2012 Suburbs Week 3 Volleyball Tourney

Updated: June 29, 2012

June 24-27 Video

Suburbs Leaguers you are now 3 weeks in to the league.. Time sure flies over the Summer. Check out the Week 3 Video Above. As you all know this week was the Volleyball Tourney.. Before I get into the details of the tourney and the new rankings I would like to just thank everyone who helped with the Gift of Life Walk for the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois on Sunday Morning.  While nothing is final the numbers are looking like we will set records in both attendance and money raised which are both amazing!

Back to the Volleyball Tourney.. It was a day of teams led by brothers.. and if you didnt have a set of them the odds are you didnt fair all that well.. There were Temples and Amanis and Matasars.. Oh My.. (think lions and tigers and bears.. are you still with me) anyways..  On to the Week 3 Rankings we go..

1) Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) – Currently 1st with 48 points (Last Week: 5) – The 2012 Volleyball Tourney Runners-Up exits Week 3 as the Number 1 team in the Suburbs.  They have won both of their Hoops games and made it all the way to the final match on Sunday Afternoon.  Colin “here comes the Boom” Rice and David “seems like he can always keep the ball up” Spreckman were a forced to be reckoned with.  I admit that I did not know too much about these guys coming into the league but it seems as if they have an extremely well rounded squad capable of beating anyone in anything.. Certainly they deserve the Number 1 spot…

2) Team Greco (Student Valet) – Currently in 3rd with 32 points (Last Week: NR) – So last week they were out of the Rankings as one of the teams that were still searching for their first point.  What a difference a week makes.  They simply ran through the volleyball tournament! I mean they took it and ran like someone was chasing them.  Led by Chris and Matt “Twins of course” Temple. They were just dominant.  I was legit nervous a spike was going to catch someone in the face and have a Meet the Parents moment on our hands.  I think is for everyone’s sake when I tell you this.. a) be happy volleyball is over, b) I think this team is going to be real strong in softball and football.. which means you better catch them in the first round of the playoffs in hoops or it might be too late.  Next week they have aRivals game with Team Wilneff (Illini Tower). I’m calling in the National Guard for that one.

3) Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently in 2nd with 37 points (Last Week: 6) –  Another solid performance from a relative unknown coming into the season.  This team has impressed me throughout the first 3 weeks. They were 2-0 in their hoops contest and had a really impressive 3rd place finish in the volleyball tournament which sprung them up the Standings.  Mayhar “not worth trying to spell the whole last name” Amani put on a show for much of the day along with his brother Maysem.  Once it got down to the final four on sunday there was a ton of talent and it was incredibly fun to watch.   I think they could be apart of a sleeper pick for best game of the week next week with Team Goldin (Menchie’s).

4) Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too) – Currently tied for 4th with 30 points (Last Week: 1) – So the #1 team from the first few weeks took a little hit this week.  They couldnt quite make it into the Knockout Rounds after dropping a play-in game to eventual Runners-Up Team Berzon.  I expect them to be out in full force for flag football next Sunday. With their clearly great hoops squad this is still one of the teams you dont want to face in the early rounds of the playoffs.  Next week they face fellow HPers Team Levin (Tamales).

5) Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently tied for 4th with 30 points (Last Week: 2) – This Murder’s Row line-up has not exactly dominated as many (including myself) anticipated early on.  However they still managed to get 2 shorthanded hoops victories in the first 2 weeks and are right where they need to be entering Week 4.  In the volleyball tourney they wound up in what served to be the group of death – they had two final four teams in their group – Abramson and Berzon and just couldnt quite matchup.   This group boasts one of the finest WR core in the history of All Sports Series as Tellef “alley-oop” Lundevall, Jordan “will go over the middle” Multack and Mikey “Wes” Weisberg.  Josh “Qb1” Berman ain’t bad slingin it either.. Team Harris you have quite a task ahead of you..

6) Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) -Currently in 7th with 22 points (Last Week: 3) – Remember my theory that good teams win even when they don’t play well.  I have another theory.. Good teams win even when they are not playing their best sport.. If you asked all of the Rhumers what there #1 sport was.. I don’t think that any of them would say volleyball. However they did enough to go 3-0 in group play and earn themselves a big 7 points.  I know for a fact they have many weapons on the football field as they put up big numbers in 2011.  Watch out for Adam “Night Cap with some” Rhum at QB.

t- 7) Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) & Team Goldin (Menchie’s) – Currently tied for 8th with 18 points (Last Week: t-7) – I know what your thinking.. But this is NOT a copy and paste from last week’s Rankings! It just so happens that these two teams were tied in the rankings last week and then basically mirrored each other during this Sunday’s tourney.  Both did just enough to claim a wild card spot and earn 3 points.. However neither did enough to actually move up the rankings.  Some Super Duper Footballers are on these squads.  Keep an eye out on Danny “DHS Track Alum” Goldin and Brian “sub for Korny” Wilneff – both coincidentally are the Captains.  Once again there is a Rivals game next week between Team Wilneff against their former teammatesand fast rising Team Greco. Remember both Team Goldin and Team Wilneff have double headers on July 8 and can really move up the rankings then!

9) Team Holzman (Nova-HP) -Currently tied for 8th with 18 points (Last Week: 9) – Not many of the teams in the league know too much about team Holzman who origins from Nova in downtown HP (again go check them out if you are a high schooler!). This squad is gaining momentum with their win in week 2 and wild card spot in week 3.  They were even joined by Captain Andrew “Welcome!” Holzman this week! I can’t speak of their flag football skills but based on what I have seen the last two weeks I expect big things!

10) Team Harris (Norton’s) – Currently in 15 with 12 points (Last Week: NR) – I’m absolutely positive this team is more talented than the 12 points they have in the Standings.  They finally showed their stuff this week in volleyball.  They played the whole tourney with just 5 guys and still managed to make the 3rd place game! Just incredible!  Led by Jono and Mikey “I wish Scott could have seen you guys” Matasar, the Harris’ clan was something to see.  I mean just spike after spike after spike.  Must See TV.  They’ll be in the video that’s for sure. Oh and for those that are scratching their head because they are in the Rankings ahead of many of the 15 point teams.. Well I think getting to the final four of a 20 team tourney just a tad more impressive than the one hoops victory that all of these teams possess..

t- 11) Team Levin (Tamales), Team Maione (John’s Garage/ Leonard’s Towing), Team Watts (Vertutti’s), Team Rubin (Bob’s Deli) – Currently tied for 11th with 15 points (Last Week: well sort of all over the board its 4 teams.. common) – All of these squads have had parallel seasons so far and I feel like they each deserve to still be ranked.. Each team has gone 1-1 hoops while showing great promise but still not managing to get 2 wins.  None of the teams could get enough wins to advance into the Knockout Rounds and that has led us here… Teams Watts and Rubin will play teams below them in the Standings and Teams Maione and Levin play teams ahead of them.. Next week will surely serve as a separator for these 4 teams.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical):

Team Annenberg (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently in 16th place with 7 points (Last Week: NR) – Welp.  If the playoffs began today… Team Annenberg would be the final team in the Dance.  Which kinda sorta puts a bulls-eye on them from the teams behind the in the Standings.  But you know what I think these guys can handle that.  Dean “on the ballot for Most Improved in 2012” Baba has been really great this Summer and I think these guys have what it takes to grab one of those playoff spots. Yes its still a month out but we all always have our eyes on the playoffs.

Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel Warehouse) – Currently tied for 17th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – Ok so they did not get that lucky in terms of draws.  They had Team Harris (Norton’s) in their group as well as wild card Team Wilneff (Illini Tower).  Of course schedule matters as everyone knows in All Sports Series.  This squad had bad luck last week facing the Hoops Power Team Mordini.  They are going to get a W sooner rather than later though.  They will.

Team Karis (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 17th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – They managed their first W in All Sports Series during the tourney but didnt get the second one that they needed to get into the Knockout Rounds.  There is still tons of time for them to turn it around.  Football very well could be their sport.

Team Kirsch (Crescent Movers) – Currently tied for 17th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – Let’s look at the positives here! Volleyball might not be there sport.. But they got closer to winning as each game went on. I also don’t think anyone has as much fun out there as The Kirsch Krew. I’m rooting for them.  Plain and Simple.

Team Valvassori (The Alley) – Currently tied for 17th with 0 points (Last Week: NR) – I really think these guys are only down here because of their week 2 bye. They will not be pointless for long.  They have 3 games in the next two weeks and I fully expect them to be in the middle of the pack by then.


Thanks for reading. Enjoy the weekend! See ya Sunday afternoon at Danny Cuniff for Flag Football.

– Holden