2013 Chicago Co-Ed – Week 6 Hoops & 16″ (July 22)

Updated: July 25, 2013

Week 6 has come and gone which means only one Week of the Regular Season is left!  Before we get into the Wrap-Up  here is a LINK to the Video Highlights from this past week. Also, here is a LINK to the first ever Chicago Co-Ed League All @AllSportsSeries Team and League MVP Ballot.   Okay, so this Wrap-Up is going to veer from the normal format — No Power Rankings this week — instead we are going to go through some Playoff Scenarios based on the Week 7 Schedule.

Here are the current Standings through Week 6:

PointsPoints Behind Leader
1. Team Lewis (Rory and Co. Gluten Free) 1070
2. Team Kirshner (Sofia Live Lovely)989
3. Team Pivar (Janice Goldblatt)9017
4. Team Lazarov (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)8225
5. Team Apuli (Manny's Deli)7631
6. Team Mazurek (Benjamin and Shapiro Law) 7532
7. Team Bartlett (Sparkt) 5651
8. Team Bemoras (Cy Fredrics)4562
9. Team Leibow (RazorReef.com)3374
10. Team Graham (Loree's Closet)0107

Remember that all 10 Teams will make the Playoffs — so these scenarios are merely about Seeding and Potential First Round matchups and not actually making it.  Seeds 7-10 will have to play an extra Opening Round Volleyball match to advance to the Elite 8 Volleyball round. Seeds 1-6 are already in the Elite 8 Round.

Playoff Scenarios

1. Team Lewis (Rory and Co. Gluten Free Goods) – Currently in 1st place in the Standings with 87 points.

Team Lewis enters the final week of the Regular Season with the fate of the #1 Seed in their hands.  Not bad for a Rookie Squad who was not even in the Rankings after the first week!  This past week they picked up another Hoops W against Team Bemoras by 16 points.  Rachel “related to Ross? yes I watch” Geller had 19 points on Monday Night!  The only thing in between them and the #1 Seed is 2012 Champaions Team Barlett! — “To be the man, you got to beat the man.” — Nature Boy Ric Flair. The Lowest this group can fall is 4th however — either way they are safe from the Opening Round Volleyball Games.

2. Team Lazarov (Dr. Jacobs D.D.S.) – Currently in 2nd place in the Standings with 82 points.

Should Team Lewis fall on Monday Night to Team Bartlett, next in line for the #1 Seed is Team Lazarov. They will play Team Apuli in Softball. Should they fall the lowest they could fall is also to 4th place and, thus, no matter what will miss the Opening Round Volleyball games as well. This is a squad that no one wants to see in the Final 4 Hoops Round.  No one.  Not even teams from the Chicago Men’s League.

3. Team Kirshner (Sofia Live Lovely) – Currently in 3rd place in the Standings with 78 points.

Team Kirshner got a big Softball victory against Team Leibow on Saturday afternoon in a make-up from a rain out earlier in the Season.  With their W, they climbed up to 3rd place and now are in line for a major splash come Playoff Time. Full Disclosure (totally unrelated tangent) — I like to listen to either Pandora or Itunes on shuffle while I write the Wrap-Up — Jump Around just came on and I am pretty pumped up right now.  Okay back to Team Kirshner and their Playoff Scenarios. They will play Team Bemoras in Softball on Monday Night to close out their Regular Season. Should team Lewis and/or Lazarov fall they could climb as high up as #1 or #2 in the Standings just in time for the Playoffs.  If they were to fall in Softball they could fall to 4th — not too bad of a scenario for this crew in their Rookie campaign. Good Luck guys.

4. Team Pivar (Janice Goldblatt) – Currently in 4th place in the Standings with 70 points.

This is where stuff gets interesting.. Team Pivar plays Flag Football this Monday Night.. With a W and some help from their friends they could wind up as high as the #1 overall Seed come Playoff time. However, if they were to stumble they could actually fall all the way down to the #7 seed and with that have to play in the extra Opening Round Playoff Volleyball games.  — That’s not a place you want to be when it is Single Elimination. This crew is playing Team Graham who is the hungriest of any team in the League for a W.. Just something to keep an eye on.  Oh also they got a W on Monday Night in Softball against Rival Team Leibow.. Captains Team Pivar and Team Leibow — who are cousins — almost came to full blows, but they were separated before it turned ugly.  The last sentence is untrue.

t-5. Team Bartlett (Sparkt!) & Team Apuli (Manny’s Deli)  – Currently tied for 5th in the Standings with 56 points.

Win and these teams can avoid the extra Opening Round Volleyball games between seeds #7 through #10.  Sounds simple enough right?  The only catch is that Team Bartlett will play current #1 Team Lewis and Team Apuli will play current #2 Team Lazarov.  Should either of these teams go down on Monday Night in Softball — it’s likely someone will pass them up which could lead to them winding up with an extra Playoff Round.  Again that is a huge deal in a Single Elimination tournament. The less teams you have to go through the better.  There are going to be 2 tense Softball games out there on Monday Night with a lot of talent and a lot at stake.

7. Team Mazurek (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) – Currently in 7th in the Standings with 50 points.

Right now they are in 7th so technically they are in line to have to play in the extra Opening Round Playoff Game. However, they still have a Flag Football game to play against Team Leibow. Since there are a few top teams who play each other — a Win for Team Mazurek will mean they leapfrog someone and get into the Top 6 — which means they get a bye to the Elite 8.  Captain Allison “Reggie Bush” Mazurek will have her team ready to go Monday Night.  Can they get past the 2012 Runners Up though? Time will tell.

8. Team Bemoras (Cy Fredrics) – Currently in 8th in the Standings with 45 points.

It was just a couple weeks ago that I was talking about how Team Bemoras held the fate of the #1 seed in their own hands.  Since then there has been a Vegas Trip, some concerts and a couple losses mixed in.  Hey that is what the Regular Season is for! Get all the kinks out now!  A win could earn them enough points to climb into the Top 6 — again the goal of everyone should be to get in the Top 6 because you get a bye to the Elite 8 then.  A loss means they will be playing an extra round come Playoff time.  This squad’s run was cut short last year and I think they have plans to play a few more games this Summer than last.  They are my dark horse.

9. Team Leibow (RazorReef.com) – Currently in 9th in the Standings with 33 points.

No wait these guys are my dark horse!  While they struggled in their 2 Softball games this week they are going to be in the Playoffs whether you like it or not!  Also, they can rest easy knowing that they are done with Softball for the Summer — the same sport that got them knocked out last Summer. They have a Flag Football game on Monday Night — a sport where Captain Harry “HGH” Leibow can better get out his aggression.  Go Team!

10. Team Graham (Loree’s Closet) – Currently in 10th in the standings with 0 points.

Nothing before right now matters. None of it.  Still have a week to get off the schnide.  Quickly want send a feel better out to Michael Cleveland who is sidelined with a foot injury.  As a worst case scenario you guys enter the Playoffs winless… you’ll have them right where you want them — not paying attention to you at all.  There is still a W to be had by these guys. I’m telling you.

That’s it for the Wrap-Up this week. Good Luck in Week 7 and have a great Weekend!

– Holden