2012 Suburbs Week 6 Softball

Updated: July 20, 2012

Week 6 Video

Week 6 Video is above.. So 6 weeks down and 1 left to go in the Regular Season.. The Rankings are going to be a little bit different today.. Instead of giving Rankings I’m just going to go down the line with the Standings and give everyone their Playoff Scenarios.. That way you know who you need to root for on Sunday..

Let’s get to the Playoff Scenarios..

1) Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) – Currently in 1st with 108 points

2) Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently in 2nd with 102 points

For both of these teams the situations are the same.  They both got Ws last Sunday in Softball and in doing so kept them both in great spots for the Top 2 Game.  Just a reminder, the teams who finish 1st and 2nd in the Regular Season will play each other in the opening round of the Playoffs (at the end of the day). The winner will get to select which side of the bracket they want to play on for the remainder of the Playoffs.  In other words you get a bye and a chance to really control your fate. It’s a huge perk!  On Sunday they were both impressive just in different ways: Team Berzon won by 19 behind a stellar performance from Michael “Going, Going, Gone” Glink who had 2 HRs and 7 RBI on the day.  Team Abramson on the other hand had a hard fought victory over another top 5 team – Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS).  Logan “clutch” Beinlich had a key RBI in the victory.  Playoff Scenario: The best part of next week for these 2 squads is that next Sunday they play each other in Flag Football! Could be a Championship Preview?? Anyways for the Winner – they will receive a bid into the Top 2 game.. For the Loser, they can still get into the Top 2 Game but will need a loss from Team Levine (Sarkis).

3) Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently in 3rd with 90 points -Playoff Scenario:With a Win next Sunday against Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) they will be right where they thought they’d be before the season started.. Grabbing a 1st Rd. Bye with a chance to control their fate.  Of course a little luck is on their side because if Teams Berzon and Abramson didnt have to face each other they’d need some help.. However, Scheduling is key and it helped these guys.   Last Sunday Jason “Bachelors in Thuganomics” Stein sent the crowd home happy with a 3 run shot that gave them a Slaughter Rule win.  That’s the type of momentum they need going into the all important Week 7.

t- 4) Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) & Team Holzman (Nova-HP)  – Currently tied for 4th with 78 points – Both teams got solid Ws in Week 6.  Team Holzman was helped out by Jeremy “Giambi” Rosenfeld who had 2 hits and a key RBI in the 4-3 W. Team Wilneff was supported by Anthony “Twan” Maione’s 3 hits and 5 RBI.  I couldnt have planned this any better if I knew what the Standings would be going into Week 7.. Playoff Scenario – These two teams currently tied will do battle this week in Flag Football.. The winner can climb as high as 3rd with a Team Levine Loss but will not finish any lower than 4th.   This is important because the 3rd and 4th seeds will play teams that have already played a game earlier in the day.. Those fresh legs will come in handy in Playoff Hoops.  For the Loser they are still in of course but can fall all the way down to 8th which will drastically change their Playoff Draw.

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6) Team Greco (Student Valet) – Currently in 6th with 72 points – Playoff Scenario – with a win they can climb up to a Top 4 spot. They will need a Team Levine loss to do so.  With a L they can go all the way down to the 10 spot. What we do know is they have qualified for the Playoffs after a Strong W in maybe their best sport – beating Team Watts (Vertutti’s). Brian “wasn’t messing around Sunday” Evans went 4-4 in the W.  Next Week they face Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) in what could be a Playoff Preview.

7) Team Levin (Tamales) – Currently in 7th with 60 points – Playoff Scenario- They can finish any where from 5-12.. Huge difference for them as right now they are ahead of many of the “middle of the pack” teams however, they likely wont be if they can’t pull out their 2nd Flag Football win of the year.  They have Team Valvassori (the Alley) on Sunday and this should be a fun one. Last Sunday Jack “Hoosiers” O’Keefe had a clutch RBI which helped his squad secure the Playoff Spot.

8) Team Goldin (Menchie’s) – Currently in 8th with 58 points – Coming off weeks with consecutive Ws is always a good sign of a team peaking at the right time.. Team Goldin walloped the competition on Sunday and earned some huge points in the Standings.. Alex “Parmo” Parmacek had 2 Dingers to go along with 5 RBI and 4 hits on the afternoon.. Not a bad little Sunday.. This we do know.. They are in the Playoffs. Playoff Scenario – What we don’t know is where they will get seeded.. There is so many possible outcomes for the middle of the Bracket.. With a win and some help they can climb all the way up to a tie for 5th. With a L they could fall to 12.  Obviously a huge range.. They will be facing a team fighting for their Playoff Lives in Team Harris (Norton’s).. Both squads have Football talent and it should be a hard fought game that goes to the wire..

9) Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) – Currently in 9th with 57 points – Playoff Scenario – They find themselves trailing the two teams mentioned above by a measly 3 and 1 points respectively. However, they will still need those 2 squads to lose and a W against Team Greco (Student Valet) to get into the Upper half of the Bracket.. With some help they can climb to 6th which would be great for them. However if they have a hiccup on Sunday they could be facing an uphill battle come the Opening Rounds of the Playoffs.. This past week they fell a little short in Softball but not to any fault of Captain Adam “Malibu” Rhum who had 2 hits and 1 RBI.

t- 10) Team Rubin (Bob’s Deli) and Team Watts (Vertutti’s) – Currently tied for 10th with 50 points – These 2 teams are definitely in as well so they can breathe some sort of a sigh of relief.. However where will they be come the Opening Rounds? Both team suffered Losses last Sunday in a critical point in the Season.. Playoff Scenario – with wins these teams can avoid the Play-In Round where the 13 Seed will play 16 and the 14 will play 15. However, with Losses that might be right where they find themselves.. Next Week Team Rubin will be playing Team Karis (Sunset Foods) who got their first W last year and is still alive in the Playoffs and Team Watts will face a slumping Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too) team fighting to stay in the hunt…

12) Team Maione (Leonard’s Towing / John’s Garage)  – Currently in 12th with 40 points – This is where things get interesting… Playoff Scenario – They have NOT yet clinched a Playoff Berth.. With a win over Team Annenberg (Once Upon a Bagel) they will be in.. With a L, it is possible for enough teams to pass them up and have these guys on the outside looking in.. It would take some horrible luck and honestly I think they have a good chance to get in even with a L but if they want to be sure they need 1 More W.  They got a great performance on the mound from Geoff “flirted with a No-No” Perlman for about half the game.

13) Team Valvassori (the Alley in Highwood) – Currently in 13th with 35 points – Playoff Scenario – Just like Team Maione, with a W they are in.  No Questions asked.. However with a L their playoff hopes could get dicey! They couldnt manage a W in Softball on Sunday when they faced the aforementioned Team Maione. Josiah “the Vet” Kuhn managed to go .500 at the plate however.  They have a slight edge on a bunch of the teams chasing them obviously but with Flag Football being worth 20 points – 3 teams could pass them with a W and a 4th could tie them which would have them on the outside looking in..

t-14) Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) & Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too) – Currently tied for 14th with 30 points – Playoff Scenario –  Since they are tied for 14th and 16 make the Playoffs if they win they are in!  They might even avoid the Play-In round and work their way up to a top 12 Finish if they can get a W..  Both teams have been mirror images this Season.  They both started off with Consecutive Hoops Wins in Weeks 1 and 2 and havent been able to get another W since.. They both have the athletes to get the job done in Flag Football next week.. Matchups ill obviously be key.. Team Gambino has a tough draw with #3 Team Levine and Team Mordini will face Team Watts who also badly need a W.  Tons will be on the line for these guys.

16) Team Karis (Sunset Foods)  – Currently in 16th with 25 points – They got their first W of the season last week winning a thriller against Team Harris.  Matt “Kemp” Rubo drove in a key 2 Runs in the Victory.  Playoff Scenario – They are the last team to be in control of their own fate.. If they win as the #16 they will be in.  They have a tough game ahead of them against Team Rubin (Bob’s Deli) who is ahead of them in the Standings.. With a win they may leapfrog a few teams and get a better seed then the final spot, however if they fall there are teams behind them looking for a shot to jump over them.

17) Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) – Currently in 17th with 15 points – Not their best game this Sunday as they lost to the veteran Team Goldin squad in Softball.. Ryan “Braun” Maksimovic did go 2 for 3 from the plate however.Playoff Scenario- They do not control their own fate. They play Team Kirsch (Crescent Movers) who are still searching for their first W going into next week.  So what they need is a W and a Loss from any of the following teams: Gambino, Mordini or Karis.. That will ensure them a spot.  However, they have to take care of their own business for any of that to matter.. They have the skills to get it done.. Time will tell.

t-18) Team Annenberg (Once Upon a Bagel) and Team Harris (Norton’s) – Currently tied for 18th with 7 points – Both suffered Ls in Week 6.  However that is all behind them as is the rest of the Regular Season. Both teams would agree they have underachieved but they are NOT out yet! Playoff Scenario – For either of these teams to get in they must Win & Both Teams Karis and Gordon need to Lose.  Flag Football is worth 20 and both those teams are within 20 points.  Team Annenberg will play Team Maione (Leonard’s Towing) and Team Harris faces off with Team Goldin.  No easy feat.  I can say this both of those games will be extremely well played. I don’t what the future holds for each of these squads but I feel like the other teams would be happy to see their names left off the Bracket come this time next week!

20) Team Kirsch (Crescent Movers) Currently in 20th with 0 points – So it has become sort of “the thing” where the bottom team every year also happens to be the youngest.. Age is a hard thing to work on during the Summer.  You just can’t make up for the experience that the other teams have.. This team has athletes and I think in future renditions of All Sports Series they can/will be the teams that are putting the hurt on the young guns.. Until then they continue to have a good time and just try to soak up as much experience as possible..


That’s it for me.. I’ll see you guys next week at Danny Cunniff.  It’s more or less the Playoffs for some of you and I am excited to see what happens.

– Holden