the most days played).

Back to the task at hand.. The goal for all of the teams is to be in the Top 3 of the Rankings..  Enough with the preface let’s geet on with the Rankings!

1) Cy Fredricks Jewlers – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points – There were several impressive squads out there on Wednesday Night but I have to say 1 really stole the show.  Captain Gerald “GG”  Good has assembled a great group of guys and they really seemed to clique on opening night.  Jason “Feisty” Kuhlmann led the team in scoring with a whopping 21 points.  Team Cy Fredricks Jewlers already have their sights set on some Championship Rings. Will anyone be able to stop them? Next Week they face off with #2 in the Rankings.

2) Moccio’s – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points – Thatt’s right in week 2 Softball we will already have a matchup of #1 and #2 in the Rankings!  The winner will surely top next week’s list.  Captain Justis “has been served” Wilkins led his crew of fire and police man (with some teachers sprinkled in? right?) and got their first win of the season.  He also led the team with 13 points thanks in large part to his 3-ball.  I’ll tell you something these guys want to win, so look out for the crew in Orange!

3) Body By Solomos – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points –  Nothing like some good old fashion inter-squad run to get you geared up for the season.  A little mixup with the schedules and some good luck got them 15 points and a tie for the lead in the standings.  Captain Dan “hungry like the” Wolf  may have organized the deepest 30+ out there.  What they do know is that Steve “let’s work on a nickname for next week” Goldsmith who scored 30 and Gary “solid mid-range game” Bazelon can both fill it up.  I expect big things out of this squad in the coming weeks.

Rest of the Pack (in Alphabetical Order):

The Alley – Currently tied for 4th with 0 points – These guys might have had the most fun out of anyone Wednesday Night.  And isn’t that what we’re out there for?  Captain Sammy “Coach” Roses has a well-0iled machine who will be tough opponents in each sport this Summer (they do work at John’s Garage and Leonard’s Towing which might explain it).  Sergio “needs the rock more” Ruiz led his crew with 8 points in the loss to Moccio’s.  They were sighted at the Alley in Highwood post-game already throwing together a gameplan for next week’s softball.

In the Raw – Currently tied for 4th with 0 points – N/A

Little Legends Soccer Academy – Currently tied for 4th with 0 points – Ok so usually I would wait a little longer to go ahead and just openly admit something like this.. But I am rooting for these guys! I can’t help it!  They are just a bunch of nice guys!  Coming together without any prior experience on the court together is never an easy task and I expect a few bumps along the way. However, come playoff time I doubt that any team will want to see this squad lined-up across from them.  John “player-coach” Whitehead is out there giving it his all on and off the court while Ben “the Marathon Man” Loftus lifted his team with 11 on the night.

That’s it for the Week 1 Wrap-Up.. The Gift of Life Walk for the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois is this Sunday June 24th at Soldier Field from 9-Noon. There is also a 5k portion.

If you have any interest in attending please let me know and I can get you a lot more info. It’s going to be a great event with close to 2,000 people!

Thanks for reading! See ya on Wednesday Night for Week 2 16″ Softball!

– Holden