2013-14 Hoops – Week 2 (Oct. 20)

Updated: October 24, 2013

We are now 2 weeks in to All Sports Hoops and the balance in power keeps on shifting.  Before we get into the Power Rankings for this week, here is the Weekly Highlight Video!

Power Rankings

1. Team Lalez (Highland Pop) – 2-0, 1st in Eastern Conference

If anyone had any doubts that Team Lalez should be #1 (I don’t think anyone did) then Week 2 all but debunked those doubters.  For the second consecutive week “the Dynasty” has proven why they are the Premier Franchise in the All Sports Series Universe.  The key for them is their unrivaled depth… Not only is it huge for when 1 or 2 guys are having an off night but it also prevents the Defense from really keying in 1 or 2 guys as well.  This week Brennan “give me all 3 of these!” Keller was the next man up.. He almost single handedly took the Team Lalez lead from 3 points to 21 in the span of a four minute stretch during the second half.  It was incredible.  I don’t use this term lightly… He was simply en fuego.  Next up is Team Harmelech who has many familiar faces as those two teams have had Playoff battles in past All Sports Series Summer Leagues.

2. Team Kozin (SLA Insurance) – 2-0, 1st in Western Conference

ALLEY OOP. If you haven’t watched the Video Highlights yet.. STOP READING AND GO DO IT!  Seriously.. While Team Lalez is #1 for 2 weeks running, I think I might be most impressed by Team Kozin.  These guys have found a way to seriously gel with one another on the fly and in doing so are one of two un-beatens remaining.  Brief back story, Team Kozin is full of guys who wanted to play in All Sports Hoops but didn’t have a team to play on so we formed this nucleus and now they are sitting at 2-0.  Let me add this as well.. They knocked off a team that many thought was the most-talented (me being one of them) in week 2 – 2013 Summer League Champs – Team Maione.  Matt “nice new shoes to match the jerseys”  Wolk went for 23 on Sunday Night to lead the team in scoring and Joey “I’m too old for this” Halprin nailed a clutch 3 that really sealed the W late in the game.  These guys are for real. Take Notice.

3. Team Goldin (Sanders Court Pediatrics) – 1-1, tied for 2nd in Western Conference

Last Week it was touched on how Team Goldin was one of the more talented groups in the League and that even with the Week 1 L to Team Maione they had nothing to worry about.  Week 2 proved that right. These guys can score.  They are big and fast.  They are hard to score one.  That is pretty much the equation for winning Hoops games.  “Mighty” Joe Mapes had 22 on Sunday Night and helped his club get onto the right track.  At some point this Season these guys will be Ranked #1 in the Power Rankings.  Book it.

4. Team Schwartz (Stems) – 1-1, tied for 2nd in Eastern Conference 

For those not in the gym on Sunday Night during the Team Schwartz v. Team Shamberg game — you missed out.  These two teams battled for 40 minutes of intense Hoops.  Both teams gave everything they possibly could to prevent an 0-2 start to their Season.. Team Schwartz was playing with a short bench for most of the game (well no bench actually) and actually wound up with just 4 guys for the final 12 minutes or so of the game. Team Shamberg had and held the lead with about 5 minutes to go when Team Schwartz decided to turn it up one final notch.  Playing a 2-2 Zone D, they got out to pressure the ball and speed up the game. They also managed to hit 4 3s in the span of just a few minutes — 3 of which were from the returning Jason “welcome home” Vismantis and the other from Anthony “AB” Bernardi to completely swing the game for good.  These guys just wouldn’t give up and I think that type of fortitude is going to take them a really long way come next March and April (ha that’s far away).

5. Team Harmelech (iShot) – 1-1, tied for 2nd in Western Conference

Team Harmelech got their first W on Sunday Night in large part thanks to some returning cornerstones Zach “doc” Bulwa and Ricky “not a doc” Silverman.   Mike “gets his buckets in the flow of the game while others need to dominate the ball to do so” Maione had 20 points to lead his team in scoring and got those within the flow of the game (If you give me a quotable quote, I will quote it.)  Jordan “Melo” Mellovitz poured in 19 of his own as well in the W.  These guys might not be the biggest team out there and they might not be the most talented — not to say they aren’t talented, because they every guy on the team can win a game for his squad — they just seem to find a way most weeks (drawing back on their All Sports Series history).. The Western Conference is loaded.

6. Team Maione (B. Weinstein Associates) – 1-1, tied for 2nd in Western Conference

Another Western Conference squad is Team Maione.  I sung their praises over and over again last season and for great reason.  They might be the most talented bunch in the field but on Sunday a recipe to defeat them was formed.  They aren’t the biggest bunch and if you bang with them down low there are several buckets and boards to be had.  These guys can shoot from anywhere but as you know if you live by the 3 you can also die by it and an off shooting night will present itself every once in a while.  I have no doubt these guys will rebound quickly and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they rattled off a bunch in a row starting in Week 3. However, we know now for sure that they won’t just have their way with everyone week in and week out. Chris “finished in the lane nicely on Sunday” Wroblewski had 24 pts on 18 shots and Bradley “middle” Deutsch had 18 points on just 14 shots.  These guys will be fine and this should be treated as a minor hiccup on a long journey.

7. Team Eilian (Crystal Lake Jeep) – 1-1, tied for 2nd in Eastern Conference

Team Eilian ran into the buzzsaw known as #1 Team Lalez in Week 2. So no surprise or shame in their drop in the Rankings for Week 2.  These guys were playing Team Lalez tough for the first 25 minutes or so and then Team Lalez just started raining from 3 — hard to stop that.  David “the Dream” Hakimi went for 25 points and is making an early case for All @AllSportsSeries Team Honors.. Still early obviously.  We’ll see if these guys can get back on the right track next week against #4 Team Schwartz.

8.  Team Apuli (Wrigley View Rooftop) – 1-1, tied for 2nd in Western Conference

What a difference a week makes.  At this time last Week, Team Apuli was pretty upset about dropping Week 1 and looking up in the Standings.. However, after this week and a W against Rivals Team Bauer they are flying high.  Captain Justin “floor general” Apuli went 11 of 16 from the field and scored 29 points! 29!!!  He put on a show from 3 and with each one that went in his team gained more and more confidence.  Also, Eduardo “one of the most fun guys in the League to watch” had 22 points and 5 dimes on Sunday Night.  These guys have the right kind of size and necessary 3-point shooting to play with anyone on any night.

Rest of the Pack – Alphabetical Order 
Team Bauer (Jam ‘n Honey) – 1-1, tied for 2nd in Western Conference 
As is the case with many teams who won in Week 1 (there are eight 1-1 teams now) they dropped their Week 2 Game.  They will be back on the winning track soon enough.  With so many competitive teams — no one is going to win each game.
Team Holzman (Groupon) – 1-1, tied for 2nd in Western Conference 
I think their actual playing level is somewhere in between their fantastic showing in Week 1 and their less than fantastic showing in Week 2. They will need a few weeks to gel as they have made some additions to the roster, but once they figure that stuff out I expect great things.
Team Shamberg (Sunset Foods) & Team Zimmerman (Teplitz & Bell) – 0-2, tied for 5th in Eastern Conference
Lumping these two squads together this week because it’s an identical evaluation.. Do they want to be 0-2? Most certainly not.  Do they have the right pieces to break out of next Week?  Most certainly.  TONS of TIME left. TONS.  These two squads, like the other teams coming off an L in Week 2 have nothing to worry about.
Have a great weekend everyone and see you back at the gym on Sunday Night!
– Holden