2013 Chicago Men’s – CHAMPIONSHIP MONDAY: Flag & 16″ (Aug. 12)

Updated: August 15, 2013

On Monday night we Crowned the 2013 Champions.  Before we find out who they are here’s a LINK to the Playoff Video Highlights.. I guess you can figure out who they are based on the picture above.. Let’s pretend that isn’t there for now and take a look at how the 2013 Champions won their Title.

Final4 Flag Football

2. Team Maione (Sunset Foods) v. 6. Team Hakimian (Crescent Movers) – Team Maione wins 25-12

When the Regular Season concluded and the Standings were set in place this potential matchup stood out on the Bracket.  Now, there was no guarantee this Game would ever take place as several Ws were required in order for both Teams to get here and against fantastic teams at that..  However, through the carnage that was the Opening Round Hoops games, stood these two titans of All Sports Series.  Team Hakimian is an #Original12 All Sports Series squad — winning the first ever All Sports Series in 2010.  They managed to get back to the Championship game in 2011 but lost to Team Merar.  In 2012, they took back what they felt is rightfully theirs — making them the first ever 2-Time 2-Time All Sports Series Champions.  Standing in their way of their 4th consecutive Championship Game appearance was Team Maione..  A team that has many Champions in their own right.  In 2011, many members of Team Maione won the All Sports Series College/Prep League.  2013 was their first full ride in the Chicago Men’s League and what a ride it had been up to this point.  Just to get to the Final4 they had to take out 2011 Champs — Team Merar, and now their final hurdle to get to the 2013 Championship Game was the Dynasty — Team Hakimian.  Right out of the gate Team Maione took the ball and they scored when Josh”All @AllSportsSeries Team snub” Berman rolled right and through across the field to the right corner of the endzone to hit the wide open Josh “@jbart20” Bartelstein for 6.  Berman would go on to have 3 more TD passes to keep his average on the season to a whopping 4 per game.  Simply amazing.  The story of this game however, was not the Team Maione offense who played within themselves all night — but it was the Team Maione Defense who sent them on to the Championship game.  The pass rush led by Johnny “Strahan” Lindquist kept Team Hakimian QB Benny “the jet” Lalez off balance all game long. Team Hakimian’s offense just never seemed comfortable on this night.  Jordan “@tackness” Multack put the exclamation point on this one as he picked a ball of late in the 2nd half and brought it all the way back for a tuddy.. Captain Anthony “twan” Maione’s crew was just one win away from the Crown.  For Team Hakimian, what else is there to say?  They faced more adversity this season than in any season prior and still managed to get back to the Final4 in the deepest League All Sports Series has ever seen.  These guys are simply warriors.  They will be back next season to try to make it 3 Championships in 5 Seasons. Something any sports franchise would be proud of.  Also, quickly a big shout out to Daniel “deussel” Dorfman.  Who while in Philly would still check in weekly on how his squad was doing.  Shifting back to Team Maione, who would be their opponents in the biggest Softball game of the Summer?

5. Team Hadelman (Carriage Hill Kennels) v. 9. Team Radist (Greater Than) – Team Hadelman wins 27-0

Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella.. Thing about Cinderellas.. Most of the time the clock strikes midnight…  No one expected Team Radist to get this far, besides them (or including them).. Just to get to the Final4 they had to defeat #8 Seed Team Riskin and then immediately following they had to defeat #1 Seed Team Bulwa in Hoops.  They had one of the most impressive nights in the History of All Sports Series.  Seriously.  However, they still needed 2 more wins against fantastic competition to finish off the Miracle.  Team Hadelman had other plans.  Team Hadelman entered their first Playoffs (it’s their Rookie year) on Monday Night also needing 2 Ws to advance to the Final4 and they got the job done.  As for Football on Monday Night, they seemed prepared, with playbook and all — they knew that Final4 opportunities don’t come along often and they must make the most of it — they did just that.  From the opening minutes of the Game, Team Hadelman controlled both sides of the ball. Their Defense was swarming as they picked off the first 3 passes that Team Radist threw on this night.  Alex “QB1” Filin was impressive on both sides of the ball, picking off a few passes and also throwing a few TDs for his squad to Brandon “@DaivonAgusta_CC” Lathon and Danny “the original MedMan” Goldin.  Team Radist, has nothing to be ashamed, their Final4 run cements them as a team to beat heading into  2014 and with a more healthy cast they just might improve on that come next Summer.  This was their farthest run to date and I can expect only great things from this point forward. Team Hadelman reaches the Championship game in their first Season which is really unheard of for All Sports Series.  The question becomes can the Rookies take the crown?

Championship Softball

2. Team Maione (Sunset Foods) v. 5. Team Hadelman (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Team Maione wins 9-2 

Both teams fought incredibly hard to get to his Championship game and I can honestly say both teams deserved their place in this game.  Before we get to the game, I just want to Congratulate both teams for being the last two teams standing out of 18.  I’ve said it a bunch of times this Summer, but this Chicago Men’s League is the deepest League All Sports Series has ever had and I’d feel confident putting the competition in this League up against any League out there.  There were so many teams who could have gotten here, and the fact that both of these two did, is a real testament to them.  Okay onto the game, Team Maione jumped out to an early 2-0 lead and it stayed that way until the Bottom of the 3rd when Team Maione came up to bat once again.. This is where they did their damage and broke the game wide open with an offensive onslaught — they tallied 6 runs in that half inning and never looked back.  Team Maione is your 2013 Chicago Men’s Champions!  For Team Hadelman, they surely did not start this Season with Runners-Up aspirations, they had one goal and it was to become Champions.  However, I know this — they are as competitive and hungry as any group around and Captain Spencer “@RvrNrthRomantic” Hadelman and co. will be back next year looking for the Crown.  My sources have told me they have wasted ZERO time in training for 2014 as they have already began morning workots starting at 6:45 AM this week.  As for the new Champions — Captain Anthony Maione, Jordan Multack, Josh Berman, Johnny Lindquist, Chowder Levine, Chris Wroblewski, Jason Stein, Andrew Sternberg, Nick Wieczorek, Mikey Weisberg, and Josh Bartelstein — they went through a Gauntlet of the best.  Just in their Route to the Championship Game they took down 2010 and 2012 Champs Team Hakimian and before that 2011 Champs Team Merar.  If ever there were more deserving Champions I’m unaware of them..  These guys now have the right to walk around for the next 9 months with bragging rights.. There is true Back 2 Back capability with this squad and it will be something to monitor next August as we still have never had a Repeat.

Congrats again to the new Champions – Team Maione.  I want to thank everyone for a great Summer and I hope to see everyone back in 2014.  Until then..

– Holden