2013-14 Hoops – Week 1 (Oct. 13, 2013)

Updated: October 17, 2013

The marathon known as All Sports Hoops has officially begun!  This League has been a long time coming and we are very excited to get it underway.. For first time Participants in All Sports Series.. This is how the Wrap-Up works — each week there will be a Power Rankings that chronicles the past week’s games and also provides a bit of a sneak peak into the following week’s games.  One thing to note, I write about all of the games using a statistical review; I do not see nearly enough of the games to have a decent opinion as to what is going on (or if a team is really the 6th or 7th bet team exiting a given week)..   There will also be a link to the Weekly Video Highlights (just click) in the Wrap-Up each week.   I think that’s enough in terms of set-up, let’s get to the Power Rankings!

Power Rankings 

1. Team Lalez (Highland Pop) – 1-0, tied for 1st in Eastern Conference

It’s fitting to start with Team Lalez in the first ever All Sports Hoops wrap-up.  This crew has flown under many names in the past few years, but the core group has stayed the same and they are truly the premier Franchise in the All Sports Series world.  In four Summers, they have two championships (2010 and 2012), a 2nd place and a final four trip as well.  They are known around certain parts as “the Dynasty” and for great reason.  However, they didn’t earn the #1 Spot in the Power Rankings because of past accolades they did so by looking fantastic on the court on Sunday Night.  It’s hard to single out one or even just two of these guys as Opening Night showed off a 9-man DEEP rotation where everyone can ball — but I’ll try —  David “D.D.S.” Gershenzon led the way in scoring going 11 of 14 from the field and had 26 points. Eytan “dream shake” Azaria had 12 points and 8 boards as well.  Captain Benny “the jet” Lalez has a front-runner on his hands — which is exactly what these guys are used to.

2. Team Maione (B. Weinstein Associates) – 1-0, tied for 1st in Western Conference

The 2013 All Sports Series Chicago Men’s Summer League Champs picked up right where they left off in August.. with an impressive victory over a team that I think will be there in the end – Team Goldin.  This was actually a rematch of this Summer’s Championship Game as many of Team Goldin’s players flew under the Team Hadelman flag who finished 2nd this Summer.  Both teams have excellent talent which made for the best Week 1 Game to watch.  Captain Anthony “twan” Maione doesn’t have the largest team in the League but what they lack in size they more than make up for in skill.  These guys can get to the lane and stroke it from 3 like no other team in the League.  Team Maione earned their hard-fought 4 point win.  Josh “@Jbart20” Bartelstein went for 23 on opening night and Brad “his 3ball was on target in the 2nd half” Deutsch had 21 as well. Bradley added 8 boards and 6 assists on the night.. Finally Chris “copy/paste” Wroblewski had 18 points on only 15 shots.. Great efficiency there.  These guys are going to be at or near the top throughout the Season.. Sunday Night showed they will surely be in for some battles along the way though.

3. Team Eilian (Crystal Lake Jeep) – 1-0, tied for 1st in Eastern Conference

New to the All Sports Series Leagues — Team Eilian had a very impressive opening night!  Coming in at #3 in their very first Power Rankings is nothing to write off either. These guys should only improve from their opening night performance. They have size. Lots of it. Every team in the League will have a problem keeping them off the glass.. As a team they got over 90 points (92), enough for most points scored in Week 1 and Erik “Most points of any player in Week 1” Rosen had 36 points (9 more points than any other single player in the whole league on Sunday). David “wait did I say dream shake already?” Hakimi had a Double Double with 20 points and 10 boards..  Keep your eyes on these guys.

4. Team Kozin (SLA Insurance) – 1-0, tied for 1st in Western Conference

Coming into Week 1, I figured that Team Kozin would need a few weeks to gel.. They were assembled on the fly and are comprised of players who just wanted to play in All Sports Hoops.  What we wound up with is a group with a lot of different skilled players.  They did not waste any time filling up the cup.. Winning in Week 1 over the gamely Team Harmelech squad. Captain Jason “stop on a dime” Kozin went 7 of 11 from the field and lead the way for his crew with 15 points.  They really seemed to work well together and I’d think they have the most room to improve over the Season’s first month as they are just getting to know each others’ games..  Things are looking bright for Team Kozin.

5. Team Bauer (Jam ‘n Honey) – 1-0, tied for 1st in Western Conference

Team Bauer is comprised of many All Sports Series vets.  Many have played in the Chicago Men’s League (having had success under the Team Cohen banner) as well as taking part in the Chicago Co-Ed League..  Many of you are probably thinking, mehh, co-ed league what does that have to do with All Sports Hoops?  Well this is the group of guys who are the only ones to have ever won Back to Back Championships in any All Sports Series Leagues.  They are the reigning defending 2012 and 2013 Chicago Co-ed League Champs and as evidenced Sunday Night — they can play.  Captain Jeremy “you want to play with him and hate to play against him” Bauer has assembled a fearless bunch that might not seem like the most physically imposing crew at first glance, but they will bring the fight to you.. Jabarri “welcome!” Reynolds had 24 points and 13 Rebounds on opening night for his club.  Ian “welcome to you as well!” Shaffer with a 24 point output of his own.  Word to the wise.. Don’t count your chickens with Team Bauer.

6. Team Holzman (Groupon) – 1-0, tied for 1st in the Western Conference

So one of the Teams that got a W had to be ranked #6 this week and just so you know I’m not playing any favorites, that Team is Team Holzman.. Brief moment of transparency — Captain Andrew “Holzy” Holzman is THE Guy for the All Sports Series Madison League.  He is the guy on site each and every Monday Night making sure all of the action is happening in the right ways!  So that being said, no favorites for the All Sports Series team member..  His crew definitely looked good though!   Adam “Butterstroke” Butterfield had 26 points and seemingly couldn’t miss from behind the arc.  It’s hard to guard a guy who is 6’2″ and can shoot like he can. Captain Andrew led the way in scrappiness as he had 7 boards on the night.  I think these guys can be a sleeper for the whole thing as long as they get a deeper bench. Playing with 5 or 6 guys is not a sustainable method of success in All Sports Hoops..

7. Team Goldin (Sanders Court Pediatrics) – 0-1, tied for 5th in the Western Conference

Some of the avid Power Rankings readers might recall that over the Summer I always like the chances of the Team that I thought lost Week 1’s best game.. The reason being is that usually in Week 1 two of the top X amount of teams will face-off and while the Winner leaves feeling happy.. The Loser leaves feeling hungry.  Again going back to the Summer League for a second.. Team Maione, eventual champs, lost Week 1 and it was in the Week 1 Power Rankings I said they were my pick to rise up the Rankings and be there at the end.  Team Goldin you officially have that stamp.  Yes, dropped their first game on Sunday Night but I think far and away they played in what should be considered Week 1’s best game.  These guys can play with and beat anyone in the League.  They also now have this Week 1 Loss to look back on and make sure they don’t get too complacent. The beauty of All Sports Hoops is not only will Team Goldin have several (I mean several) games to redeem themselves but they’ll even get a rematch down the line in 2014 with Team Maione.. Can’t wait for that!  Alex “get out of his way” Filin went for 26 points while Captain Danny “DGold” Goldin went for 11 points and added 5 boards.  This was a long paragraph.

8. Team Harmelech (iShot) – 0-1, tied for 3rd in the Eastern Conference

Much of the what was just said about Team Goldin could appear here for Team Harmelech except Team Goldin just has a significant more amount of size.  Team Harmelech can play and they are no stranger to the All Sports Series universe.  Captain Sam  “good to see him back on the court” Harmelech has as talented of a group as any.. The question for them all season will be if they want to defend or not.  Mike “Old” Maione went for 14 points and 11 rebs.. Expect that point total to rise once he gets a feel back for his baby hook.  If these guys were the ones holding the Crown at the end of the Season it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.. That is saying something since we are now 8 Teams into the Power Rankings.  The League is extremely deep gentleman.  Get Ready.

Rest of the Pack – Alphabetical Order – all at 0-1

Team Apuli – Western Conference  – These guys were back and forth all game long with Team Holzman.. So much so that we had a bit of a score board confusion with all of the ties.. In the end they dropped Week 1 but I know that they were missing a key part (or two) from their Starting Line-up — these guys are definitely going to improve and that is scary for the rest of the League. Eduardo “Lightning” Tellez had 26 points most of which came in the 2nd half!

Team Schwartz – Eastern Conference – Another case of being a little shorthanded.. Having no bench in a League like this where people are trying to get out and run just makes winning a near impossibility.  What is encouraging for Team Schwartz is they have the necessary hustle and glue guys like Captain Matt “to the whistle” Schwartz and Craig “Rodman” Samsky who is leading the League in Rebounding with 15 after Week 1.  Big Thanks to leading scorer Jon “Young” Sider who had 23 points and supplied the Greater Than (@DrinkGT) which kept everyone hydrated all night long!

Team Shamberg – Eastern Conference – See above about the 5-man rotation.. The calvary will arrive however and this crew has some scorers.  Brett “I can’t remember what Wiz nicknamed you” Kaplan went off for 22 in Week 1. Captain Eric “Shamwow” Shamberg will have these guys ready to leap into the Power Rankings by this time next week.

Team Zimmerman – Eastern Conference  – Eugene “Stat Stuffer” Connor had 27 points on only 20 shots for these guys — something that I think many teams would love to have.  Max “he’s tall” Boton had 18 points and added 9 boards.  What I’m trying to say is Captain Jack “sparrow” Zimmerman has pieces that his squad will build around in the coming weeks. I don’t think their schedule helped them much in Week 1 since they were up against now #1 Team Lalez.  We will be hearing from these guys and I bet they jump into the Power Rankings in the next couple of weeks.

That’s it for the Power Rankings this week. I hope you enjoyed reading. Have a great weekend.

– Holden