2012 Suburbs Week 2 Hoops

Updated: June 21, 2012

June 17 – June 20 Video

Helloo Suburbs Leaguers.  Hope your week is going well. Check out the Week 2 Video above.  Before I get into the Week 2 Rankings, here is a quick plug for the new All Sports Series FansEdge Pick-Em contest.  To play you just go to allsportsseries.com from June 14-July 1 and on the right side of the homepage you pick who you think will win each day.  Really quick and easy.  2 people will win gift cards from FansEdge. The person who answers the most correctly and the person who simply plays the most (if there is a tie then I will pull out of a hat b/t those tied for the most days played).

On with the Rankings..

1) Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi) – Currently tied for 1st with 30 points – (Last week: 1) – In my book, if you are #1 the week before and you win, you stay at #1.  Barring something just absurd.  Nothing absurd happened this week so Team Mordini keeps that #1 spot.  They were pushed much more than in week one.  In fact the battle with Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel Warehouse) lowered the Sushi Squad’s points per game by over 20.  They still won going away – 62-40.  Captain Max “Bryce Harper’s Mohawk” Mordini led his team with 18 big points.  This team already has more points in the Standings than last year & they look like they aren’t even close to being done.  I’m not sure if you are scared of them yet.. but maybe you should be..

2) Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently tied for 1st with 30 points (Last Week: t-2) – Good teams win when they don’t play their best.  They also find a way to win when they are shorthanded.  That is exactly what the Leviners did on Fathers Day.  Without a plethora of All Sports Series All-Stars they managed to still get a victory in Hoops.  They took down a feisty Team Karis squad 48-44.  Josh “2011 MVP Candidate” Berman put in 15 and they needed all of them.  With about 6 minutes to play Berman hit a big 3 that stopped a Karis run and served to be the final momentum push.  With volleyball on the horizon this team may look to grab #1 in the Standings; where they sat for most of 2011.

3) Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) – Currently tied for 6th with 15 points (Last Week: t-2) – This team might have had the toughest opening 2 weeks out of anyone in the entire league.  To come out with a 1-1 record (really could be and maybe should be 2-0) is enough to warrant a top 3 spot.  They got a big win over Team Harris 70-68 on Sunday and are right in the thick of things.  This was just a fun and well played game from both teams. Captain Adam “give me that” Rhum put in 23 and just willed the win.  More so than some of the other top teams I think seeding and match-ups will be big for Team Rhum so they need each point they can muster.

4) Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) – Currently tied for 1st with 30 points (Last week: 6) – Certain teams come into All Sports Series with notoriety.  Simply because of performances in previous seasons or just well known athletes from around the North Shore.  Team Gambino is the antithesis of this.  They came in totally and completely under the radar.  Well now they are above the radar.. They come into the gym each week with 15 strong and they are loud, excited and well talented.  These guys are from Stevenson and many might not know them but you should.  They beat Team Watts (Vertutti’s) 46-43 in a big Hoops Matchup.  Drake “Mount” Orser had 14 points and countless Stuffs.  Don’t go in the paint with him.  Don’t. Do. It.  I can’t predict if they can replicate their basketball success in other sports, but it seems like they aren’t scared of being the new kids on the block.

5) Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) – Currently tied for 1st with 30 points (Last Week: t-9) – I start to look at Strength of Schedule when deciding on where to rank some of these teams. In my book Team Berzon has 2 impressive victories and that was enough to round out the top 5.  In what has become a young guns league Team Berzon and the #6 team prove that with age comes some added skill.  They got a big win 56-48 over a good Team Maione (Leonard’s Towing) squad.  Colin “everyone be careful next week” Rice scored 16 in his Suburbs League debut.  He might be the best volleyball in the League.  That’s enough to make Team Berzon one of my favorites to get a bunch of points in Week 3.

6) Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently tied for 1st with 30 points (Last Wee:k t-9) – Team Abramson comes in at #6 – the lowest rated out of the unbeatens. By no means take this as a slight.  I just think the other teams above have had a couple more opportunities to be tested then these guys.  From what I know about this team basketball isn’t their strong suit so for them to be 2-0 in hoops has to be a great sign for them.  Brett “got his” Winer scored a huge 23 of the teams 49 points.  They play scrappy D and make enough shots to win games.  Not sure what will come from the volleyball tourney out of these guys.. however Jeff “Middleback” Nault and Mehyar “Ok him and Colin might be 1-2 in Volleyball players” Amani are no slouches on the VBall Court.  One of these few undefeated teams will make a leap in Week 3..

T- 7) Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) and Team Goldin – Currently tied for 6th with 15 points (Last week: 4 and t-9) – How do two teams who were 5 spots away from each other end up tied the next week?  By not playing at all! I don’t feel good about dropping a team that did not lose 3 spots in the Rankings. However All Sports Series is about getting Ws and getting points in the Standings.  Team Wilneff was one of the 4 teams off this week.  In the “what have you done for me lately” mentality they drop down here.  Now to completely contradict myself.. Team Goldin did not play but because a bunch of teams ahead of them in the rankings lost, by doing nothing they really gained some ground!  Both teams are still undefeated and will have a doubleheader in a few weeks and can make up those points in the Standings.

9) Team Holzman (Nova-HP) – Currently tied for 6th with 15 points (Last Week: NR) – The first team to jump into the Rankings from the outside looking in!  And all the way up to 9!  Their contest was a little on the odd side as it was played 4 on 4. Some numbers issues due to fathers day was the culprit for that. Either way Team Holzman got their first 15 points of the season.  For the High schoolers reading this… When you get a chance talk to Team Captain Andrew “cousin to Danny” Holzman about what is going on at Nova HP.  That place is pretty cool and probably has something for you.  Also a league sponsor coincidentally :). Ryan “no way I would pronounce your last name correctly” Murnighan had 22 and Alec “silky” Wise added 20 of his own in the win.

10) Team Watts (Vertutti’s) – Currently tied for 6th with 15 points (Last Week: 5) – This team is the highest ranked squad that actually lost in week 2.  I have no doubt they will be bounce back in the next few weeks.  They played a tough Team Gambino squad and without their Captain Mack “Attack” Watts who was out sick.  Connor “DA: Deerfield Assassin” Shields continued his onslaught netting 31.  Brought his avg. down to 31.5 on the season which stinks..  I know he would have traded everyone of those points though to get the W.

11) Team Levin (Tamales) – Currently tied for 6th with 15 points (Last Week: NR) – The youngest crew to net a victory in All Sports Series this Summer is Team Levin.  And might I add that they have done it much earlier then some may have expected.  The three Headed Monster of Captain Jeremy “will you get a twitter so someone on your team has one?” Levin, Jack “Hoosiers” O’Keefe and Tommy “the Gunn” Sutker were lights out.  Levin had 20, O’Keefe had 22 and Sutker had 27.  They looked really good.  I also have it on a good authority that Hoops isn’t their best sport. Not sure if these kids are the type to toot their own horn, but I think they have a run in them even if they aren’t so sure..

12) Team Maione (Leonard’s Towing/John’s Garage) – Currently tied for 6th with 15 points (Last Week: 7)Losses are going to happen and most of these guys have been in All Sports Series before and understand that. The key is to not fall into losing streaks. They have some solid volleyballers and I think the Team Maione could come out of their group next week which would get them right back to their winning ways. They have shown enough to stay in the rankings at #12. Captain Frank “my favorite” Maione had 17 in the loss..

Rest of the Pack (alphabetical order):

A quick note I’d like to point out.. There are 7 teams that are winless on the year. At least 3 of those teams HAVE to make the playoffs. Even more than that can make the playoffs. By no means has anything been settled.. so gear up for week 3 volleball.

Team Annenberg (Once Upon) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – Dean “thanks for bringing your brother, good to see you Matt” Baba had 23. The baglers are still searching for their first points going into the volleyball tourney.

Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel Warehouse) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – These guys gotta figure out a way to not fall into early holes. They are a talented bunch and if they can come out of the gates a little faster during games they can make an impact. Can I suggest pre-game team sprint drills?

Team Greco (Student Valet) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – Team Greco was served their 2nd loss but I think alot of it had to do with the holiday and losing some key guys because of it. They are going to get Ws and they are going to be in the playoffs. Mark my words.

Team Harris (Norton’s) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – Another team dealt a brutal schedule to open. They have had some gauntlet the first few weeks and it wont get easier with Team Levine in football coming up in 2 weeks. However I think I can say after the two basketball games I’ve seen this team play.. they are good enough to go really really far in the playoffs. Out of all the teams that are still at 0 points, they are my pick to go the farthest..

Team Karis (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – Trevor “you have a nice jumper” Biebrach had 13 in the loss.  They are still trying to find themselves. I think the teams early in the schedule will be happy to have played them early, because they will get some Ws at the end of the season.

Team Kirsch (Crescent Movers) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – Another bye week team.  They have that double header coming up in a few weeks so they have a larger points possible than many other teams out there.

Team Rubin (Bob’s Deli) – Currently tied for 6th with 15 points (Last Week: 8) Team Rubin was dealt their first loss on Sunday. Again, another squad that was hindered by the holiday/Spring Awakening concert.  They have some very good athletes on this team and I think they can be back in the top 12 by next week.

Team Valvassori (The Alley) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – The final bye week team. Hope they got some rest for Week 3 Volleyball.

Well that does it for the Week 2 Rankings. If your still reading, go back to work!  The Gift of Life Walk for the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois is this Sunday June 24th at Soldier Field from 9-Noon. There is also a 5k portion.

If you have any interest in attending please let me know and I can get you a lot more info. It’s going to be a great event with close to 2,000 people!

Thanks for reading! See ya on Sunday Afternoon for Week 3 Volleyball Tourney!

– Holden