2013 Champaign – Week 7 Flag Football & Playoff Seeding (Oct. 30)

Updated: October 31, 2013

Win or go home. That Simple. 10 Teams have scratched and clawed for 7 weeks to earn a Playoff Spot.. Now it is time to fight for the Crown.  Here are the Weekly Video Highlights from the final week of the Regular Season!  Also, here is the Champaign League – All @AllSportsSeries Ballot.  You have until Friday Nov. 8 to VOTE.  The Wrap-Up this week is going to preview each Playoff Matchup from both the Opening Round and Elite8 Hoops games.  Let’s not waste anymore time and get right into the Playoff Preview!

Playoff Preview

1. Team Harris (No. 7 Salon & Spa) – Plays Winner of 8 v. 9 in Elite8 Softball

Team Harris has basically held onto the pole position all Season long and Wednesday Night they clinched the Regular Season title,  #1 Seed for the Playoffs and a FREE BARN DANCE FROM FARM LAKE BARN! Congrats Guys!  These guys have proved through the seven week Regular Season that they can play any and All Sports.  It was a Pick-6 from David “Ed” McCaffrey that sealed the deal over Team Lemke in Flag Football on Wednesday night. In Week 6, they got a softball win but it was a nail biter W over Team Witt 6-5.. No matter what, Team Harris is going to have a rematch coming up in the Elite 8.  Even though they are the #1 Seed they are far from having a free ride to the Final4.  They will have to remain at the top of their game if they want to continue their ride to the All Sports Series crown.

Reason why Team Harris can win it all — Usually, the #1 Seed requires little explanation…

8. Team Witt – ZBT SR (Houlihan’s) v. 9. Team Lemke – SAE (IHotel) – Winner Plays 1. Team Harris in Elite8 Softball 

Both of these squads have the talent to make an extended Playoff run.. They obviously need to get past one another first.. I expect a well played Softball game in this Opening Round matchup.  Both teams have stellar athletes and the defense should definitely be up to par. Team Witt will be without Captain Sam “Switness” Witt who has fallen to the Mono bug but they will be well prepped as the Captain is surely crafting a scouting report as we type.  For Team Lemke — no team had a harder Regular Season schedule. Every week it seemed these guys were getting squads in their best sports.  Know what that means?  They are battle tested and ready to take their frustration out on their Playoff opponents.  I can’t wait for this matchup. Winner of course will matchup with #1 Seed Team Harris in the Elite8 immediately after their Opening Round game.

Reason why Team Witt can win it all — The best coach in the biz is now focused on coaching instead of playing.  Could actually be a positive.

Reason why Team Lemke can win it all — Had the toughest schedule of anyone… So they are battle tested… Good enough to survive that gauntlet and earn a Playoff spot.. If they can get on a roll in the Opening Round.. Why not them?

2. Team Rafferty – Sig Ep (Cookie Jar) – Plays Winner of 7 v. 10 in Elite8 Softball

1 Point.  1 measly Point.  That is all that separated Team Rafferty from the #1 Overall Seed for the Playoffs.  However, they can’t look to “what if” and they are still in fantastic shape to make their much anticipated Playoff run.  Just for those scoring at home (and we certainly are) Team Rafferty won its two flag football games this Season by a combined 148-0. No Typos.  Captain Patrick “P_Raff” Rafferty has set an All Sports Series single season record w/ a combined SIXTEEN TDs in two flag football games.  Are you kidding!? He had TEN this past week.. The rest of the League can breathe a collective sigh of relief now that flag football is in the past for the Champaign League.  These guys won a tough softball game a couple weeks back by showcasing a strong defensive front. They will have a tough test with the winner of the Grazioso/Young battle.  Many consider these guys the favorites and I can’t really disagree.

Reason why Team Rafferty can win it all — Top to bottom the most athletic team in the field.

7. Team Grazioso – ATO SO (Sparkt) – v. 10. Team Young – AKL (Starr Limo) – Winner Plays 2. Team Rafferty in Elite8 Softball

This is the biggest wild card of the night in my opinion. Not sure what to expect on the diamond from either Team. I could see either squad posting a crooked number in an early number and then just walking away with it.. Not sure which though.. Whoever the winner is, is going to have to regain their composure quickly as they will have to go toe to toe with #2 Seed Team Rafferty right after the Opening Round game is complete.  Pitchers rest those arms!  Word to the wise — Each Season there is at least one Cinderella team who just catches lightning in a bottle and gets near the Championship game.. No 2 teams are flying as under the Radar as these guys.  Just sayin’.

Reason why Team Grazioso can win it all — They managed to get all the way up to the #7 Spot while taking over midway through the Season. They flashed some softball skill a couple weeks ago and they don’t lack confidence!

Reason why Team Young can win it all — No Roster has as many guys as the AKL bunch. They have a deep pool to pull from and if they assemble the right crew, anything can happen..

3. Team Fisher – AEPi (popchips) v. 6. Team Samawi – ATO (Gamefly.com) – Winner goes to Final4

Tons of intrigue in this 3/6 matchup. Team Fisher has been near the top of the Standings all Season.  Team Samawi has bounced up and down and had quite the roller coaster ride.  To be honest none of that really matters now. They find themselves one W away from the Final4.  Looking ahead.. 3 wins away from the Crown.  That is it.  Obviously have to take it one step at a time and that’s where I think Team Fisher’s All Sports Series Playoff experience can do them a whole lot of good.  They have been through this before — this past Summer — only this time they find themselves coming off of a much more successful Regular Season campaign.  I truly think they will be disappointed if they don’t advance to the Season’s Final Night.  Those expectations are good, you need to expect great things.. however, will those expectations cause too much pressure?  Wednesday we find out.

Reason why Team Fisher can win it all — One of the only squads that have been through this gauntlet before.  They also have looked really strong in Hoops this Season, so if they can just get through the Elite8, they could be the team to beat.

Reason why Team Samawi can win it all — If they can get their full crew to the diamond, they have enough athletes to compete with anyone on any given night.  All things considered, they got a great pull, and avoided the Opening Round games too.

4. Team Gross – ATO SR (Hollywood Liquors) v. 5. Team Team Lehrman – ZBT (Stanley Steemer) – Winner goes to Final4

Saving the best for last here. I’m more excited about this Game than any other that we are scheduled to have for next Wednesday Night. Both teams can play. Both teams have had really successful seasons. Both teams defend. Both teams have Championship aspirations. Only one will move on.  Captains “Mighty” Joe Gross and Ross “the boss” Lehrman have guided their clubs into a good position during the Regular Season and they are set up for post-season success. The only issue is the other team is standing in the way.  I expect a 4-3 type game and the Winner is will be thinking “man are we lucky” while the Loser is going to have a tough Winter ahead.  The winner of this game could definitely take the whole thing..

Reason why Team Gross could win it all – Maybe all around the best squad. Seed doesn’t matter with them.

Reason why Team Lehrman could win it all – Captain Ross keeps an even keel and that is extremely important come Playoff Time.  They will not get too high or too low at any point. Huge.

Good Luck to everyone.  Rest up.  Big weeks ahead.

– Holden