2013 Chicago Co-Ed – Championship Flag Football (Aug. 19)

Updated: August 22, 2013

We have our 2013 Champions and for the first time in All Sports Series History they are the same as last season’s!  That’s right Team Bartlett has done the unthinkable — they have Repeated as Chicago Co-Ed Champs!  Before we get into a recap of the Game, here is a LINK to the Video Highlights from this past week!  Also, if you want to a refresher on how we got down to our final 2 Teams here is a LINK to the Opening Round Playoff Wrap-Ups.

Championship Flag Football

4. Team Lazarov (Dr. Jacob D.D.S) v. 7. Team Bartlett (Sparkt) – Team Bartlett wins 25-19

No struggle necessary searching for storylines in this one.. Team Bartlett enters the Championship Game as Defending Champs and looking to become the first All Sports Series Team to ever Repeat.. Team Lazarov enters with THE most decorated trophy mantle that All Sports Series has as the Guys on this Team make up the Men’s Dorfman/Hakimian Dynasty.  They have 2 Championships, have made 4 Straight Men’s League Final 4’s (there have only been 4 seasons),  and now are ready to grab hold of their first Co-Ed Crown.

So let’s get to the game action.. Team Bartlett struck first on a 4th and short that went the distance!  Team Bartlett QB Jon “Jickow” Nickow who had 3 TDs on the night scrambled left as he so often did on this night only instead of actually rushing around the edge hesitated and found a wide open Mark “have a speedy earecovery (that was so bad I know)” Weingarten down field for the first score.  They’d tack on the Extra Point and were up 7-0.    Team Lazarov answered back with a TD of their own as Benny “the Jet” Lalez hit Captain Ben for a TD.  They grabbed the Extra Point and tied 7-7.  The next score went to Team Bartlett just before the first half was over and they pushed their lead to 13-7 heading into halftime.

The second half started with Team Bartlett and it was a key possession if they scored they could go up 2 possessions and they did just that.. Upping their lead to 19-7.  Eventually they’d tack on another score and make it 25-7 with about 10 minutes to play.  Most teams in Team Lazarov’s position would just pack it up and say “good season” but not this group.  They have the heart of a Champion and literally fought until the last second..  Team Lazarov picked up another 6 as Benny the Jet scampered in for a score.  After an interception and another quick strike to Captain Ben — Team Lazarov was within just 6 points with a little over a minute to play.  They had 2 time outs which was enough to force Team Bartlett to punt in the event they couldn’t pick up that last Championship clinching first down.. Team Lazarov held!  With about 15 seconds left Team Bartlett needed to Punt the ball back to Team Lazarov.  After the ensuing return Team Lazarov had one final heave to the end-zone left in them and if anyone were to complete a pass of this magnitude it would be these All Sports Series titans.  The ball flew in the air and made it to the end zone it hit a few people’s hands and bounced around before finally falling to the ground..  2013, just like 2012, was the year of Team Bartlett!  Again, they are the first team to EVER REPEAT in All Sports Series.. Simply Incredible.

Before I go back to the Champs, I just want to give one last mention to Team Laz.  They were great all-season long dominating their opposition in many of the Sports.  They will undoubtedly be a perennial favorite in not just the Co-Ed League but the Men’s League too or in any All Sports Series League they compete in.  This group can do it all.

For Team Bartlett, Congratulations!  From going undefeated last season to going back to back this is one of the most special rides any All Sports Series team has ever had. This crew also has some Men’s League players who have experienced great success as well.  This Championship Co-Ed Game really showcased some of the best athletes in the League.  the question now becomes for Team Bartlet — can you 3-peat?

I again want to thank everyone for participating (and reading) this Summer. I hope you had as much fun as I did and I look forward to seeing you in 2014.

Until Then,