2013 Chicago Co-Ed – Week 1 Volleyball (June 17)

Updated: June 20, 2013

Welcome to the weekly Co-Ed blog Wrap-Up!  Each week the games will be recapped right here. Many of you are first time Participants and thus first time readers.. Just to sort of preface the wrap-up — 1) I write about all of the games using a statistical review; I do not see nearly enough of the games to have a decent opinion as to what is going on.. In sports w/ no stats, like volleyball, I’m mostly winging it! 2) The Wrap-Up uses a “Power Rankings” type review as opposed to the individual game wrap-ups.

You also can count on a link to the weekly Video Highlights right here each week!

Alright hopefully you are still with me.. Week 1 Volleyball is in the books and here are the Power Rankings!

1. Team Lazarov (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently tied for 3rd in the Standings with 12 points.

You are probably already thinking “wait what is going on, this team is tied for 3rd? Why would they be 1st in the Power Rankings??” Well allow me to explain — In 2012, Team Bartlett was dominant. No, they weren’t dominant. They were unstoppable.  They came into 2013 as the Undefeated, Reigning, Defending Champions of the Co-Ed World.  They were the only All Sports Series team to ever go undefeated.  So forgive me for assuming that they would start the Rankings at #1 after Week 1 Volleyball.  That was all until Team Lazarov decided they were going to be the new Team to Beat.  They won Volleyball against Team Bartlett 4-2 and picked up 12 points that I’m not sure anyone (well me) would have expected.  Now, I don’t want to make it seem as if Team Lazarov is a Cinderalla story — Captain “Big” Ben Lazarov has brough in guys from the infamous Team Hakimian dynasty of the Men’s League — I just didn’t think on their first night they’d make such an impact.  Anyways they are here and they came to play.  The 3 point deficit in the Standings means very little this early anyways.   Next week they have a Softball matchup with a team that just happens to be #2…

2. Team Bemoras (Cy Fredrics Jewelers) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings with 15 points.

Team Bemoras is back and under new management in 2013.  They got knocked out earlier than they’d like in 2012 and have spent most of the off-season training.  Captain Michael “B MO” Bemoras has taken a page out of rival Harrison Leibow’s book and has been running two days each and every Saturday since last September (which so happens to be the last time Drew “Fear the Beard” Sultan shaved).  Let me tell you something it worked. These guys/gals were so impressive in Week 1.  Not only did they maximum 15 points on Monday night but they prevented their opponent Team Graham (Loree’s Closet) from getting a win.  Personally I cannot wait for Week 2 Softball between Team Bemoras and the aforementioned #1 Team Lazarov.

3. Team Mazurek (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings with 15 points.

Ok so this is the first group that I think can have a true gripe with me about their Ranking.  And I get it.. But only one team can be #1..  Anyways, all this crew led by Captain Allison “Reggie Bush” Mazurek did in their first ever week in All Sports Series was get the maximum amount of points allowed in volleyball by winning 6 games but they also shut-out Team Lewis (Rory & Co. Gluten Free) in Week 1.  Team Mazurek will get their first taste of dodge ball in week 2 as they take on the hungry Team Apuli (Manny’s Deli).

4. Team Pivar (Janice Goldblatt) – Currently tied for 3rd in the Standings with 12 points.

Captain Cory “cousin of suit wearing Harrison ‘drill sergeant’ Leibow” Pivar (that was a mouthful) has a crew that is participating in their first All Sports Series campaign — that being said I think they have familiarity with a few of the teams out there on Monday Nights — Either way they didn’t show an ounce of fear in their debut.  They started off hot and kept the momentum going over the course of the night as they recorded 4 game wins and totaled 12 big points in the Standings against Team Kirshner (Sofia Live Lovely).  Next week they have a date with Team Lewis (Rory & Co. Gluten Free) on the Softball diamond!

5. Team Bartlett (Sparkt!) – Currently tied for 6th in the Standings with 6 points.

Yes, I leapfrogged a couple of teams in the Standings to place Team Bartlett in the top 5.  To be honest, I went back and forth whether or not to rank Captain Ellie “@ebartlett26” Bartlett’s squad #1 still.  I mentioned it above but it bears repeating — Team Bartlett came into 2013 as the Undefeated, Reigning, Defending Champions of the Co-Ed World.  To reiterate — they are the only All Sports Series team to ever go undefeated.. So it’s hard for me to wipe the Defending Champs out of the top spot, let alone the top 5 of the Rankings because of a volleyball night where they still grabbed some points.  Is this a sign of things to come?  Entering week 2 there are 2 major storylines I’m keeping an eye on — #1 v. #2 in the Power Rankings and how Team Bartlett will react to adversity for the first time in their All Sports Series careers.  Personally, I think the Co-Ed League is so talented this year and I will be surprised if ANY team can match all of the success Team Bartlett reached in 2012.. Time will tell.  Dodgeball with Team Graham (Loree’s Closet) is up next for the Bartletteers.

6. Team Apuli (Manny’s Deli) – Currently in 5th in the  Standings with 9 points.

So this is another “new” crew for 2013.. However, many of the Players on the Manny’s team play and have played in the Men’s League before.. This is new team of rookies.. In fact, Captain Justin “double duty” Apuli is the only person in League History to simultaneously Captain 2 teams at once (Thanks Justin!)  The REDDDDD SQUAAAAAD had an impressive debut night in All Sports Series taking the majority of the games they played against 2012 Final 4 participant – Team Leibow.  They earned 9 points on the night and are right in the middle of the Standings.  I think these guys are one to watch climb the Standings in future weeks. I for one am certainly pumped to see what their dodgeball skills look like against Team Mazurek (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) in Week 2.

7. Team Leibow (RazorReef.com) – Currently tied for 6th in the Standings with 6 points.

Team Leibow came into 2013 as one of the Favorites to take the whole darn thing.  They are fresh off a ride to the 2012 Final 4 and everything on message boards said their rigorous off-season training had them stronger than ever.  One thing for certain is Team Captain Harrison “Coach Thibs” Leibow is hungry for victories. It’s all he cares about.  For those wondering what the Screaming noises were that were echoing from the volleyball courts last monday — it was Captain “crazy” (as his teammates refer to him) yelling “STAY UP! STAY UP!” in an attempt to keep his teammates at the net and try to get blocks.  It was eerily similar to Coach Thibs teaching his players while in-game on defense.   All in all I think that it would do some good for these guys to just have fun and see what happens. The Capri Sun was a good start..  I do think the (minor) Week 1 Loss could be a good thing as they proved last year they are excellent hunters (as opposed to the hunted) and that is right where they find themselves currently.  They will get their first chance to play softball since being knocked out of the 2012 Final 4 — I’m fairly scared to allow Captain “crazy” to get his hands on a bat…

Rest of the Pack – Alphabetical Order

Team Graham (Loree’s Closet) – Currently tied for 9th in the Standings with 0 points. – So experience is crucial in All Sports Series.  That can not be overstated.. Captain Judson “OG” Graham has established one of the only True Rookie squads in All Sports Series for the 2013 campaign.  It’s safe to say a rough start might be expected.. I do think though that come playoff time they won’t even remember their early troubles!

Team Kirshner (Sofia Live Lovely) – Currently in 8th in the Standings with 3 points. – Did anyone have more fun than this crew on Monday Night?  While I’m sure they would have loved to get an extra win or two in volleyball — Captain Jordan “knows how to cheer for his teammates” Kirshner has assembled a squad that seems just pumped to be hanging out together!  They were rooting for each other and I think that kind of camaraderie will help come Playoff time.  Captain Harry “crazy” Leibow could learn a thing or two from watching these guys. Which is just perfect because these teams will battle on the Softball diamond in Week 2.

Team Lewis (Rory & Co. Gluten Free) – Currently tied for 9th in the Standings with 0 points. – See Team Graham above. Literally the exact same thing can be said for Team Lewis — with one addition — Captain Shelly “you should all try to be traded to her team” Lewis brought cupcakes for the whole squad! CUPCAKES!!!  That is what I am talking about..  This crew is going to be just fine!

That is it for the Week 1 Co-Ed blog Wrap-Up.. Any comments, questions, concerns, ideas?  Please let me know!

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend and see you Monday Night!

– Holden