2012 Suburbs College/Prep Playoffs

Updated: August 3, 2012

Playoff Video

The Playoff Video is above. All of the games are in there. Check it out!

Here’s how the Playoff Wrap-Up will work.. I’m going to just go down the line in Chronological order from the First game in the Opening round straight through until the Championship and give a run down.. I’ll try to make it obvious when a new round begins so that if you want to skip around you will know where to look.. The Champions are revealed at the bottom of the page.

Let’s get to it..

**Opening Rounds of 16 – Hoops**

Sunday July 29Hoops (Playoffs - Opening Rounds) -
Highland Park Rec Center
2:30-3:306. Team Levin (Tamales) v. 11. Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS)
2:30-3:301. Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels) v. 2. Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) - Winner gets to pick side of the Bracket for Elite 8 Round
3:30-4:305. Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe) v. 12. Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too)
3:30-4:3014. Team Watts (Vertutti's) v. 15. Team Valvassori (the Alley)
4:30-5:308. Team Holzman (Nova-HP) v. 9. Team Rubin (Bob's Deli)
4:30-5:3013. Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) v. 16. Team Karis (Sunset Foods)
5:30-6:307. Team Goldin (Menchie's) v. 10. Team Maione (Leonard's Towing/John's Garage)
5:30-6:303. Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) v. 14/15
6:30-7:304. Team Greco (Student Valet) v. 13/16
6:30-7:30Other 4: Team Kirsch (Crescent Movers) v. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel)

1. Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels) v. 2. Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) – Winner gets to pick side of the Bracket for Elite 8 Round – 2. Team Berzon wins 61-53 in OT.

What a way to Tip-Off the Playoffs then with an OT thriller between the top 2 seeds!  As I have mentioned several times, Team Berzon by getting the OT Win gets to choose which side of the bracket they will call home for the remainder of their Playoff Run.  Team Abramson will be the top seed on the other side of the bracket. (Editor’s Note: Team Berzon’s choice is revealed later in the Wrap-Up).   These two teams fought incredibly hard as they knew the importance of what was at stake.   Meyhar and Maysam “the Bros known as” Amani and who are known for their Vball skills put their squad on their backs.. Meyhar had 25 and Maysam had 16.. They combined for more than 10 3-balls in the contest and literally wouldn’t let their team fall out of it.. In the end there was just too much from Team Berzon Captain Adam “the Berz” Berzon who had 27 and Kevin “hopefully Marco Belinelli will shoot 3s like him” Gerberding who had 24.  Both teams had opportunities to win it late in Regulation but couldnt get the ball to fall in.. Then in OT Team Berzon scored first and then eventually a couple more times while Team Abramson didn’t get any points in the extra session.. Both teams proved why they are at the top of the Standings.. They both have 1 win over the other and it would be a fitting end for them to get a rubber match.. That would have to be in the Championship of course.. Time will tell. (Scroll down).

6. Team Levin (Tamales) v. 11. Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) – 11. Team Rhum wins 107-36

Sometimes the stars just align for a team.. That usually spells disaster for the other the squad.. This was that classic example. Coming into the Playoffs Team Levin was the highest seeded High School team. However, they were missing a few of their key players like Captain Jeremy “no E at the end” Levin and Tommy “Machine” Sutker.  Not to mention, they got no favors when Team Rhum fell to the #11 seed.. For those not following closely, the Rhumers are one of the best squads out there.. A 2011 Final 4 participant and they are just one of the best all around teams. Some unlucky bounces/calls had them fall down in the Standings but most were aware they were far better than their seed.  So combining all of these factors together in addition to the shear size and speed that Team Rhum has at its disposal and you get a rout.  As you can see above Team Rhum won by over 70 and they set a new record for points scored in a Hoops game!  They are right where they want to be heading into the Elite 8.   As for Team Levin, they have nothing to be ashamed of.  Again, they were top seeded High School team during the Regular Season and have a ton to build off of for 2013.  Stats wise, take a look at these numbers.. Christopher “for Threeeeeee” Kozloff had 29, Captain Adam “bad foot? didnt seem like it” Rhum had 21 and Sam “sleeves” Sternberg had 19 of his own.  I think the rest of the league should be happy that Hoops are in the rear view mirror because Team Rhum has hit their stride.  Team Rhum plays the winner of #3 Team Wilneff and whoever wins the #14 & #15 Opening Round game.

 5. Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe) v. 12. Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too) – 5. Team Levine wins 47-42

Before any of the games were played on Sunday it was not hard to look at the Schedule and say this should be the game of the day.  Team Mordini, while still the underdog, had proven they were a Hoops power early in the season.  The experienced Runners-Up from 2011 Team Levine, while seeded #5, was still the favorites to win the whole thing in the opinion of many.   The game did not disappoint.  Up and back the game went.  It was played at a blistering pace.  The pace actually kept the scoring down because of all the turnovers that happened due to the fast play. However, not for a second did that deter from the general buzz around the court during the game. They traded leads countless times as big shot after big shot was made.  Cheering and jeering from the benches started early and happened often.  Team Mordini had the lead entering the final minutes but Nick “Ice” Wieczorek had no fear and found his 3 pt stroke late in the game to give his team a lead they would not relinquish.  With about a 30 seconds to go in the game that blistering pace caught up with both teams (and the Refs) as Team Levine had a costly turnover only for Team Mordini to give the ball right back.  The refs were definitely involved at the end of the game, but ultimately Team Levine’s free throw shooting was what sealed their ticket to the Elite 8.  Team Mordini who last year didn’t make the Playoffs retooled this season and were even ranked #1 for a part of it.  They have so much to build on for 2013.  Without knowing the teams that will be participating in each league next Summer (some teams naturally migrate to the Chicago League) I’d have to say that they will be one of the early favorites going into Next Season.  On Sunday Jake “good luck next year at school!” Norica had 16 and led his team in scoring as he did often during the summer.  As for Team Levine, they are right back in the Elite 8 and in large part thanks to a pair of 15 point scorers Josh “up-fake” Berman and Mikey “can get his shot from wherever and whenever he wants” Weisberg.  They await the winner of the #4 Team Greco game and the #13 and #16 Opening Round game later in the day.

 14. Team Watts (Vertutti’s) v. 15. Team Valvassori (the Alley) – 14. Watts 63-49 

The Winner would face #3 Team Wilneff later in the day and the loser would go home for the summer.  In a game that was a 1 pt game at half time finally broke open mid way through the 2nd half.  Team Watts Hoops Star Connor “Dirk” Shields led his team to Victory with 21 points.  Team Valvassori got a great performance out of Alex “Tour De” Franczek who had 14.  Team Watts was the stronger Hoops team out of these 2 this season so I wouldn’t call this a surprise.  However, in their first season Team Valvassori showed flashes of a team that with some experience and age mixed in could win this thing in the next couple of years.  They’ll be back.. As for Team Watts they extended their season for at least 2 more hours when they would play #3 Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) in Hoops.. Want to know if they pulled off the upset? Scroll down.

8. Team Holzman (Nova-HP) v. 9. Team Rubin (Bob’s Deli) – 8. Holzman 52-50 

When the bracket was finalized this was one of the matchups that caught my eye as a toss-up.  Team Rubin is another one of those feisty high school teams (from GBN) and Team Holzman has been solid all year but was plagued by vacations/injuries/conflicts and couldnt seem to get a consistent showing from their entire team.  Much of the same, occurred on Sunday as Team Holzman as they had just 5 guys for their Opening Round game.. Those 5 had just enough in their tank to hold off Team Rubin and win another one of the close games on Sunday. Damian “fantastic range” Rogucki put in 18 for Team Rubin, while Team Holzman was led by “Big” Johnny Stempel who had 24 essential points.  Team Rubin had a really great showing in their Rookie Campaign. They will be back.   Team Holzman advancing as the #8 seed would have to wait and see who Team Berzon would select at the end of the night.. They either play Team Berzon or Team Abramson Tuesday Night in Elite 8 Softball. (Scroll down).

13. Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) v. 16. Team Karis (Sunset Foods) – 13. Gambino 84-73

First off, this game is closer than the score indicates.. They traded the lead more than a few times and only at the end did Team Gambino pull away for good. In fact, Team Karis started lights out from the field and jumped to an early lead.  Team Gambino’s win means that they advanced to play #4 Team Greco later in the day.  They were led by Jacob “D-Rose” Sholl who had 27 and  repeatedly found ways into the lane to finish.  Ryan “Top of the key 3” Chapman also had a gigantic game with 31 points in this one.  Team Gambino started off the season with two straight Hoops wins so there was no surprise when they were filling up the Stats sheet.  Could they manage a second win just hours later?  As for Team Karis, they too were in their Rookie Campaign for All Sports Series.  Co-Captain George “Sasha” Stamelos led his team valiantly on Sunday but they just didnt have enough firepower to hold on until the end.  It was pleasure to have them in the league this season.

7. Team Goldin (Menchie’s) v. 10. Team Maione (Leonard’s Towing/John’s Garage) – 10. Maione 58-34

I can’t say the result is an upset. That would be unfair to Team Maione.  I will say the score surprises me though.  Both teams had success this summer which is indicative of both of them finishing in the half of the regular season Standings.  Both teams were also built for major runs in the Playoffs with great softball squads.  Team Maione will get the opportunity to further that run on Tuesday Night. They too wait the decision made by Team Berzon once the night has come to an end.   Team Goldin obvioulsy left the gym disappointed on Sunday because they knew they could go really far.. Unforuntately it was just not meant to be this time around.  Many of them made proclamations for promising things in 2013 and knowing who said them, I have to believe them.  Captain Danny “D-Gold” Goldin and Alex “Parmo” Parmacek both had a dozen points in the game.  Team Maione got great performances from their Captain Frank “big hurt” Maione who had 14 and leading scorer Tyler “medium hurt” Max who had 21.  Into the Elite 8 they go and I’m telling you their seed means nothing now!  Basketball was their weakest playoff sport and they are still around.. Not good for the rest of the teams.

 3. Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) v. 14. Team Watts (Vertutti’s) – 3. Wilneff 78-69

Let me say this.. Team Wilneff played well.  Some might be scratching their head with this comment, thinking, “well yea they won, so they probably played well.”  What I’m trying to say is, they played well and they needed to or Team Watts would have had the biggest upset of the day.  Team Watts just didn’t have enough left in the tank.  Coming off of their win from just hours before they just didn’t have enough Stops in them to prevent Team Wilneff from getting the W.  Wilneff’s squad was led by Brad “he’s on fire NBA Jam style” Schwartz who had 21 and Anthony “grizzled vet” Maione’s 20.  Team Watts is the only High School team that can say they got a W in the Playoffs this season.  Sure that might have been caused by match-ups, but they won.  This game was tight the whole way through as Team Wilneff could just not put them away. Connor “I’m going to go ahead and name him High School Hooper of the Summer” averaged a whopping 27 points a game over 5 contests. This crew from DHS will be back and badder next summer.  Team Wilneff’s win sets up a Match-up with Team Rhum in the Elite 8. I can’t wait for that one!

4. Team Greco (Student Valet) v. 13. Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) – 13. Gambino 51-45 OT

It had to happen. I just didn’t know it would take until the very last game of the day for it to go down.. Here is the big upset of the Opening Rounds.  Yes there were other games where the lower seeded teams won, but not true “upsets.”  I will preface the following with I mean no disrespect to either team when I say this.. The odds of Team Gambino winning 2 Hoops games within 3 hours of each other as the #13 seed were not strong.  Again, this has nothing to do with Team Gambino, I wish the upset bug bit some other team and not Team Greco.  They have just fought so hard all season and last week were really hurt by the loss of their Captain Morris “Coach” Greco to injury.  Team Gambino should be extremely proud of themselves for defeating two sounds teams in one day.. A feat that not many teams can say they have done in the history of All Sports Series.  The biggest lead of the game belonged to Team Greco as they controlled much of the game.  Their defensive strategy was to pack the lane and make Team Gambino hurt them with outside jumpers.  For most of the game it worked.  However, with about 6 or 7 minutes left to go momentum began to shift and the ball started going in for Team Gambino.  Team Gambino got their 2nd stellar performance of the day from Ryan “the scouting report is he likes to shoot from the top of the key, but Hoops are over so it doesnt matter” Chapman who had 15.  Joey “I’d probably say this wrong” Squaglia also had 14 to help his team advance.  As you can see this was another OT game and Team Gambino just managed a few more points in the extra session.  Chris and Matt “twins” Temple combined for 19 points in this one.  Team Greco had many highlights to their season as they won the Volleyball Tourney and asserted themselves as one of if not the top Softball teams in the league.  Fortunately for the remaining 8 teams, they won’t need to go through these guys in Softball or Flag Football.  Team Gambino’s improbable Elite 8 run earns them a game with 2011 Runners-Up #5 Team Levine on Tuesday Night..

#2 Team Berzon’s Decision for their side of the Bracket –

#2 Team Berzon elected to face #10 Team Maione.  So the Elite 8 and Bracket look like this for Tuesday Night:

#1 Team Abramson v. #8 Team Holzman (winner of this will face the winner of..)

#5 Team Levine v. #13 Team Gambino


#2 Team Berzon v. #10 Team Maione (winner of this will face the winner of…)

#3 Team Wilneff v. #11 Team Rhum

**Elite 8 – 16″ Softball**

Tuesday July 31Softball (PLAYOFFS- Elite 8) -
WEST RIDGE PARK**** 636 Ridge Road, Highland Park
7:00-8:00Quarters - Softball
5. Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe) v. 13. Team Gambino (Atomic Transport)
7:00-8:00Quarters - Softball
3. Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) v. 11. Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS)
8:00-9:00Quarters - Softball
1. Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels) v. Team Holzman (Nova-HP)
9:00-10:00Quarters - Softball
2. Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) v. 10. Team Maione (Leonard's Towing/ John's Garage)

 5. Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe) v. 13. Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) – 5. Levine 11-1

The first team into the Final 4 is one that many thought would be there at the beginning of the Summer.. 2011 Runners-Up Team Levine.  And boy did they look dominant in softball!  Team Gambino is an extremely solid squad and I think they could win All Sports Series in the future (even as early as next season).. They looked like a different team come Playoff time.  Don’t get me wrong they wanted to win each and every week but there was just a different look in their eye.  But Team Levine was just in the zone on Tuesday night and it really wouldn’t have mattered who was across the diamond.  Jason “Heyward” Stein hit another bomb in this one.  He might be the best hitter all of All Sports Series.  They have one more Softball game this season.. The question is will they earn the right to play one more Flag Football Game?  To see who they match-up with in the Final Four scroll down.

3. Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) v. 11. Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) – 11. Rhum 4-1

At the beginning of the season if you said a double digit seed would make the Final 4 you might think a major upset or two happened along the way.  Well I dont think Team Rhum fits that bill of the “Ultimate Underdog.”  I have been singing their praises all Summer long and can attest to the fact they would be seeded way higher if it weren’t for some bad luck during the regular season.  Where the slight upset comes in, is with their opponent, Team Wilneff.  I’ll be honest, I thought these guys could win the Championship.  They were so deep and really good at every sport.  But that’s why you play the games.  They cannot feel down or upset with their loss, Team Rhum just had a few more timely hits and that is the difference between going to the Final 4 or home for the Summer.   Captain Brian “on the 2012 GM of the Year Ballot” rallied after losing some players and added great pieces to a group who went to the 2011 Final 4.. One of those additions was Anthony “the middle” Maione who really played some great D at 3B.  For Team Rhum, they won this game with a few timely hits, great fielding and some excellent pitching from Robby “ice your arm for Thursday Night” Feldman.  Scott “speeds” Lakin went 2 for 3 from the plate and drove in the go-ahead run.  This is the 2nd straight Final appearance for Team Rhum’s squad..  Last year they just couldnt get over the hump, will that change this season?

1. Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels) v. 8. Team Holzman (Nova-HP) – 1. Abramson 8-5

Spoiler Alert: The team that finished the regular season atop the Standings is a pretty good squad and they will be a tough out for anyone.. Team Holzman really controlled much of this game.. They had a commanding 4-1 lead entering the 5th and it looked as if they were going to pull off the upset. Each bounce seemed to be going the Team Holzman’s way. Team Abramson could not string together consecutive hits and was really struggling.. Captain Andrew “Clayton Kershaw” Holzman pitched a fantastic game, sending pitches for up into the night sky before they fell miraculously behind home plate.  It was impressive.. Then the switched flipped just like that (Editor’s Note: I snapped my fingers just then).. Before the 5th inning was over Team Abramson found their bats and put a big 7 up on the board and a lead they would not relinquish.  Co-Captain Ryan “Braun” Abramson helped spark the huge rally… On to the Final 4 for the #1 overall seed.  We will re-seed in the Final 4 and because of that they will draw the lowest seed remaining, #11 Team Rhum..  That means no matter what a team from Deerfield will enter the Championship game for the first time!

2. Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) v. 10. Team Maione (Leonard’s Towing) – 10. Maione 11-1

Ok one double digit seed into the Final 4 isn’t that crazy.. but two?!?!  Woah.. Coming into the Elite 8 I think its safe to say that Team Maione received the least amount of pub.. They were one of the lowest seeds left and hadn’t won 2 games last Sunday like Team Gambino nor did they have the resume that Team Rhum had from previous season.. It’s safe to say they were definitely flying under the radar.  However, this result should NOT be a shock whatsoever! They were phenomenal in softball a few weeks ago and while talking to them during the season they really felt that if they could just get through to Softball they’d have a real shot at this thing.. Now remember, Team Berzon, defeated Team Abramson in the 1 v. 2 game last Sunday and actually chose to play Team Maione.. Some say that might have agitated Team Maione a touch and maybe it did.. Either way Team Berzon in their first All Sports Series campaign must be proud of their run! They finished 2nd out of 20 teams in the Standings and won a Hoops game against the #1 Seed last Sunday. They have tons of really great athletes on their squad and Captain Adam “the Berz” Berzon will not allow them to dwell on this for long.. These guys will be back for sure (possibly in the Chicago League) and they will definitely be looking to avenge their Elite 8 exit.  As for Team Maione they got great Defense at short from Captain Frank “Yung” Maione and some stellar plate appearances from  Tyler “Colvin” Max.  These guys have who I would call the favorites out of the 4 teams left in Team Levine on Thursday Night. However, if they were going to play these guys they definitely want them in softball and not Flag Football..  Do they have another perfect performance in them?  Thursday Night will provide us with all of the answers.

**Final 4 – 16″ Softball**

Thursday August 2Softball (PLAYOFFS- Final 4) -
Sunset Park
8:00-9:00Semis - Softball
5. Levine (Sarkis Cafe) v. 10. Maione (Leonard's Towing)
9:00-10:00Semis - Softball
1. Abramson (Carriage Hill) v. 11. Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS)

5. Levine (Sarkis Cafe) v. 10. Maione (Leonard’s Towing) – 10. Maione 11-8

Final 4 Time!  Safe to say that 1 of these teams was expected to be here and the other is a pleasant surprise… I’ll let you decide who fits in where.. The game started off with some great Defensive plays which kept the score low.. Going into the Top of the 5th inning Team Levine had a 4-0 lead and it seemed as if Team Maiones magical run to the Final 4 would end there.  Team Levine’s lead was a result of a 2-run single from Jordan “@tackness” Multack.  Entering that Top of the 5th everything was going right for Team Levine.  Team Maione then managed to string together a few hits for the first time in the game.. They actually loaded the bases with no outs when Willie “I’ll put them on my back” Goldberg stepped up to the plate.  He drove the ball to right field and it got behind the outfielders..Willie hit a Grand Slam. With one swing of the bat Team Maione had tied the game at 4!  Team Maione kept on chuggin’ in that 5th inning, getting 3 more runs from a Tyler “if you don’t know who this guy is, you should.. he’d be an All Sports Series all-star this season” Max who raked a triple.  Team Maione took a 7-4 lead with a 7 spot in the 5th.  Not ones to stay down for long Team Levine immediately loaded the bases in the bottom half, when Scotty “Pods” Plotnick stepped into the lefty batters box.  Plotnick shot a liner into the gap and 1 run would score, 2 runs would score, 3 runs would score, the relay throw was late and Plotnick touched them all!  Yes, Team Levine answered with a granny of their own!  They took an 8-7 lead into the top of the 6th.  Most teams after having such an emotional comeback and then giving the lead up once again would just pack it in and go home for the Summer.. But not Team Maione.  Geoff “kept his team calm from the mound” Perlman got a key RBI to tie it up in the 6th and was followed by several more hits including another from “Big” Willie “Style” Goldberg who got his 5th RBI of the game.  Team Maione went into the 7th and final inning with an 11-8 lead and that’s where the game would end.  Team Levine left the field Thursday Night as a team that did everything they could to win and one that promises to be back in 2013.  They might take their several talents to the Chicago League, but no matter where they wind up playing in 2013 they are a perennial favorite. They’ve added another Final 4 to their resume which is nothing to shrug at.. So Congrats to them.. As for Team Maione, their improbable run continues.. Now we just need to find out who they play in the Flag Football Championship.

1. Abramson (Carriage Hill) v. 11. Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) – 11. Rhum 7-5

Just to re-iterate, Team Rhum, is much stronger than your average #11 Seed.  Both of these teams expected to be here and we were definitely in store for some great action.  Team Rhum struck first as Sam “on the 2012 MVP Ballot” Sternberg drove in Scotty “2012 All Sports Series’ Fastest Man” Lakin.  They would grab 2 runs in the top half of the first.. Team Abramson decided they weren’t going to let Team Rhum get comfortable with that lead and put up a 3 spot in the bottom half.  Captain Dan “motor” Abramson was key in that rally.  Realizing 2 runs wasn’t enough in the first to accomplish much.. Team Rhum put up 5 more in the top of the 2nd! Scotty “Usain Bolt” Lakin drove in 2 during that big inning.. Those 7 runs would hold up for the rest of the game as Team Rhum took it 7-5 behind some great D.  They even withstood a HR from Captain Dan Abramson.  The Abramson crew had a fantastic run this season.  It was their first All Sports Series season and usually those teams don’t get anywhere near the Final 4.  Getting 1st out of 20 teams in the Regular Season is no easy feat and they should be proud of what they accomplished..  They’ll be reckoned with for years to come..  As for Team Rhum they completed another “upset” (by the seeds at least) and I think for the first time all season they are NOT under the Radar.. What’s really incredible is they just made it 2 double-digit seeds in the Championship game.. Incredible.

**Championship – Flag Football**

Thursday August 2Flag Football (CHAMPIONSHIP) -
Sunset Park

10. Team Maione (Leonard’s Towing) v. 11. Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) – 11. Rhum 29-19 

So it’s down to 2.  The 10 and 11 Seed.  I confidently can say that no one had these two playing each other in the Championship.  I want to preface the recap with this: Team Rhum Captain Adam “carried a lot of the load to get them here” Rhum had to miss the Championship game with a foot injury. He grabbed his guys before the game and while I’m not exactly sure what was said, I know they all left that huddle with a “do it for Rhum” look in their eye.

The game started with a bang. Both teams took early unnecessary roughness penalties in an attempt to feel each other out and dictate the game.. Team Maione’s penalty served more costly however, as it gave Team Rhum a new set of downs to work with. A couple plays later Team Rhum scored the first points of the game when Sam “QB1” Sternberg hit Scotty “Megatron” Lakin in the back corner of the endzone. It was a beautifully thrown ball and an incredible display of athleticism to get a foot in bounds. (There’s a great shot of it in the video).  They converted the 1-pt conversion and Team Rhum was up a quick 7-0.  Team Maione wasted little time in answering as Cody “keeps the play alive” Pantle hit Captain Frank “the tank” Maione over the middle for a score.  The game was tied at 7 after the conversion.  The first stop of the game occurred when Tyler “here’s his name again” Max deflected a ball on 4th and goal to cause a turnover on downs.   On the first play of Team Maione’s possession, Scotty “I don’t know how many other ways to call him fast” Lakin sacked Pantle in the endzone for a Safety!  Team Rhum would add another score to take a 9 point lead at half time – 16-7.  Team Maione knowing they needed to move the ball and quickly .. again went to Frank “putting his squad on his back” Maione for another score!  The game was 16-13 Team Rhum.. Team Rhum failed to score on their next possession.  With about 10 minutes to play Cody “do what it takes” Pantle scampered to the right side of the field and got around the edge and into the endzone for a TD.  Team Rhum took the ball down 19-16.  Just minutes later Sam “QB1” Sternberg hit Oren “shifty” Schwartz for a score on a check down pass.  Team Rhum would not relinquish the lead after that.  Team Maione failed to get into the endzone on their next drive and it was all but over..  Team Maione came so close, closer than anyone thought they would get in June.  These guys had a lead in the Championship game with about 10 minutes left to play. As the #10 seed?  They should be extremely proud.. Historically Runners-Up tend to follow up with great seasons the following the year and these guys are young.. With the valuable Playoff experience they accrued this season, Team Maione will be one of the odds on favorites in 2013.

As for the Champs… What a season.. They had some tough tests in the Regular Season and I truly believe that is what made them so Playoff ready.  They have always had the athletes to get to this point.. All they needed was to get a few breaks and to really believe they could do it.   Within a week these guys beat 4 teams seeded higher than them.  A hoops game, 2 softball games and a flag football game..  They worked for it and earned the right to be called Champions.

Congratulations to Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) – 2012 Suburbs Champions!

Thanks everyone for a great Summer and looking forward to seeing all of you in 2013!

– Holden