2013 Chicago Men’s – Week 6 Flag Football, Hoops & 16″ (July 22)

Updated: July 25, 2013

You know what is nuts?  We just finished Week 6 of All Sports Series.  That means we only have one more Regular Season week and then it is Playoff Time.  Before we get into all of that here is a LINK to the Video Highlights from this past week. Also, here is a LINK to the first ever Chicago Men’s League All @AllSportsSeries Team and League MVP Ballot.   Okay, so this Wrap-Up is going to stray from the normal format — No Power Rankings this time around — instead we are going to go through some Playoff Scenarios based on the Volleyball Tournament and what possible outcomes can come about for each and every team starting at #1 in the Standings and going all the way through #18.  Remember the Top 13 squads will play in the Playoffs. Also the Top 3 teams avoid the Opening Round Hoops games and are automatically in the Elite 8 Hoops games.

Here are the Standings through Week 6:

Team (Top 13 Make Playoffs)
x= eliminated from Playoff Contention
Points Behind Leader
1.Team Bulwa (Bull & Bear)1150
2.Team Maione (Sunset Foods)1078
3.Team Watts (Giordano's)** Wins Tiebreaker w/ Team Horwitz - Better Win/Loss Record9718
4.Team Horwitz (SLA Insurance)** Loses Tiebreaker w/ Team Watts - Weaker Win/Loss Record9718
5.Team Hadelman (Carriage Hill Kennels)** Wins Tiebreaker w/ Team Hakimian - Head to Head9520
6.Team Hakimian (Crescent Movers)** Loses Tiebreaker w/ Team Hadelman - Head to Head9520
7.Team Kornblatt (Camp Ojibwa)9025
8.Team Riskin (Jam 'n Honey)8827
9.Team Radist (Greater Than)7540
10.Team Merar (Sandusky Cabinets)7045
11.Team Cohen (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)** Wins Tiebreaker w/ Team Glass - Head to Head6550
12.Team Glass (Michael's Event Catering)** Loses Tiebreaker w/ Team Cohen - Head to Head6550
13.Team Apuli (Factor75.com)5164
x-Team Zimmerman (Crystal Lake Jeep)3085
x-Team Saltzberg (Wrigley View Rooftop)3085
x-Team Sterk (Atomic Transport)2095
x-Team Greenberg (Teplitz & Bell)0115
x-Team Daar (PoPchips)0115

Quickly — for those curious about tiebreakers in terms of All Sports Series — the Rule section can be found here.  Here is a brief rundown how tiebreakers work — 1) Head to Head matchup 2)  The overall win-loss record of a team (if you advanced out of pool play in Volleyball it’s a W, if not it’s a L) are taken and whoever has the better record gets the nod, 3) if still tied somehow, strength of schedule will be used by adding up the points in the Standings for each team’s opponents during the season. Whoever’s total is higher gets the higher seed.

Also keep in mind that each team still has 40 points available to them in the Volleyball Tourney.  There are 6 Group winners in the Pool Play Round — those teams get 7 points.  Then there are 2 Wild Card teams from Pool Play — those teams get 3 points.  Then the Final 4 Teams in the Knockout Round get an extra 3 points. Finally, the Team who wins the Tournament gets 30 more points, 2nd place gets 15 more points and 3rd place gets 5 more points.  (Again Maximum Amount — 7pts [win group] + 3 [Final4] +30 [1st place] = 40 total points). The Groups and Bracket for Monday can be found here – Chicago Men’s Vball Tourney.

Playoff Scenarios

1. Team Maione (Sunset Foods) – Currently in 1st in the Standings with 100 points.

For the first time all year Team Maione is atop the Standings and they have picked a great week to do it.  They will enter the Volleyball Tourney with a chance to lock up the #1 overall seed.  Coming down the stretch Monday Night it didn’t seem as if Team Maione would be in this position — in fact it seemed like they may need some volleyball points to ensure themselves a playoff spot, however that all changed with in 2 innings.  Coming into the bottom of the 6th inning late Monday Night, Team Maione found themselves down 9-3 but they battled and rallied and battled some more and made an improbable comeback to win 11-9.  These guys are as dangerous as anyone in the entire League (as their place in the Standings now backs up).  Scoring 11 runs means there were plenty guys who could be mentioned here but Captain Anthony “Twan” Maione went a clutch 3 for 4 with 2 RBI and Josh “he’ll be on the Ballot” Berman went 3 for 3 with 3 RBIs of his own. I also want to give some love to Jordan “suns out” Multack.  They will still likely need some volleyball points to lock up a Top 3 spot and avoid the Opening Round Hoops games. They will be in a volleyball group with Teams Saltzberg and Zimmerman — both of which are clawing at their last chance to get in the Playoffs.  These guys can wind up as high as #1 but as low tied for 5th come Playoff time.

2. Team Hadelman (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently in 2nd in the Standings with 95 points.

I have to say this team won a Hoops game on Monday Night — against Defending Champs — in a Hoops game that any League would be proud of the talent that was on the court.  Both teams fought insanely hard all night and both really could have won the game.  Team Hakimian actually jumped out to a 20+ point lead but Team Hadelman clawed their way back into it and at the end of the 2nd half took the lead and didn’t give it back.  Danny Goldin and Duncan Davis aka the D-struction each went for 16 on the night to help lead the way for their squad.  These guys find themselves in a top volleyball group with Team Kornblatt and Team Riskin — two squads nipping at their feet trying to jump them before the Playoffs.  This squad can finish as high as 1st in the Standings or as low as tied for 6th when the final Seeds are done.

t-3. Team Bulwa (Bull & Bear), Team Horwitz (SLA Insurance) & Team Watts (Giordano’s) – Currently tied for 3rd in the Standings with 90 points.

So coming into Week 6 these 3 teams were in very different places — Team Watts was first in the Standings and in the Power Rankings while Team Horwitz was 4th in both and Team Bulwa was around 7th in both.. A lot can change in a week.. Team Bulwa defeated Team Watts 10-3 in Softball.  A game that not only should make people take notice of 2012 Runners-Up Team Bulwa once again but a game that showed Team Watts still might not be ready to take the leap into being “the” Team.  Softball has always been their hurdle and right now it seems they still haven’t quite gotten over it. As for Team Horwitz they picked up another Hoops W this week against Team Apuli.

The Volleyball Tourney will likely serve as a separator for these 3 squads — and let me remind you how important finishing in the Top 3 is… The Top 3 get a bye to the Elite Hoops Round while teams 4-13 have to duke it out to get there.  The difference between just 3 points or advancing as a wild card team could make all the difference in the world.  All 3 of these teams will play in different groups on Monday Night but they will surely be scoreboard watching.  Each of these 3 teams can jump all the way to 1st in the Standings with some volleyball success and they can fall to as low as a tie for 8th which all 3 would definitely view as a disappointment considering the success they’ve had in the 2013 Regular Season.   I think it will be interesting to see if these squads come out trying “not to lose” or trying “to win.”

6. Team Riskin (Jam ‘n Honey) – Currently in 6th in the Standings with 85 points.

Team Riskin has locked up their first playoff bid as an All Sports Series squad and did so with a Flag Football victory over Rival Team Saltzberg.  These guys have been much improved all year and I expect them to continue on with their success with a nice Playoff run.  Ross “going to be on Multiple League — All @AllSportsSeries Team Ballots” Feldgreber accounted for another 5 TDs on Monday Night with 2 of which going to Alex “bandana” Dobkin.  These guys are in a volleyball group with Team Hadelman and Team Kornblatt — I expect this to be on of the tougher groups.  If they win the volleyball tournament they can get up as high as the #1 Overall Seed and they can also fall as low as tied for 10th.  That is one of the largest swings for any team coming into the Volleyball Tourney — advancing would be huge.

7. Team Kornblatt (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently in 7th in the Standings with 80 points.

Not to put too much pressure on Team Bwa but they are on a roll and they are entering the Volleyball Tourney as one of the favorites to take the whole thing based on past years’ results.  Team Kornblatt got a Hoops W on Monday Night against Team Daar thanks in large part to Jeff “welcome back” Nathan’s 11 points and Todd “TG” Goldner’s 13.  This marks the 3rd consecutive week that this bunch has won and that my friends is a “winning streak.”  They have all the momentum in the world right now, which is odd for this group that has been known for unexpected letdowns.  They will have tough competition in their group with Team Hadelman and Team Riskin — but I still like their chances to advance.  If they can find themselves deep in the Volleyball Tournament they too have a chance to wind up with the #1 Overall Seed come Playoff time. Even if they can manage just a Top 3 spot and avoid one Hoops Playoff game this group could be in-store for their first true run at the Crown.  First things First they have to do well — in a week where they are expected too — is that too much pressure?  If they do falter they can fall as low as a tie for 11th which means not 1 but 2 Hoops games against highly rated opponents — a recipe for disaster.  Good Luck!

8. Team Radist (Greater Than) – Currently in 8th in the Standings with 75 points.

While there are many teams in between them and first place — it’s very tight, and this squad is having their best Regular Season to date.  They got another W on Monday Night — this time against Team Glass by the score of 26-0. Adam “QB1” Grossfield got 4 TDs through the air and on the ground — and Alex “STATS” Rubin hauled in 2 TDs of his own in this one.  They have Team Watts and Team Merar in their volleyball group — a group that I think can go any which way depending on unforced errors.  This team can climb as high up as a Top 3 spot with a successful tourney run but can fall to as low as 13th and the final Playoff Spot if things go awry.  What that means is they are definitely locked into the Playoffs — the final team which can officially breathe easy on that.

9. Team Merar (Sandusky Cabinets) – Currently in 9th in the Standings with 70 points.

Good news they got a much needed W against Team Greenberg in Flag Football on Monday night by the score of 40-20.   Bradley “middle” Deutsch went off for 6 TDs playing QB — two of which went to Jeff “Big” Merar.  Shout-out to Captain Mike Merar who will be getting married this Saturday! Congrats!!  Anyways the W put them in good shape.. However if a disaster scenario presented itself on Monday Night it is feasible that the 2011 Chicago Men’s League Champs could be on the outside looking in come Playoff Time.  Now, with the experience of this Team I don’t think seed necessarily matters — as they won the whole thing as the #6 seed two years ago — however, you can’t win it if you are not in it. The pressure will be on Monday Night — however, in all likelihood they really should get in, even if they don’t advance out of their Group.

t- 10. Team Glass (Michael’s Event Catering) & Team Cohen (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently tied for 10th in the Standings with 65 points.

It’s fitting these two teams come into the final week of the Regular Season deadlocked.  For much of their 3 year history these two squads have mirrored each other in many ways.  They both came in during the Summer of 2011 and had immediate impact.  Both have had strong Regular Seasons in the past and have had Playoff Runs however they have not gotten to that Championship game.  Both teams have seemed to be on the right track at different times this year but come into the final week struggling a bit.  Both teams look good for Playoff spots but they are not guaranteed. A tourney win by either of these teams could catapult them up to a Top 3 Spot.  Zero Points and they could be sitting at home come Playoff Time.  Team Glass will have Team Bulwa and Team Daar in their group and Team Cohen will have Team Horwitz and Team Sterk.. Both Teams have a chance to do damage come Monday Night.

12. Team Hakimian (Crescent Movers) – Currently in 12th in the Standings with 55 points.

These guys took a tough loss on Monday Night in one of the hardest played Hoops games All Sports Series has ever seen.  They also picked up 15 points in Hoops against Team Saltzberg.  I’m not going to talk anymore about this Regular Season for Team Hakimian — instead I’m going to put the rest of the Chicago Men’s League on Notice.  This is the only team that has ever won multiple championships in All Sports Series.  They are one of if not THE odds on favorites to win the Volleyball Tournament and with that will come a spot in the Playoffs.  Possibly even a top 3 berth.  That’s it.  They will be in the Playoffs and no one is going to be happy if they seem them scheduled next to their name come Playoff Time.  Next.

13. Team Apuli (Factor75.com) – Currently in 13th in the Standings with 40 points.

These guys were a Final 4 team a year ago and they are made up of much of the same people.  I think they are still extremely dangerous and if I were other teams in the League I’d be rooting for these guys to not make the Playoff field.  That being said, if the Playoffs started today they’d be the last team in.  They are also one of the best Volleyball Teams around.  Unfortunately for them and Team Hakimian — they both ended up in the same Group for Volleyball.  I really feel sorry for Team Greenberg as they are in the Murder’s Row of Volleyball Groups but that is for another story.  What I truly envision is Team Apuli and Team Hakimian splitting their 2 Pool Play games and both advancing — 1 as the group winner and the other as the wild card.. Both would still have a shot at taking the whole tournament. Team Apuli even with Championship in the Volleyball Tourney won’t be able to break the Top 3 come Playoff time, however every notch up the Standings certainly helps. They also need points to keep the teams from behind them from jumping them and taking their Spot.  They are certainly one of the teams everyone needs to keep an eye on come Monday Night.

t-14 Team Saltzberg (Wrigley View Rooftop) & Team Zimmerman (Crystal Lake Jeep) – Currently tied for 14th in the Standings with 30 points.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet here — Both Teams need help to get into the Playoffs.  They need teams in the 9-13 range to do poorly and they need to advance to at least the Final 4 of the Tourney to have a shot at cracking the Top 13 come Next Week.  I do think its possible though.  The Volleyball Tourney has served as a leaping pad for teams since the League started in 2010 and I don’t see why either one of these teams couldn’t do just that. Good Luck guys!

16. Team Sterk (Atomic Transport) – Currently in 16th in the Standings with 20 points.

If I were to be honest (which I try to be with the Wrap-Up) I still think this is one of the more talented teams in the League this Summer.  They clearly haven’t excelled like they could have as they find themselves in the position they are in currently, however, I think most of that can be chalked up to inexperience in All Sports Series.  There’s a learning curve that most Rookie Teams can acknowledge.  It’s no secret that many (most) teams struggle in their first season.  Between the different rules and just playing together for the first time — not an easy task.  Anyways, they all but had a victory locked up on Monday Night went things took a bad turn (or a few) and they ended up getting the short end of the stick in Volleyball.. Here’s what they (and anyone who doesn’t want this talented bunch in the Playoffs need to know).  They need to make a deep run in the Volleyball Tourney — I’m saying top 2 here and they need the teams currently in 12-14th place to have a bad night.  Do they need a lot to go right for them to make it? Ya. Do they have a shot though? You bet.  Crazier things have happened in the Final Week of the All Sports Series regular season before.

t-17 Team Greenberg (Teplitz & Bell) & Team Daar (PoPchips) – Currently tied for 17th in the Standings with 0 points.

Are these two teams pumped about being where they are? Certainly not.  However, they still have a chance and in many cases that’s all you can ask for. Here’s the scenario.. They both need to win the Volleyball Tournament and have Team Apuli not pick up any points.  Team Greenberg does hold a bit of their own fate in their hands when it comes to that as they will be in Team Apuli’s Volleyball Group.  They also need Teams Saltzberg, Zimmerman and Sterk to not get to the Final 4 of the Tourney.  Are their odds fantastic? No.  Do 2 seeds lose in the NCAA Tournament? Ya. “So youre saying there’s a chance.”


Personally the Volleyball Tourney is usually the most fun week of the Regular Season. There is constant action and so many things can change on a dime in terms of the Playoffs. Get Pumped. Have a great weekend and see you Monday Night!

– Holden