2013 Madison – Championship Night Flag Football (Nov. 18)

Updated: November 21, 2013

The Champs Are Here!!  Monday Night, albeit chilly, was simply electric.  The Final4 Teams flew around the football field all night in hopes to become the first ever Madison League Champs.  Of course only one team could be crowned and win the GameFly Gift Cards and All Sports Series Champ Ts… Here are the Weekly Video Highlights for Championship Night. Let’s go through Game by Game to see how we got from 4 all the way down to 1.

Final4 Flag Football

2. Team Salomone – KE SO (popchips) v. 6. Team Saltzman – KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy) – Team Saltzman wins 24-12

Team Salomone was fresh off a W in the Elite8 last week against 7. Team Rosenberg – AEPi SR in Hoops.  While, their older bros – Team Saltzman was the only “upset” in the Opening Rounds as they defeated another Kappa Sig squad – 3. Team Philosophos.  Each Season, one team that flew a bit under the radar during the Regular Season makes an improbable run come Playoff Time — enter #6 Seed Team Saltzman.  These two teams knew each other very well coming into the Final4 however, never had they met with the stakes so high.  Team Saltzman struck first going up 6-0..  The teams traded TDs after that, as the game was then tied at 6 and again later at 12.  Neither team could manage a key Point After conversion.  With just minutes left in the 2nd Half Team Saltzman orchestrated a key drive led by Truman “President” Tiernan and took the lead 18-12.  Team Saltzman would not look back after that and they stamped their ticket to the Championship game.  This was such a well-played game that it was hard to see Team Salomone go home afterwards.  They were right there and had a few plays gone their way, they could have been playing in the nightcap.  Team Salomone, just a group of sophomores, will have all the makings of a Championship Team at this time next year.  They will come back a bit hungrier and with loads of Playoff experience.. The question becomes who will Team Saltzman play in the Championship?

1. Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market) v. 4. Team Abrahamson – KE SR2 (Gamefly.com) – Team Max wins 27-14

This game really had a big game feel to it.  Team Max had been running straight through the League and Team Abrahamson has been on quite the roll of their own. I think both Teams felt that if they could get past each other they had a really good shot at taking the Crown.  Team Max struck first jumping out to a 7-0 lead.  Then a tipped past turned into a Safety for them and all of a sudden it was 9-0.  Team Abrahamson was led down the field by John “MVP” Schulte and they cut the score to 9-6.  Just before half Team Max squeaked in another score just as time expired and at Half it was 15-6.   It was Team Max’s ball out of the Half, and Team Abrahamson managed to force a punt — However they were backed up into their end of the field and they had to give the ball right back..  Defense was certainly winning out in the middle portion of the game.. A big play for Team Abrahamson cut the lead to just 1, 15-14.. Team Max who has had the right answer all Season long found just the thing as Captain Tyler “to the” Max went to the house off a nice throw from Sam “QB1” Sternberg… It was 21-14 from there and Team Max would eventually find the endzone once more to finish off the game at 27-14.  Team Max’s 2 Joshs — Newman and Schur were both phenomenal in this one and really helped put their team over the top.  For Team Abrahamson, it was a great ride.. They lost to the League’s best and there is no shame in that.  I do think if these teams played in a Flag Football series that Team Abrahmson would win a few times, but on this night it was Team Max’s W.  Team Abrahamson’s senior core will be moving on from Madison next Fall but many will likely be appearing in Chicago All Sports Series Leagues in the future.. Team Max has just one final hurdle before fulfilling their Destiny.

Championship Flag Football

1. Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market) v. 6. Team Saltzman (Badger Bowl Navy) – Team Max wins 26-0

This is what we have all been waiting for.. As we come down to our Championship game we have the classic setup of David and Goliath here.. #1 Seed Team Max – AEPi JR has stormed through the Fall and left little doubt they’d be competing at the end.  #6 Team Saltzman is no Cinderella but they certainly had their ups and downs during the long season.. They are certainly battle tested as they have knocked off #3 Seed Team Philosophos – KE SR and #2 Seed Team Salomone – KE SO en route to the Championship Game — their next progression would obviously be #1…

These two teams clashed all the way back in Week 1 on the Hoops Court but so much has changed since that early Team Max win.  Not only have the teams picked up crucial experience and confidence along the way, but no one can predict what the added pressure of a Championship game will do to either Team.  Team Max has athletes that have been to the dance before as Sam “QB1” Sternberg and favorite target Josh “runs backwards w/ the ball alot” Schur have held an All Sports Series crown before.. Also, Captain Tyler Max has been to a Championship Game as well..  Team Saltzman is attempting to do what so few have done before — take the Crown in their first All Sports Series… Can they upset the beast?

In a word? No.  Team Max jumped out to an early lead from the cast of usual suspects and from there the route was on.. #1 Seed Team Max – AEPi JR was clearly the class of the Madison League this Fall and they earned every bit of the inaugural Crown.  They were too fast on the D-Line and routinely pressured Team Saltzman’s offense.  Let’s briefly head back to Team Saltzman’s run to the Championship Game.  I can safely say that not many thought they’d see these guys among the League’s last two standing.. However, they didnt care and they battled for two weeks against the best Competition out there.. As Juniors, the stage is now set for their perfect send-off.. They will get another crack in 2014 at the All Sports Series Crown .. Team Max will surely be waiting at the finish line for them, but redemption will be so sweet if they can make it happen.. The long off-season begins now.. They’ll be ready.

For Team Max — there isn’t much left to say about this bunch.  Their speed seemed to be on a totally different level.. However, what was more important — they didn’t TOO fast to the point where it overtook their minds.. These guys were well prepared and played smart the entire Season.  That is certainly the Championship Recipe.

So the question is.. Can they do what no Men’s Team has ever done before in All Sports Series?  Back2Back…

Congrats to the Champs!  Hope to see all of you soon!

– Holden