2013 Chicago Men’s – Week 2 Hoops (June 24)

Updated: June 27, 2013

Welcome to the Week 2 Chicago Men’s blog wrap-up.. As you all know we had somewhat of an abbreviated Week 2 thanks to the Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks!! Due to many of the games being rescheduled down the road and most teams not playing this week, the format will be a touch different.  There will be no Power Rankings this week and instead the teams that did play will be highlighted in a game by game manner.. Here is a link to the Video Highlights from this week!

Off we go..

Team Bulwa (Bull & Bear) v. Team Kornblatt (Camp Ojibwa) – Hoops – Team Bulwa wins 84-46

This is a game I had circled when the schedule initially came out.  Team Bulwa – 2012 Runners-Up – was figured to be one of the best Hoops teams in the League this Summer.  So this was a measuring stick game for the roller-coaster ride that is Team Kornblatt.  As I said last week Team Kornblatt will be full of peaks and valleys this Summer and as evidenced by the score — Monday night was a valley.  Team Bulwa came out aggressively and never looked back.  Adam “Air” Bernkopf led the way for the Bulwaers with 20.. Not far behind was David “bradley cooper” Spreckman with 19 and Robbie “tree” Georgevich and his 16 points.  They were suffocating on D as well — it just seemed as if Team Kornblatt had no where to go.. When it was all said in the done Todd “TG” Goldner did have an impressive 18 points in the Loss and Matt “lebron” Emer got in on the scoring party as well.   Last week, Team Bulwa was ranked #2 — right where they finished last season — personally I think it’s only a matter of time before they climb into the top spot.. The real question is can they land there when the season ends?  As for Team Kornblatt next week they have a Rivalry matchup with Team Horwitz on the Flag Football Field.

Team Riskin (Jam ‘n Honey) v. Team Horwitz (SLA Insurance) – Hoops – Team Riskin wins 65-43

Many sports leagues are about taking the season 1 game at a time — this holds especially true in All Sports Series as most weeks you are not even playing the same sport as the week prior.  You simply have to forget the previous Monday and get down to business when you play.. This is exactly what Team Riskin did on Monday Night.  They dropped a heartbreaker in Week 1 Floor Hockey to the aforementioned Team Bulwa and many teams would have felt a hangover this past week.  Team Riskin did not let the 1 hard loss turn into 2 however.  Adam “scores like Bill” Russell led Team Riskin with 24 points.  As for Team Horwitz — for the second week in a row — size in the interior was their downfall.  They just couldnt stop Team Riskin in the paint.  Captain Jon “Wiz Nation” Horwitz led the game with 28 big points and upped his average in 2 Hoops performances to 23 points..  That’s good stuff right there.  Next week Team Horwitz will go head to head with Team Kornblatt in Flag Football and Team Riskin will go toe to toe with Team Greenberg (Sarkis Cafe) in Hoops.

Team Maione (Sunset Foods) v. Team Daar (PoPchips) – Hoops – Team Maione wins 86-44

In what was the final game of the night, Team Maione looked pretty pretty goood.  Not to pat myself on the back here or anything, but they made me look a little smart for adding them in the Power Rankings last week as the only team who did not win in Week 1.  Anyways as for this game Team Maione is another one of those teams that could lay claim to the top Hoopers in the League.  Nick “still have to copy/paste your last name” Wieczorek led the game with 23 points.  He got tons of help from Josh “keep an eye on him please” Berman who had 16 and Matt “Chowdaaaaa” Levine who has 11. Finally the 3 amigo combo of Captain Anthony Maione, Andrew Sternberg and Chris Wroblewski each had a cool dozen on the night.  Matt “always” Reddy led the way for Team Daar with 19 of his own. Team Maione has another Hoops game next week and this time Team Radist (Greater Than) will get a crack at them.   Team Daar will go head to head with a familiar foe in Team Apuli (Factor75.com)


That’s all for this week’s blog wrap-up — Next week will be about 4x the length with several teams playing double dips.  Have a great week!

– Holden