2013 Chicago Co-Ed – Week 5 Flag Football, Hoops and 16″ (July 15)

Updated: July 18, 2013

Believe it or not there are only 2 weeks left in the Regular Season.  Time Flies.. Here is a link to this week’s Video Highlights.  This past week the Co-Ed League had pretty much a taste of everything with teams playing Flag Football, Hoops and 16″ Softball.. Let’s get right into the Power Rankings..

Power Rankings

1. Team Lewis (Rory and Co. Gluten Free Goods) – Currently in 2nd in the Standings with 72 points.

The past few weeks the #1 spot has been like hot potato and once again we have a new #1 Team in the Power Rankings!  What a difference for this squad in July compared to June.  They have had a complete 180 since their initial few weeks in All Sports Series and now they get to sit atop the Power Rankings for the first time.  While they are still only in 2nd in the Standings they actually control their fate in terms of the #1 Seed come Playoff time.  They are only down 10 points from Team Lazarov in the Standings but have 15 more points available to earn.  Also, when you take down the #1 Team Lazarov and #3 Team Bemoras, from the previous week’s Power Rankings, all in one night.. you deserve that #1 spot!  They defeated Team Bemoras in an ultra competitive close flag football game — edging them out by just 1 point!  Then for a nightcap they took down the previously dominating Team Lazarov on the Softball diamond.  Team Lewis has certainly found their stride!   Mike Jackson and Heather Ruchim made the Team Lewis offense look like the 1999 Rams out there on Monday Night each accounting for 3 TDs!  They dynamic duo had quite the softball game as well as they both went 3 for 3 from the plate — Such an impressive night.  So congrats to Team Lewis on being #1 — now can they hold on?

2. Team Lazarov (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 1st in the Standings with 82 points.

Even though Team Lazarov was knocked from the #1 spot this week — its not all bad! They had a double header and in their first game they picked up a gigantic Flag Football victory defeating last week’s #2 Team Apuli by the score of 25-0!  The only thing that kept them from cementing their #1 spot for the remainder of the Regular Season was their hiccup against Team Lewis later in the night.  Now they don’t control their road to the #1 seed as Team Lewis has the ability to pass them by.  In Flag Football Benny “the Jet” Lalez tallied 4 TDs in the blowout.  Captain Ben “thunder” Lazarov went a perfect 3 for 3 from the plate but just didn’t get enough help from his teammates on the offensive side of the ball.  I think they will be able to bounce back just fine however.

3. Team Kirshner (Sofia Live Lovely) – Currently in 3rd in the Standings with 58 points. 

There are certain tests that pop up a couple times over the course of a season.  Many teams have them and few pass.  Team Kirshner passed a huge test on Monday Night defeating Team Bartlett 27-26 in Flag Football.  It was a heated game that proved both teams desperately wanted those points in the Standings.  When it was all said and done Team Kirshner left with the victory thanks in large part to Robert “TD” Lay and Joe “Bryan” Cox who both accounted for FOUR TDs.  These guys were unstoppable on Monday Night.  I’m talking first round Fantasy Draft stuff here.  With their W, Team Kirshner has a really strong shot at a top 3 seed come Playoff time!

4. Team Apuli (Manny’s Deli) – Currently in 4th in the Standings with 56 points.

This team had been on a tear coming into last week.. So let’s chalk this up to being just a minor hiccup and that’s all. They are still in great position to have a high seed coming into the Playoffs and they have already proved their strength in Volleyball and Hoops.. Which will be the first two sports played in the Playoffs. They will go head to head with Defending Champs Team Bartlett in Hoops on Monday Night!

5. Team Leibow (RazorReef.com) – Currently in 7th in the Standings with 33 points.

Back on the right track and into the Power Rankings are the Blue SQuaaaaaaad — Team Leibow!   They had a come from behind Over Time Hoops W on Monday Night that reminded everyone of their stellar 2012 campaign.  Are they having as a strong of a regular season as in 2012? No. However it is a much deeper field and I think when all is said and done this group will be proud of the effort they put forth in the 2013 season.  Let me set stage for their thrilling W… Team Graham’s Blair Fischer made a go ahead And-1 to put Team Graham up 2 with just 30 seconds remaining.  Then Tommy “ICE” DeGarmo got to the free throw line to sink a tying Free Throw that would send the game into OT.  From there Team Leibow would score the only points in OT and secure the 39-35 win.  Captain Harry “self proclaimed – One-Man-Band” Leibow was seen after the game patting himself on the back in a true feat of flexibility.  He attributed the win to those long practices in the Winter where the team would just do wind sprints.  No matter the reason, Team Leibow is back on the right track and they are looking to grab a couple more victories before the Playoffs to keep their momentum going.

6. Team Pivar (Janice Goldblatt) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings with 30 points.

Another comeback win in Hoops happened earlier in the Night when Team Pivar battled back to knock off Team Mazurek 48-44.  Matt “leading scorer” Freedman did just that again for his squad by putting up 15 points in this one.  These guys have a makeup softball game this weekend with Team Bemoras and then another Softball game with Rivals Team Leibow. That means by this time next week a lot of teams could be looking up at Team Pivar in both the Standings and the Power Rankings! Good Luck to the group in green.

Rest of the Pack

Team Bemoras (Cy Fredrics) – Currently in 5th in the Standings with 45 points. – Last week they were ranked #3 but they suffered a minor setback at the hands of Team Lewis on the Flag Football field — dropping the game by just 1 point.  Graham “rGiii” Conatser was all over the field — tallying 4 TDs in the game.  One of which went to Megan “Garcon” McWeeney.  This crew will look to bounce back in a big way in their makeup Softball game Saturday Afternoon.

Team Bartlett (Sparkt!) – Currently in 6th in the Standings with 41 points. – This is different for me.  As I am sure this is different for them.  All year I have spoken about the Undefeated Defending Champs — and rightfully so — they have earned it.  They dropped another close one by 1pt on the Football field in a heated game with Team Kirshner.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Repeating has never been done — but if anyone can it is this group.  We’ll know soon enough.

Team Mazurek (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings with 30 points.  – They played so well for most of the Hoops game on Monday Night.  Everyone thought it was in the bag and it really seemed as if it was until Team Pivar came crawling back. They will get a chance on Saturday Afternoon to right the ship and I think they will.

Team Graham (Loree’s Closet) – Currently in 10th in the Standings with 0 points. – YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST — THIS TEAM WILL GET A WIN BEFORE THE SUMMER IS OVER. BOOK IT. I’M THAT CONFIDENT. They were so close this past week as Blair “clutch” Fischer gave her team a lead with just 30 seconds to play.  They couldn’t hold on and dropped the game in OT.  Arguably more importantly — Blair’s mom brought fantastic banana bread for after the game and everyone left happy.


That’s it for the Wrap-Up this week.  Next week we will have some playoff scenarios to go through before the final week of the Regular Season.  Thanks for reading!

– Holden