2013 Champaign – Week 2 Dodgeball Tourney (Sept. 25)

Updated: September 27, 2013

Welcome back to the Champaign League Wrap-up!  Before we get to the Dodgeball Tourney, here is a link to the weekly Video Highlights.

The Power Rankings will look a little different this week since there were so many games and no true Stats to report on. There will be a run down of the Knockout Rounds of the Dodgeball Tourney then a Top-7 Power Rankings will be revealed at the bottom and that will be it.  Next week we will use a similar format for the Volleyball Tourney and then the normal format will return for Week 4..  Here are the official point totals team received during the Dodgeball Tourney:

1st – Team Harris (No. 7 Salon & Spa) – 35 pts – (7 pts from winning pool + 3 Final4 points + 25 1st place points)
2nd – Team Fisher – AEPi (popchips) – 20 pts – (7 pts from winning pool + 3 Final4 points + 10 2nd place points)
3rd – Team Lemke – SAE (IHotel) – 10 pts – (7 pts from winning pool + 3 Final4 points)
4th – Team Gross – ATO SR (Hollywood Liquors) – 7 pts – (7 pts from winning pool)
5th – Team Samawi – ATO (Gamefly.com) – 6 pts – (3 pts from advancing as a Wild Card + 3 Final4 points)
6th – Team Rafferty – Sig Ep (Cookie Jar) – 3 pts – (3 pts from advancing as a Wild Card)

Dodgeball Tourney – Knockout Round Recap (All matches were best 2 out of 3) –

6 Teams Remain 

3. Team Gross – ATO SR (Hollywood Liquors) v. 6. Team Samawi ATO (Gamefly.com)

4. Team Harris (No. 7 Salon & Spa) v. 5. Team Rafferty Sig Ep (Cookie Jar)

Note: 1. Team Lemke – SAE (IHotel) and 2. Team Fisher – AEPi (popchips) received byes to the Final4.

When the dust settled after the crazy Pool Play Rounds we were left with the best 6 dodgeball teams in the land.  Teams Lemke and Fisher received byes to the Final4 and the other four teams were left fighting for the two remaining spots.  In the first matchup, years of emotion poured out, as Team Gross – the ATO Seniors took on their younger “bros” – Team Samawi who live in the ATO house.  The entire night obviously featured dodgeballs just flying around the gym but this matchup seemed like there was a little extra zip..  The Seniors, Team Gross, notched the first victory in the best of 3 and it looked as if the Wild Card qualifier Team Samawi would end their run here.. However, they battled back in Round 2 to tie it and set up one final game where the winner moved on and the loser went home.  Game 3 saw Team Samawi get up early on Team Gross and they never looked back!  Captain Joe “left all alone” Gross was the last man up for his Team but he was unable to overcome the 6 on 1 attack.  The Wild Card Team Samawi would move on and send their older bros home in the process.

As for the last Final4 spot — it would go to the winner of Team Harris and Team Rafferty. These two teams battled in Pool Play, as members of Group C, and there Team Harris swept Team Rafferty 2-0.  This Round was not any different as Team Harris took 2 straight games from Team Rafferty to advance to the Final4. For Team Rafferty — they managed to pick up a big 3 points on this night, and while many people could chuckle and say “who needs 3 points” — these guys will be the ones laughing when those 3 points give them the nod over another team come Playoff time.


1. Team Lemke – SAE (IHotel) v. 4. Team Harris (No. 7 Salon & Spa) 

2. Team Fisher – AEPi (popchips) v. 6. Team Samawi – ATO (Gamefly.com)

The stakes were simple — win in this best of 3 and go on to the Dodgeball Championship OR lose and leave crucial points on the table.  Team Lemke – SAE was the only Team to go Undefeated in the Pool Play Round — finishing at a cool 4-0.  Vegas had them as the odds on favorite for winning the whole thing but Team Harris had other plans.  This match came down to a third and final game… The game came down to a 1 on 1 showdown and ended when Team Lemke hurled a ball at Captain Brian “Heavyweights” Harris who made the CATCH and sent his team to the Championship!

In the other semi-final, Team Fisher – AEPi entered well-rested after their bye into the Final4 while Team Samawi – ATO had just fought through 3 intense games to survive and advance.. Team Fisher took advantage of this and simply outlasted Team Samawi here to advance in two straight games and claim the final spot in the Championship.  I’ll be honest, I doubt that Team Samawi – ATO will remember they got to the Final4 in a month or two but I guarantee they will be talking about the night they beat the Seniors in the Dodgeball Tourney for some time.. Let’s get to the Championship match shall we..


2. Team Fisher – AEPi (popchips) v. 4. Team Harris (No. 7 Salon & Spa) 

And then there were two.. Which is actually the amount of games it took for Team Harris to claim the 1st ever All Sports Series Dodgeball Tourney Championship!  These guys took the Championship in two straight games and have firmly placed themselves in 1st place of the Standings.  The dodging they exhibited on Wednesday Night was in a word admirable. They put on a clinic and no other team deserves this more than them!  Both teams looked impressive on the Hoops court as well in Week 1 and I have a feeling this is not the last time these two teams will meet.. A Playoff rematch is likely in store!

Power Rankings:

1. Team Harris (No. 7 Salon  & Spa) – Currently in 1st in the Standings with 50 points.  – Congrats Guys!

2. Team Fisher – AEPi (popchips) – Currently in 2nd in the Standings with 35 points.  – Obvious #2 here this week.

3. Team Gross – ATO SR (Hollywood Liquors) – Currently in 3rd in the Standings with 22 points – Will have to shake off that L to Team Samawi but these guys did manage to get 7 key points and stay in the Top 3.

4. Team Lemke – SAE (IHotel) – Currently in 7th in the Standings with 10 points. – Going undefeated in the Pool Play round caught some people’s attention.. I assume they are going to keep rising in the Rankings each week.

5. Team Rafferty – Sig Ep (Cookie Jar) – Currently in 4th in the Standings with 18 points. – I’m telling you those measly 3 points will come in handy when the Regular Season is finished.

6. Team Samawi – ATO (GameFly.com) – Currently in 8th in the Standings with 8 points. – They are on the board grabbing their first points of the season — the Top 5 is in their future.

7. Team Young – AKL (Starr Limo) – Currently tied for 5th in the Standings with 15 points. – No points this week, but they still gave it their all in Dodgeball.  Let’s see if they can stay in the Rankings after next week’s Volleyball Tourney!

That concludes the Wrap-Up for this Week.  Have a great weekend and get ready for another Tourney on Wednesday Night.

– Holden