2012 Suburbs Week 1 Hoops

Updated: June 14, 2012

Week 1 Video

Hello All Sports Series Participants! This is the first of many write-ups coming your way this season.  Before I get into the week that was I want to set up what I do here for the new teams and readers.  Each week there will be a review about the past games as well as some insight and a brief preview of the week to come.   I also will include the Video for each week at the top which you can view by clicking the “Week 1 Video” above.

Please keep a couple of things in mind.. 1) I write about all of the games using a statistical review; I do not see nearly enough of the games to have a decent opinion as to what is going on.. 2) I am changing the format this year just a hair.. I am going to do a sort of “Power Rankings” type review as opposed to the individual game wrap-ups.  This was a suggestion from either Jon “or Brian” Nickow who participate in both the Chicago Men’s and Co-Ed leagues.

Enough for the preface.. let’s do this..

1) Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts- Captain Max “mohawk” Mordini must have had some serious off-season practices.  Not only did the Sushi Squad put up 106 points (breaking an All Sports Series record) but they won the game by a 70! Zero of the past paragraph has been a typo, I proofread it.. This team was one of the youngest last year and suffered many bumps along the way. They only managed one victory in all of 2011 and it looked like they took out all of their past frustration on Team Kirsh (Crescent Movers).  Ross “how much would could ya” Chukerman logged 30 points in the victory.  The score alone warrants the #1 Ranking and the label of the Atomic Transport 2Big, 2Fast, 2Strong, 2Good Team of the Week.  Next week they play Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steelwarehouse) who better be ready with their A game.

T-2) Team Levine* (Sarkis Cafe) Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts and Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) Currently tied for 11th with 0 pts.  Right about now is where most of you will start scratching your head.. Allow me to defend the rankings.. Team Levine came in as the Favorite in Las Vegas.   Team Levine were last year’s runners up and with the 2011 champs in Chicago, this stacked roster just seems like they are ready to make the leap to being called Champions.  However they were short handed this past Sunday and quite frankly deserved a L. However they got the W against Team Rhum 56-55.  The Rhummies are in their 3rd season and it looks like they are primed for their best finish to date.  Team Captain Adam “diet coke with a lime and a splash of” Rhum led his team admirably and they controlled much of the contest.  For those not at the early games, I will sum up the officiating at the end of this game as extremely lousy.  I admit it.  I told everyone the same thing at the games. It’s unfortunate but the Ref took the game out of the hands of the players.  This game is reason there will be 2 Refs in Hoops for eternity in the All Sports Series.  The reason why I have them tied at #2 is because the team that won this game would have been #2 because it was honestly the best game of the day.  Since the ref took it out of their hands, he sort of took it out of mine as well.  Each team faces a tough challenge next week and could see a drop in the rankings.

4) Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts – The IT gang was simply impressive.  Captain Brian “works the free agent wire hard” Wilneff has assembled a nice squad after losing some pieces to Rival Team Greco (Student Valet). They picked up a 71-47 victory on Sunday.  This team is usually always around at the end of the season and I expect that to be the case again this season.  They have added Connor “@ConAirTwo5” Nass who is one of the best ballers out of the 700+ All Sports Series participants and 2011 Suburb Champ Anthony “Twan” Maione who gives them the veteran leadership needed to win the whole thing.  Not to mention those jerseys are sweeeet.

5) Team Watts (Vertutti’s) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts-  These are the highest rated rookies so far.  They won 74-45 and just looked solid all the way around.  Sharpshooting Connor “your going to need a” Shields led the way with 32. Next week they play Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) who just so happens to be…

6) Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts- Another Rookie bunch, the big Gambinos, had an army there on Sunday.  Definitely the most enthusiastic team of the day. They got a hard fought victory over Team Karis.  Both teams seem to have a lot going for them and will be heard from in the playoffs.   Ryan “shoots like Rex” Chapman had 21 in the W.

7) Team Maione (Leonard’s Towing/John’s Garage) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 pts – This team was one of the hardest to place for me.  They got a nice W 66-53 over Team Harris (Norton’s) who no doubt is a good hoops squad.. I just cant figure out if they should have been higher or not on the list.  #7 just sounded about right.  But if these guys are on top in a few weeks I will not be surprised in the least. Made up of guys who have played before but never all together Team Maione might have found just the right formula.  Tyler “has anyone tried Pepsi” Max (Editor Note: Greater Than is better) put in 32 points to lead his team.

8- Team Rubin (Bob’s Deli) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points – Team Rubin got the win in their first ever All Sports Series contest. These graduating seniors from GBN may not strike you at first glance, but they seemed to have a lot skillful players. Captain Cameron “Steve Novak” Rubin had 3 3balls in the contest.  Dont let the squad in Baby Blue sneak up on you.. Just sayin.

T -9) Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels), Team Berzon (SLA Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance), Team Goldin (Menchie’s) – All Currently tied for first with 15 pts – The elder statesmen of All Sports Series all got Ws in their first games.   All three of these teams are worth keeping an eye on..  Adam “what rhymes with” Berzon has a very athletic bunch. Michael “plays in all of the leagues! Thanks!” Glink had 16 in their W.  Danny “flash” Goldin had 18 and Alex “are you on twitter? I’d follow you.” Parmacek had 20.  Team Abramson led by brothers Daniel and Ryan hit their stride in the second half winning an extremely defensive battle.  Brett “I feel comfortable saying this because we are friends.. the refs may call him” Winer led all scorers with 16.  I foresee one or two of these teams getting into the top 5 by next week and staying there for the season. Just cant put my finger on which one yet..

Teams outside of the rankings (in alphabetical order):

Team Annenberg (Once Upon a Bagel) – Nice pic above! Cooper “my favorite” Annenberg had 10 in a loss and Dean “ali” baba added 14. This team is a shoe in for the playoffs even w/ the 1st week L.

Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel Warehouse) – No one complain of nepotism cause my cousin Eric “Igor” Gordon’s squad got dealt a tough schedule which continues next week with the Team Ranked numero Uno Team Mordini.

Team Greco (Student Valet) – I know many of these guys and they can play.  Basketball might not be their best sport but they will be a force in softball and football..  If they can get out of the first round (which is hoops) in August, they will be a tough out for anyone.

Team Harris (Norton’s) – Brian “another one of the 2 leaguers” Harris has a solid and big crew.  They have size, speed and all the tools.  I think it might take them a week or two to get used to everything but as soon as they do watch out.  I see at least an Elite 8 appearance out of them..

Team Holzman (Nova-HP) – Another one of the older squads.. I’m not sure what to make of the Week 1 L. They were without captain extraordinaire Andrew “Go see him at Nova-HP” Holzman.  I just tend to think a week 1 with out your captain is a recipe for disaster.  No one really knows what’s going on… I’m going to wait until next week to pass any judgment..

Team Karis (Sunset Foods) – Simply put they ran out of gas.  These guys were a little shorthanded (only in a sense of players not in talent at all) and by the end of the game they just couldnt keep up. They made an unreal run in the second half to cut Team Gambino’s lead and if they play the way they did in the second half prior to losing their legs then they are going to be heard from come August.  Drew “you may know one of the brothers” Karis is a good dude, just sayin.

Team Kirsch (Crescent Movers) – They are the youngins this time around.  Many of you have been there once before.  They suffered a bad loss.  What’s okay about suffering a bad loss, is that it’s just one game.  Tons of time to turn it around and with so many weeks left and so many playoff spots out there.. there is no reason for them to believe they can get there.  Just on to the next one for Doug “I’m so old I coached you in tee ball” Kirsch.

Team Levin (Tamales) – These guys are crazy athletic. All of them. They have varsity level athletes on this team. The issue is they played a team that was older than them and just seemed out aged if that makes sense.  It’s the type of thing that later in the season will be less apparent.  Tommy “Gunn” Sutker had 20 points and was extremely impressive in his All Sports Series debut.

Team Valvassori (The Alley) – Schedule, Schedule, Schedule.. It matters in this League. They got matched up with a team with so so many years on them and they just didnt have enough to get past them.. I think more than any other team that lost in Week 1 they have the potential to be near the top of the standings by the end of the regular season.  Forget the Week 1 L. They have size and their strength will show much more when playing some of the other young teams.


So that’s it for me.. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below or hit me up.

See you for week 2 on Sunday.

– Holden