2012 Suburbs 30+ Week 7 Volleyball Tourney

Updated: August 9, 2012

Hey everyone! No Video this week.  Next week there will be a video will all of the Volleyball Highlights.. I’m just waiting for the conclusion of the Chicago Leagues’ Playoffs.  Anyways, the Wrap-Up is going to be a little different this week.. I’m going to go over the Volleyball Tourney and then Preview the Playoff games for next week as opposed to just going through each team and Ranking them.. So here we go..

Volleyball Tourney —

I’m going to start where the Tourney really took a turn.. The final Pool game was between Moccio’s and Little Legends Soccer.  At this point Cy Fredrics had already a clinched a spot in the Tourney Final with a 3-1 Pool play record.  The Alley was eliminated with a 1-3 record. Body By Solomos had finished Pool play with a 2-2 record and needed Moccio’s to defeat Little Legends going away for a chance to advance.  Little Legends entered that game 2-1 behind the smooth play of Scott “bumping extraordinaire” Kulberg and the all around solid play of Ben “on the MVP ballot” Loftus.  With a win they would advance to the Final to play Cy Fredrics..

As the game went on, Moccio’s took the lead and never let go..  They won that game and did just enough to keep Little Legends out of the final but not enough for themselves to advance.  Captain Justis “hopefully he can get off duty next Wednesday!” Wilkins was disappointed with his team’s final result in Vball but knew that they were all but set for the Playoffs next week (more on this below).  Little Legends missed out on the Final by a meager 1 point in the tiebreaker! Literally Body By Solomos had 1 point better in win/loss.. Crazy.

So the Final was set, Body by Solomos and Cy Fredrics would do battle in a best of 3 series.  I have to admit Captain Gerald “Seal” Good and the rest of the Cy Fredrics crew surprised me  with their VBall skills throughout the night.  Everyone knows they are a fantastic Hoops squad, but they really did a great job of getting the ball over the net and allowing the other teams to make mistakes in the Pool play round.  Their one loss during the Pool play round was to Body by Solomos..  The BB squad, captained by Dan “howl” Wolf led a solid crew through the tourney.. (Editor’s Note: these nicknames will NOT be good) Mark “A.” Mordini, Scott “Red” Ruby,  Jeff “Rosey” Rosenberg, Steve “goldie” Goldsmith and Michael “also goldie” Goldstein were just all around solid the whole night.  These guys ended up sweeping the Tourney Final with a 2 games to 0 tally.

With their Tourney win they hopped up into a Tie for 1st in the Standings and a 1st round bye.  Cy Fredrics got points, and maintained their 3rd place in the Standings..


Wednesday August 15Hoops (Playoffs - 1st Rd) -
Highland Park Rec Center
4. Little Legends Soccer v. 5. the Alley
7:30-8:30Body By Solomos v. Moccios -
Winner gets to pick Final 4 opponent on Aug. 22
BYE3. Cy Fredrics has a BYE to the Final 4 on Aug. 22

Here is how the Playoffs will work.. The #4 Seed Little Legends Soccer will play the #5 seed The Alley.  The Alley will look for their first win of the year while Little Legends will look to continue on with the winning ways they have found over the past few weeks.  The #3 seed Cy Fredrics team will have a bye in Hoops this week and they have a spot in the Final 4 (16″ Softball on Aug. 22).  Then 2 teams tied for 1st in the Standings after the Regular Season will compete:  Body By Solomos and Moccio’s.  These two teams will clash in Hoops next Wednesday Night.. Both have already qualified for the Final 4, however the winner of this Hoops game will get to pick who they play in the Final 4 (either Cy Fredrics or the winner of Little Legends/The Alley).  The Loser will play whoever is not selected. This is a huge deal, as match-ups are so key!


That’s it for this week’s wrap-up!  Thanks to everyone for a great Regular Season. Good Luck next week in Rd. 1 of the Playoffs!

– Holden