2012 Suburbs 30+ Week 5 Hoops

Updated: July 26, 2012

Week 5 Video

Week 5 Video is above for you guys.  Believe it or not there are only 2 weeks to go in the Regular Season.. Last Week’s Flag Football games that were Thunder Stormed out will be made up at 7pm Next Wednesday Night at 7pm. Those 4 teams will have a double-header that night so please check the schedule!

Anyways let’s get on to the Week 5 Rankings shall we..

1) Moccio’s – Currently in 1st with 75 points (Last week: 2) – A lot has happened since the last Wrap-Up.. Since then, Moccio’s has won a Flag Football game against the Former #1 Body by Solomos and a Hoops game with Little Legends Soccer Academy as well.  Moccio’s has established themselves as the team to beat with only a couple of weeks left in the Season. On Wednesday Night, Eric “AI” Hernandez and Mike “Nice Debut!” Flaig both dropped 10 points.  They were close at half time with Little Legends but pulled away in the 2nd half!  Next week, they will face off with Body By Solomos in a rematch from Week 4 Flag Football.. That one might just be a Playoff Preview!

2) Cy Fredrics – Currently in 3rd with 40 points (Last week: 3) – I mean no disrespect to the other teams in the League, but I feel comfortable saying this.. Cy Fredrics is the Best Hoops Squad in the League.  I’m not saying they can’t be upended up come Playoff time, I just think they have been awfully impressive.  They got the W against In the Raw on Wednesday Night with a whopping 88-36.  Richard “Better than Daniel” Gibson had an impressive first Hoops game with 26 points!  Captain Gerald “GG” Good also added 18 to his squad’s total.  Next week they will have a double header and try to climb up the Standings.

3) Body By Solomos – Currently in 2nd with 65 points (Last Week: 1) – They got back on the winning track this week by slipping past the Alley.. Last week they fell to Moccio’s in a heartbreaker when Moccio’s scored a late TD..  They seem to gel extremely well as a team.. I hate that I had to drop them down to the #3 Rank this week but when a team puts up 88 points you got to move them up.. Steve “down on the block” Goldsmith led his team in scoring with an important 12 points including a go-ahead bucket in the closing minutes.  Next week they will get their chance to avenge their Flag Football loss to Moccio’s in a 16″ Softball game.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical)

The Alley – Currently in 5th with 5 points – So close this week!  They went back and forth with Body By Solomos for the whole game and came up just 3 points short.. It was a fun game to watch as these guys put the press on early and often.  Willy “W-Rod” Rodriguez led his team with 7 points on the night. These guys have a double header next week with both a Flag Football and a 16″ Softball game.. Plenty of points left for them to still grab.

In the Raw – Currently in 6th with 0 points  – Sometimes you run into a buzzsaw and that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday Night..  Danny “youngblood” Holzman had 19 in the loss.  They also have a double header next week and will try to get their first W of the Season. 

Little Legends Soccer Academy – Currently in 4th with 25 points – They have been good in many facets this season but Hoops seems to be a weak spot for these guys..  They’ll need to figure it out though because in a few short weeks the 1st round of the Playoffs will be Hoops!  Ben “Get him the ball more!” Loftus had 8 points to lead the team in scoring on Wednesday Night.. They too have a double header next week!

That’s it for this week’s wrap-up. Again please check the schedule for next week! Have a great weekend!

– Holden