2013-14 Hoops – Week 8 (Dec. 1)

Updated: December 3, 2013

There are just two weeks left until Winter Break and teams are definitely trying to separate themselves before the second half of the Season. Here are the Weekly Video Highlights from Week 8. Before we start the Power Rankings I want to thank Accelerated Physical Therapy, Chicago Recovery Room and Greater Than for coming out to the League on Sunday night.  Ok let’s rank ’em.

Power Rankings

1. Team Lalez (Highland Pop) – 7-1, 1st in Eastern Conference

Even with a short bench in Week 8, Team Lalez just keeps on rollin’.  For the first time this Season they are all alone atop the Standings as they are the only 1-Loss team left in All Sports Hoops.  They looked great from the jump on Sunday night and it continued until the final whistle — they put up a whopping 94 points.  Team Lalez had three 20+ scorers: Darren “welcome to the Wrap-Up!” Angell with 31,  David “D.D.S.” Gershenzon with 26, and Eytan “Mr. Consistent” Azaria who had 23 to go along with his 14 rebounds.  As good as they are playing right now.. They will have their work cut out for them next Week as Team Goldin, who have been on a tear of their own will be waiting.

2. Team Maione (B. Weinstein Associates) – 6-2, tied for 1st in Western Conference

Lots of clamoring for the #1 Spot after their gigantic win on Sunday Night.  I get it..  This is more of a 51/49 split with them and Team Lalez right now… Just can’t justify knocking Team Lalez off the top spot until they lose again.. Just the way it’s going to be for now.. Anyways, back to their on-the-court accomplishments…  Team Maione has won 3 in a row now and none more impressive than basically doubling up Team Schwartz on Sunday Night.  They put up 98 points (yes 4 more than Team Lalez, I know).. Bradley “maybe the most underrated player in the League” Deutsch went for 20-6-6 and Mike “when he gets going, well good luck Defense” Weisberg added another 20 of his own.  Week after week it’s a new hot hand for these guys.. This is why they are so dangerous — even if options a, b and c are just not scoring on a given night — option d,e and f are extremely good as well. Next Week, they see how for real Team Zimmerman’s recent run truly is..

3. Team Goldin (Sanders Court Pediatrics) – 5-3, 3rd in Western Conference

This ties the highest Team Goldin has climbed this Season in the Power Rankings (all the way back in Week 2).  Since then it has been pretty up and down.. That was until Week 6 where they started their current 3 game winning streak.. These guys put up 101 points on Sunday, and on a very Offensive night, had the highest score of any team.. Captain Danny “shaved” Goldin led his crew with 33 points and went 13 for 20 from the field.. Garrett “the man in the middle” Staniec added 27 points to go along with 13 boards as well.  These guys are scary good and have been for some time.. What’s changed is they are limiting the amount of bad plays and not getting as frustrated when minor things don’t go their way. They are getting the ball to the open guy more and their Offensive numbers are really benefitting obviously.. Next week, they will get Team Lalez in the @AcceleratedPT Game of the Week.

4. Team Kozin (SLA Insurance) – 6-2, tied for 1st in Western Conference

8 weeks ago if asked, surely Captain Jason “@jkozin2” Kozin would have agreed to taking a 6-2 record for the first 8 weeks.  We shouldn’t lose sight of the fantastic start these guys, who never played together before All Sports Hoops, even if they have dropped 2 in a row.. This week they were missing one of their twin towers — Matt Wolk — which certainly could have made a difference in a tight game.  Josh “other twin tower” Davis went off for 37 points on Sunday Night to lead the League in Week 8.  They are not going to get any favors with the schedule in terms of getting off the schnide as they will have a tough matchup with Team Bauer next week.. That being said, it’s only a matter of time for Team Kozin to get back to the Winner’s Circle.

5. Team Harmelech (iShot) – 5-3, 2nd in Eastern Conference 

Winners of 4 of their last 5 and most importantly their most recent game with Team Bauer.   There is a group of teams — not sure exactly how deep just yet — that when they play their absolute best game.. they will win..  Team Harmelech is on that list.  Zach “benjamin button” Bulwa is as good a guard as you will find and he has plenty of talent around him to put the ball in the basket.  These guys also reached the 90 mark on Sunday (the 4th team on the Rankings thus far to do so).   Led in scoring by Adam “Air” Bernkopf and his 23, the aforementioned Bulwa who had 17 and Captain Sam “heart on his sleeve” Harmelech who had 14 as well. Noticeably absent from that string of scorers is Mike “maybe it was the Navy” Maione who scored less than those other players.  They will have a knock down, drag out battle with Team Schwartz in Week 9.

6. Team Zimmerman (Teplitz & Bell) – 4-4, tied for 3rd in Eastern Conference

This is the highest Team Zimmerman has come into the Power Rankings and with great reason.. They are playing their best ball of the Season right now.. They’ve toppled Team Bauer and Team Kozin now in consecutive weeks and it seems that many of the moving pieces they had early in the season are really moving into place.. After going off for 33 on Sunday, Eugene “butter” Connor has the second highest points per game in the League with almost 22 a night.  Brett “double double” Karzen added 20 points and 11 boards. Captain Jack’s bunch is clicking — beware.

7. Team Apuli (Wrigley View) – 4-4,  4th in Western Conference

Can’t win them all.. There was a sizable hole in the lane for these guys on sunday as they were missing their mountain — Dan Stone — any way you look at it, Team Apuli has enough quality wins this season to remain Ranked.  Somehow under the radar a star is being born on this squad.. As Kyle “get out of his way” Daniels followed up his 33 points/20 board performance from last week with a 23 and 9 spot this week.  The more of a weapon he becomes on offense and the more unstoppable they are going to be when him and Stone are playing off another.  Captain Justin “has captained 3 All Sports teams in 2013” Apuli had 16 on only 10 shots as well.  These guys seem to always bounce back after a disappointing week.. Not worried about them.

8. Team Holzman (Groupon) – 3-5, tied for 5th in Western Conference

Welcome back to the Rankings Team Holzman.  For the first time this Season, these guys have beaten a team that isn’t named Team Apuli, Congrats!  These guys came out with more confidence than they had in the past few weeks and it really showed early on as their jumpers started pouring in. Josh “Taco Meat” Cowin led the way with 27 points and 7 boards. EJ “is there anything cooler than the two initial first name? I don’t think so.” Silver went for 20pts/8rebs  and Mike “glass cleaner” Macleod went for a true double double with 12 points and 14 boards.  I really think this is a confidence thing, with these guys, they have size and can shoot.. They just need to believe they can win whenever they step out on the court.

Rest of Pack – Alphabetical Order

Team Bauer (Jam ‘n Honey) – 3-5, tied for 5th in Western Conference

Hung in there with a feisty Team Harmelech squad but the high-scoring pace just got to them in the last 10 mins of the game. These teams both came out of the blocks on fire and it was hard to just keep that pace up.  The League’s leading scorer Jabarri “can do it from anywhere on the court” Reynolds put home 33 more points on Sunday Night.  He’s pretty pretty good.

Team Eilian (Crystal Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep) – 1-7,  5th in Eastern Conference

The slide continues but they are having more and more positives each week.  Ben “put it down” Eder had 23 points to lead the way. These guys are going to get some of these Ws back and you won’t want to be on their Schedule once they do.

Team Schwartz (Stems) – 4-4, tied for 3rd in Eastern Conference

First time out of the Rankings since Week 1.  They were really undermanned this Week however, and a few of the guys that were there were really under the weather. I think it’s just best for everyone that we chalk Week 8 up to that and move on.  They’ll bounce back soon.

Team Shamberg (Sunset Foods) – 0-8, 6th in Eastern Conference

I’d be lying if I said there are many positives from this start. However, there really is still plenty (and I mean plenty) of time to figure everything out before the Playoffs begin in March.. No reason at all for anyone to be pushing the panic button.

That’s it for this week’s Power Rankings. Have a great week and see ya next Sunday night!

– Holden