2013 Chicago Men’s – Week 3 Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Hoops and 16″ (July 1)

Updated: July 6, 2013

Welcome everyone to the first July blog Wrap-Up of the Summer!  Being that it’s the week of the 4th the Power Rankings will be a bit abbreviated this week.. Have no fear though as next week the full Wrap-Up will be back and better than ever.  Here is a link to this week’s Video Highlights!

The Chicago Men’s League featured every sport in All Sports Series besides volleyball (played in tournament form during Week 7) this past week.  Which makes for pretty crazy rises and falls for teams all over the Standings..  Let’s get to the Power Rankings shall we..

Power Rankings

1. Team Hadelman (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently in 1st in the Standings with 65 points.

It’s not often a team can muster 2 victories in one All Sports Series night — let alone in different sports — however that is exactly what new #1 Team Hadelman has done.  They are ranked #1 for the first time in team history after Week 3 (a brief history that has begun this Summer) after gaining victories in both Floor Hockey and 16″ Softball. Captain Spencer “seen above” Hadelman’s crew has a fairly sizable lead over the rest of the pack going into Week 4 — the question is how long can they stay atop the mountain?

2. Team Hakimian (Crescent Movers) – Currently tied for 2nd in the Standings with 40 points.

Dropping these guys go against my normal belief that to fall from #1 the Defending Champs need to actually Lose.  Team Hakimian is still going strong following Week 3 but after the wacky “Blackhawked” Week 2 — it just didn’t seem right to not acknowledge Team Hadelman who is so far ahead of the pack at this point.  I’m sure Team Hakimian will make me regret dropping them within a couple weeks. They picked up a solid win over Team Cohen in a game that met all expectations.

3. Team Watts (Giordano’s Pizza) – Currently in 4th in the Standings with 35 points.

Captain Jake “George Steinbrenner” Watts’ group is another squad who has yet to suffer a Loss in All Sports Series this Summer.  They just have played less games than #1 Team Hadelman and have not had the opportunity to compete in flag football like Team Hakimian and, thus, they are behind them in the Standings and Power Rankings.  I think this team has at least 1 week at #1 in their future.

4. Team Apuli (Factor75.com) – Currently tied for 2nd in the Standings with 40 points.

Team Apuli is the highest ranked team who has suffered a Loss in All Sports Series this Summer.  Much of their #4 Ranking has to do with how awesome they looked on the Flag Football Field this past Monday Night.  They were great on Offense and pitched a shut-out on D.  If these guys can get into the Championship Game come August the crown will be hard to keep from them.

5. Team Glass (Michael’s Event Catering) – Currently tied for 4th in the Standings with 35 points. 

The next bunch of teams in the Power Rankings all have 1 Loss and the separating factor for Team Glass compared to the rest is who and how they have gotten Ws.  They beat Team Bulwa in Hoops this past Monday night — something I for one I didn’t think I would see — this has nothing to do with Team Glass’ obviously talented Hoops squad.. It’s just I thought Team Bulwa would run the gambit in Hoops this Summer.  Anyways they also picked up a Floor Hockey win on Monday night against the always cagey and crafty Team Merar.  So yes, Team Glass was another team who completed the multi-sport double-header victory night.  These guys are a few bad minutes of Hoops in Week 1 away from being right at the top of the heap.

6. Team Maione (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings with 30 points.

They get the nod over the next few teams because they have looked just so good on the Hoops court the past 2 weeks.  This is no surprise when you look at the roster Captain Anthony “twan” Maione has assembled.  They did drop their Week 1 Floor Hockey game but since FH is in their past for the rest of the Summer I see only bright spots coming in their future.

7. Team Radist (Greater Than) – Currently tied for 4th in the Standings with 35 points. 

Another squad who was looking for 2 Ws on Monday night — however they could only come up with one.  To their credit they did earn the W in Floor Hockey which is worth more points than Hoops.. Eric “Jonathan Quick” Radist helped secure the victory in net for his squad.  They did drop a Hoops game later in the night to Team Maione — but there is certainly no shame in that.  These guys are going to be in the thick of it all summer long.

8. Team Riskin (Jam ‘n Honey) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings with 30 points.

These guys as a whole are likely the most improved bunch in all of All Sports Series.  They have looked really stellar on the Hoops court which had been a weakness for them in the past and they are basically 5 crummy Floor Hockey minutes away from being undefeated this Summer.  I’d be lying to everyone if I didn’t tell all of you to keep an eye on these guys in the coming weeks.

9. Team Merar (Sandusky Cabinets) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings with 30 points.

Leading into the 3rd period of their Floor Hockey game on Monday Night was Team Merar.  They couldn’t hold the lead and with the L they also drop down in the Rankings.  Before Floor Hockey, they did get an impressive Hoops victory behind Brad “got more touches without Brian” Deutsch who led all scorers with an impressive 36.  I know Brad fairly well and I have to say he was likely disappointed he didn’t get to 42 — the high score of the Summer so far.  Their Hoops effort could explain the late game fatigue in Floor Hockey.  As always these crafty vets and 2011 Champs are going to be a tough out come Playoff Time.

10. Team Bulwa (Bull and Bear) – Currently tied for 4th in the Standings with 35 points. 

These guys managed to stay in the Power Rankings by the hair on Captain Zach Bulwa’s chinny chin chin.  Uncharacteristically, they dropped a Hoops game on Monday night and it just has to make you wonder, “can all of these guys play together?”  They are uber talented and made some additions in the off-season — it just didn’t seem like any one player has been able to really find their groove just yet.

Rest of the Pack.

Team Horwitz – Currently in 11th in the Standings with 25 points. – Picked up a huge win in Flag Football this past week with a W over Team Kornblatt behind the combo of Nault to Rick.  These guys still have fight in them that is for sure.

Team Sterk (Atomic Transport) – Currently in 12th in the Standings with 20 points. – After dominating in Week 1 these guys hit a bump in Week 3 Hoops.  They have plenty of time to figure out their Hoops game and even have another week of Hoops before Playoff time.

Team Cohen (Dr. Jacob D.D.S) & Team Kornblatt (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 13th in the Standings with 15 points.  – Both teams suffered heartbreaking losses on Monday night on the Flag Football field.  Team Cohen fell to they Dynasty aka Team Hakimian and Team Kornblatt fell to Team Horwitz.  Both teams were just about 1 play away from getting Ws.  Sometimes that’s the whole difference b/t being in the “Rest of the Pack” or in the Power Rankings.  Definitely expect both teams to rebound soon.

Team Saltzberg (Wrigley View Rooftop), Team Daar (PoPchips), Team Greenberg (Teplitz & Bell) & Team Zimmerman (Crystal Lake Jeep) – Currently tied for 15th in the Standings with 0 points. – So not the start any of these teams had hoped for leaving the first 3 weeks of All Sports Series behind.  You heard it here first though — 2 of these 4 (at least) will make the playoffs behind late season surges and 1 of them is going to shock the world by crashing the Elite 8 party.  Which teams you ask? What am I, the Schwami?

Hope everyone had a happy, healthy and safe 4th! See you next Monday night!