2012 Suburbs Week 7 Flag Football – Playoff Preview

Updated: July 26, 2012

Week 7 Video

Week 7 Video is above. Take a look.  The Regular Season is now in our rear view mirror and we have Playoff Match-ups set.  I’m not going to do a Rankings this week as the Playoff games will serve as such.. I’m going to simply go down the line previewing the matchups and try to provide a little insight on what is to come in the next few weeks.

Before I start, please go look at the schedule for the league at Suburbs Schedule. There has been some changes to the Playoff Schedule due to Lolla next Sunday.  The Elite 8 will be played on Tuesday Night July 31 at West Ridge Park and the Final 4 and Final will be played on Thursday Night Aug. 2 at West Ridge Park and then Danny Cunniff Park (Championship Football).

Here are the Final Standings:

Team (# = playoff seed)
Points (Points Behind Leader) -x = eliminated from playoffs
1. Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels)122 (0)
2. Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance)108 (14)
3. Team Wilneff (Illini Tower)98 (24)
4. Team Greco (Student Valet)92 (30)
5. Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe)90 (32)
6. Team Levin (Tamales)80 (42)
7. Team Goldin (Menchie's) - Wins Tiebreaker from head to head Week 1 W.78 (44)
8. Team Holzman (Nova-HP) -
Loses Tiebreaker from head to head Week 1 L.
78 (44)
9. Team Rubin (Bob's Deli)70 (52)
10. Team Maione (Leonard's Towing/John's Garage)60 (62)
11. Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS)57 (65)
12. Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too) - Wins 3-Team Tiebreaker, (1-0 Head to Head, 3-4 Overall Record, 365 pts against for Strength of Schedule) 50 (72)
13. Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) - Gets 2nd in 3 Team Tiebreaker (1-0 Head to Head, 3-4 Overall Record, 358 pts against for Strength of Schedule) 50 (72)
14. Team Watts (Vertutti's) - Loses 3-Team Tiebreaker (0-2 Head to Head)50 (72)
15. Team Valvassori (the Alley)35 (73)
16. Team Karis (Sunset Foods)25 (97)
Team Kirsch (Crescent Movers)20 (102)-x
Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) 15 (107)-x
Team Harris (Norton's)7 (115)-x
Team Annenberg (Once Upon)7 (115)-x

Anyways lets get to the preview shall we..

1. Team Abramson (Carriage Hill Kennels) – 122 pts v. 2. Team Berzon (Stuart Levin & Associates Insurance) – 108 pts –  So for those of you who only read your individual teams wrap-up but are now tuning into everyone because its Playoff time allow me to set the stage for what’s going on.. The Top 2 teams which are Team Abramson and Team Berzon will play next Sunday in Hoops.  Each team has a bye of sorts to the Elite 8 Softball Round.  The winner from next Sunday’s game is allowed to pick which side of the bracket they would like to be on for the Remainder of the Playoffs.   So basically there is a ton at stake on Sunday during this game not just for these 2 teams but for every team that advances to the Elite 8.  The winning teams decision will be made at the end of Sunday Night’s Games.  Now getting back to the actual teams here.. These two squads faced off this past Sunday in Flag Football as well.  Team Abramson eeked out a win to pass the then #1 Team Berzon squad.  Captain Dan “QB” Abramson scampered in for a score which helped his team tremendously.  At the time it looked as if Team Berzon would miss the Top 2 Game altogether however, some upsets later in the day allowed them to sneak back in even with the L.  Next week’s Hoops game will help set the stage for the remainder of the Playoffs.  I cant wait.

 13. Team Gambino (Atomic Transport) – 50 pts v. 16. Team Karis (Sunset Foods) – 25 pts –
The good news for both teams is that they are in the Playoffs.  That’s one goal checked off of the list.. However, they have a long road ahead of them if they are going to take the whole thing. In fact, they’d have to role out 5 straight wins (2 Hoops, 2 Softball and a Flag Football) to grab the Title.  The winner of their Hoops game on Sunday will play the #4 Seed Team Greco (Student Valet) later in the day on Sunday.  The loser of course will see their season end.  These teams come into the Playoffs in extremely different manners.  Team Karis fell in a tough game against Team Rubin (Bob’s Deli) on Sunday.. Trevor “wears his hat forwards during football?” Biebrach completed 2 TD passes though.. Meanwhile later in the day Team Gambino stunned the All Sports Series world and took down Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe)! It was Team Levine’s first loss in a Regular Season Team Sport in their 2 seasons in the League.  Jeremy “Matt Stafford” Scheck hurled 5 TD strikes in the W.  Team Gambino’s victory pulled them into a tie with 2 other teams with 50 points.  They defeated Team Watts so finished ahead of them but after several tiebreakers it came down to strength of schedule and Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi) just edged them out.  (Mordini’s opponents had 365 pts on the season while Team Gambino’s had 358). That was enough to keep Team Gambino in the Play-In Round.  As far as Hoops goes both teams have solid squads and it should be a great game.

14. Team Watts (Vertutti’s) – 50 pts v. 15. Team Valvassori – (the Alley) – 35 pts –
Both teams suffered Ls in the final weak and thus backed their way IN.. However they are IN and now that’s all that matters.. The winner will go on to face #3 Seed Team Wilneff later in the day on Sunday.  Team Watts QB Brad “Johnson” Holway finished 2 Flag Football games with a total of 8 TDs which is pretty impressive stuff.  Team Valvassori QB Dillon “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy” Rudy showed off his speed and ran in for 2 scores last Sunday.  Team Watts finished in a tie with 2 other teams with 50 points but due to head to head losses to both teams they fell into the #14 seed.  As far as Hoops goes, Team Watts had more Ws during the Regular Season but its impossible to predict what will happen on Sunday when these two teams meet.  I do expect a stellar performance out of Connor “Dunks” Shields.. Hydrate with some Greater Than before Sunday.. 1 of you will be playing twice!

3. Team Wilneff (Illini Tower) – 98 pts

4. Team Greco (Student Valet) – 92 pts

Both teams finished the season on extremely impressive notes. They both also await the Winners of the two Play-In games to see who they will face in their Opening Round games.  It’s extremely fitting that these two teams who have been linked for some time are more or less in the same situation.. Just to remind others, they were 1 team last year and were successful. Team Greco decided to branch off and clearly it has not had ill effects on either squad.  Unforunately for Team Greco, Captain Morris “team leader” Greco had a bad knee injury on Sunday and will likely be out for the rest of the Summer.  His team rebounded without him on Sunday, however, using his injury as a rallying cry.. Ben “new QB” Detzner hurled 2 TDs to Brian “nice gloves” Evans and Danny “one of the nicest guys in the league” Greenhill for scores to defeat Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) on Sunday.  Team Wilneff was helped immensely from Anthony “Twan” Maione who had 3 TD passes.. 2 of which were caught by Connor “blazing” Nass.  These two squads are built for long Playoff runs and when it’s all said and done one of them maybe be the last one standing.

 5. Team Levine (Sarkis Cafe) – 90 pts v. 12. Team Mordini (Sushi Kushi Too) – 50 pts – First lets the stage how both teams got here.. Team Levine entered Week 7 in 3rd and was in place to get into the Top 2 game with a W.. However, that just didnt come to be and with the L on Sunday they dropped down to 5th after getting passed by a couple of teams… Team Mordini pulled out a big W against Team Watts (Vertutti’s) on Sunday behind Captain Max “Moon” Mordini who accounted for 5 scores.  With that win Team Mordini pulled into a tie with 2 other teams (Watts and Gambino).  Due to several tie breakers ended up being seeded above those other 2 teams and missing the Play-In round which is obviously a great thing..BUT! The But is, Team Levine, no matter what seed they have, is a legit Favorite to win the whole darn thing..  Team Mordini was a basketball power the first couple weeks and this is shaping up to be the game of Opening Round.  Team Levine was last year’s Runners-Up and has been counting down the days until the Playoffs to take their frustrations out on any team in their way.. Sunday it all comes to a head..

6. Team Levin (Tamales) – 80 pts v. 11. Team Rhum (Dr. Jacob DDS) – 57 pts – When March Madness rolls around people always take a couple 12s or 11s.. It’s the hip thing to do.. I think if this match-up was on a bracket several people would fill it out with the 11 seed advancing.. Team Rhum did not have a fantastic regular season in terms of points in the Standings.. However, 2 games (35 points worth in the Standings) came down to some Ref Judgment calls that didnt go in their favor. I’m not making excuses for them I’m just saying they easily could have been a Top 4 seed. Also, last season they were a Final 4 squad and they deserve some respect for last year’s run.. Now this season the #6 seed is the upstart Team Levin. The Highest Ranked High School squad of the bunch.  They are that feisty mid-major that no one was watching but that somehow got 30 Ws before their conference tournament in February.. Ok enough with the March Madness analogies.. Team Levin won a lot of games, including last Sunday in Football, and deserve their high ranking..  Both teams are capable of making deep runs in the Playoffs.. However, to do so they will need to get out of the Opening Round.. Keep an eye out on Sunday for Captain Adam “splash” Rhum and Jumpin Jack O’Keefe.. Both like to fill it up in Hoops. Good luck to both squads.

7. Team Goldin (Menchie’s) – 78 pts v. 10. Team Maione (Leonard’s Towing/John’s Garage) – 60 pts – Ahh the 7/10 game.. More or less a toss up.. Team Goldin got the #7 spot from a head to head tiebreaker with Team Holzman..  Team Maione is coming into the Playoffs off the heels of 2 straight Ws.  On Sunday Cody “Rhodes” Pantle threw 4 TDs and ran for another to help his team get a much needed victory.  Jared “find the zone” Cohen caught 2 of those TDs.  Team Goldin was led by Zach “arm is so” Fine with 2 TD strikes of his own.  Both of these teams have looked impressive on the Bball court.. Team Goldin has gotten into a habit of falling behind early and the finishing like rabid dogs to come back and grab Ws.  They will want to start like they normally finish this week as.. I do think either one of these teams could go on into softball and do some damage. Both actually proved to be 2 of the better softball teams around in Week 6. However, they stand in each other’s way.. Should be another good game on Sunday.

8. Team Holzman (Nova-HP) – 78 pts v. 9. Team Rubin (Bob’s Deli) – 70 pts –
The winner of this game will go on and play one of the Top 2 Teams in the Elite 8. Before they can worry about that, they of course will need to get past one another. Team Holzman lost a head to head tiebreaker to Team Goldin which dropped them to the #8 seed.  Team Rubin comes into the Playoffs on a screaming tear!  They won huge on Sunday, behind the excellent effort of Captain Cameron “Newton” Rubin and his 7 TD tosses. 7! 7!!!  At times Team Holzman has locked like a powerhouse and that team is still in there somewhere.. It’s going to be interesting to see who wins this one and how/if it will impact the decision on the winner of the Top 2 Game.

That’s it for the Playoff Preview.. I’ll have an in-depth recap of the Playoff games next week as well as an Elite 8 Preview for you. Again please check the Schedule (Link above!)

See ya Sunday!

– Holden