2012 Suburbs 30+ Week 3 Bowling

Updated: July 13, 2012

Week 3 Video

Week 3 Video is above for you guys.. So the 1st ever All Sports Series Bowling Night is now in the books.. And some big scores were put up!

Just to recap how the scoring was done.. Each team’s bowlers played 2 games.  We took the top 5 games for each team and added those together to get the team score.. So one player could essentially count for 2 of his team’s top 5 games.

Here are the results of that:

1 – Little Legends Soccer Academy – with 802 pins – they receive 25 Points for the Standings

2 – Body by Solomos – with 728 pins  – 15 pts in the Standings

3 – Cy Fredrics – w/ 709 pins – 10 pts in Standings

4  – the Alley  – w/ 635 pins – 5 pts in Standings

5 – Moccio’s – w/ 623 pins – 0 pts

6 – In the Raw – w/ 516 pins – 0 pts

Ok on to the Rankings we go..

1) Body By Solomos – Currently in 1st with 50 points (Last Week: 2) – Welcome to the top of the Rankings gentleman!  As per usual these guys came into the Alley selling themselves completely short and wound up with the 2nd most pins knocked down on Wednesday Night!  Led by Hank “had the 3rd best single game of the night” Shulruff who had a 164 and Michael “the hook” Waldorf who had a 152 these guys did enough to beat 4 other teams!  We’ve had a new #1 team all 3 weeks of the Rankings.. Simply put I think it’s easier to be the hunter than the hunted.. Let’s see if this crew can hold on to the Top Spot in Flag Football next week against Moccio’s.. Who just happened to come in at #2!

2) Moccio’s – Currently in 2nd with 35 points (Last Week: 1) – That’s right#1 v #2 in Flag Football.  The way it should be! I didnt even have to rig anything!  We may have found this squad’s weak spot.. Bowling.. Sadly for the rest of the field, we don’t have any more bowling on the schedule and these guys seem hungrier than ever.  Captain Justis “can bowl” WIlkins put up a 137 for his team’s top game.  They want that top spot back and next week they determined to get there!

t-3) Cy Fredrics Jewlery & Little Legends Soccer – Currently tied for 3rd with 25 points (Last Week: 3 & NR) – Let me start by congratulating the 2012 All Sports Series Bowling Champions – Little Legends Soccer Academy.. I think the “cool and hip” thing to do in this league is to walk into the gym/alley/field and say “oh we just dont want to get hurt, we havent played this in 15 years, etc.” Meanwhile most of you knock it dead.. Especially Little Legends on Wednesday Night! Ben “KingPin” Loftus threw a 198 in his 1st game to have the high score of the night!  Then John “da Coach” Whitehead put up 157 and 150 in his 2 games.  I’d feel horrible if I didnt mention Phil “4-step approach” Richter who also added a 160 to his team’s tally.  They beat the field by over 70 pins! That is impressive!  They finally have some momentum and watch out!  Now the 3rd place team on Wednesday Night Cy Fredrics also had a pretty good go of it!  Dave “not messin around with his 2nd game” Banda improved by 60 pins in his 2nd game to get the 2nd best score of the night with a whopping 181! Are you kidding me?! Insane..

Anyways both teams should be happy to come away with some big points in Week 3..

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical)

the Alley – Currently in 5th with 5 points (Last Week: NR) – We’re on the Board! Led by Isreal “135 avg.” Medina who had a 150 in Gm2 and Ron “bossman” Forshaw who had a 134 these guys took 4th place and got their first points on the Standings.  I also want to thank Ron for graciously keeping score for his team’s games because a computer malfunction.  Football with Cy Fredrics next week should be a good one!

In the Raw- Just not in the cards for them this week.. Joel “I know this guy” Bell had a 118 as their high score of the night.. At least they had a good time!


That’s it for the Rankings. Thanks to the Alley in Highwood for being the host on Wednesday Night!  Get Ready for some Flag Football on Wednsday!

– Holden