2012 Suburbs 30+ Week 6 Softball/ Flag Football Make-Ups

Updated: August 3, 2012

Week 6 Video

Week 6 Video is above.  There were many games last night as we had Week 6 Softball games and a couple of make-up Flag Football games from Week 4.  Next week is the Round Robin Volleyball Tournament and it is also the final week of the regular season.  The Summer is flyin’ by.. Let’s get to the Rankings!

1) Moccio’s – Currently in 1st with 95 points (Last week: 1) – When you are Ranked #1 and then you get an impressive W over the #2 team in the Standings you deserve to keep your #1 spot.  These guys took down Body By Solomos for the 2nd time in 3 weeks, defeating them 9-6 in 16″ Softball.  Mike “Highlight Film” Shimanski went yard.. again… and helped get Moccio’s an early lead.  Moccio’s went up 4-0, then the game was tied at 4 and they even trailed 5-4.  Then a 5-run 5th separated sealed the deal for Moccio’s.  With Volleyball next week there is still a chance that these guys finish lower than 1st because there are still many possible points out there.. However, these guys have been fantastic all year and the odds of them falling from #1 look pretty bleak.

2) Little Legends – Currently in 2nd with 70 points (Last week: 2) – What a week for the guys in green!  Not only did they get a win in Flag Football at 7pm but they followed up with a W in Softball at 8pm.  Winning both games of a double header is nearly unheard of in All Sports Series.  John “Elway” Whitehead spread out 4 TD passes to 3 different WRs in Flag Football.  While at Softball it was Scott “the Big Stick” Kulberg who controlled the game from the pitching mound and really put the contest away at the plate.  He finishes 2 softball games this year going 6 for 7 with a HR and 8 RBI.  That my friends is impressive.  These guys have finally made their move up the Standings and it was just in time!  Going into the final week of the regular season they just need a solid showing in Volleyball to lock up a top seed!

t- 3) Body By Solomos & Cy Fredrics – Currently tied for 3rd with 65 points (Last Week: 3 & 2) – These are the last of the teams that can still make a run at a top seed based on the amount of points that are still available (30 points are still up for grabs – for 1st place in the the Tourney).  It was not a great week for these two squads.. Both fell in 16″ Softball this past week, but Cy Fredrics did get a solid victory in their Flag Football make-up.. Captain Gerald “QB1” Good threw a bunch of TD passes out there and even hit his son Jeremi “WR” Good for a score!  Body by Solomos got some nice ABs from Gary “calves” Bazelon who toughed it out and got 2 hits to go along with 2 RBI and a run scored.  These teams will definitely want to come into the Playoffs with some momentum and Volleyball is just the place for them to find it!

Rest of the Pack –

In the Raw – Currently in 5th with 20 points (Last Week: NR) -These guys are on the Board!  Thanks to some help from the Local Fire Dept!  They got a win in Softball and might finally be on the right track!

the Alley in Highwood – Currently in 6th with 5 points (Last Week: NR) -Listen, they are going to be in the Playoffs and sometimes the Regular Season has to serve as a feeling out process.. They are getting better and closer to wins with each week.  I know they have some jumpers in the bunch so look for them to score some points next week in Volleyball.  Captain Sammy “Coach” Roses is creating a game plan as we speak!
That’s it for the Rankings this week. Have a great weekend and see you next weekend at the Rec!

– Holden