2013 Madison – PLAYOFFS: Opening Round & Elite8 Hoops (Nov. 11)

Updated: November 14, 2013

It’s the best time of the year! Monday Night was surely an intense one that saw the Final4 form before our eyes.  Here’s a link to the special extended Weekly Video Highlights.

Before we Wrap-Up what happened last Monday… It is time to unveil who you voted on to be elected to the very first Madison League All @AllSportsSeries Team and League MVP!  Congratulations to: Cameron Mitchell & Lucas Jacobson of Team Salomone – KE SO (popchips), Marty Heck & Michael Wright of Team Philosophos – KE SR (Roast Public House), Jack McGann of Team Saltzman – KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy), John Schulte of Team Abrahamson – KE SR2 (Gamefly.com), Captain Tyler Max of Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market), and Zach Johnson of Team Olson – Sig Chi SR (9Round Black).

An even bigger Congrats goes out to the leading Vote getter and MVP — John “2013 Madison League MVP” Schulte!

This is how this week’s Wrap-Up will work.. We’re going to go game by game in chronological order from the Opening Round and through the Elite8 Hoops Games. Enough of the precursor lets get to the action and see who earned a spot in the Final4!

Opening Round Hoops (Round of 9) 

8. Team Baldeh – SAE (9Round Graphite) v. 9. Team Muss – Sammy (Badger Bowl Gold) – Team Baldeh wins 51-36

The Madison Playoffs Tipped off with one of the more anticipated Hoops match-ups of the Season.  The winner of course would earn a date with #1 Seed Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market).. The true intrigue, aside from the Loser going home for the Winter, is that both Teams really excelled in Hoops this Season.. In fact, both Teams won both of their Hoops games (which really earned them their spots in the Playoffs).  Something had to give however.. Team Muss exhibited a balanced attack during the Regular Season with points coming from many different directions as they had several capable ball handlers and shooters.  Team Baldeh on the other hand exhibited a size advantage over other teams during the Regular Season.  On this night, size won out.  Team Baldeh and Team Muss traded the leads back and forth in the first half but eventually Team Baldeh upped the defensive intensity and that was that.. They took the lead for good around halftime and never trailed again.. The usual suspects showed up for both squads on this Night.. Captain Alex “from downtown” Muss netted 14 to lead his team and Team Baldeh were led by Captain Nyada’s 14 and Ross “a few really tough buckets included in this” Koehn with 16.  For Team Muss, they had an extremely successful season. There were certain sports (like 16″ Softball) that they literally had never seen before.. This bunch was mostly made up of Juniors and they will no doubt be back in 2014 with a bit more necessary experience.  Team Baldeh, had an hour to prep for the Regular Season Champs – Team Max.. Scroll down to find out if they pulled off the upset.

Elite8 Hoops 

3. Team Philosophos – KE SR (Roast Public House) v. 6. Team Saltzman – KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy) – Team Saltzman wins 58-50

The Elite8 started with two teams that are extremely familiar with each other.. Both teams wear the Kappa Sig banner proudly.  Lots of talent was on display in this one as well.  This game was one of the best of the night as it sea-sawed back and forth throughout the game.  With just 4:55 remaining the game was tied up at 45.  So less than five minutes separated one team from the Off-Season and the other from the first spot in the Final4.  This is when the Juniors – Team Saltzman went on a 13-0 run to take a strong hold of the lead and their Final4 seat.   It happened in a flash and there was not much Team Philosphos could really do.  During the game it was a hard fought contest with the defenses getting the best of it on both ends.. Until Team Saltzman caught fire.  Marty “All @AllSportsSeries Team member” Heck led his squad with 16 in defeat while Lucas “Ryback” Rytel helped get his group over the hump with 17 big ones.  Team Philosophos was a top team all year as evidenced by their #3 Seed coming into the Playoffs.  Most of these guys were Seniors so while they may not be back in full next Fall in the Madison League — those settling in Chicago after school will look to make their way into the Chicago Men’s League come next Summer.   Team Saltzman awaits the winner of the 2. Team Salomone – KE SO and 7. Team Rosenberg – AEPi SR game in Final4 Flag Football next Monday Night.

4. Team Abrahamson – KE SR2 (GameFly.com) v. 5. Team Olson – Sig Chi SR (9Round Black) – Team wins Abrahamson wins 70-36

This was a much anticipated rematch from the final week of the Regular Season where Team Abrahamson got the best of Team Olson.. On Monday Night, history repeated itself.. and with a bang.   Team Abrahamson came out firing and never looked back.  John “MVP” Schulte and co. just couldn’t miss early and before you knew it Team Olson’s 2013 fate was all but sealed.  Tredrick “super impressive” Dean had 20 to lead Team Abrahamson in scoring on this night.  Team Abrahamson is moving on to face the winner of 1. Team Max v. 8. Team Baldeh — scroll down to see who they will take on in the Final4.  As for Team Olson.. They started out 2013 on a great run and if not for a couple hiccups in the middle of the Season they might have had a better seed and subsequent ride in the Playoffs. They had a super talented bunch of Seniors that had the seeds broken down differently really could have been the final team left standing.  They represented Sig Chi well all season and will definitely have some pointers for the Underclassmen of the house come Fall 2014.

2. Team Salomone – KE SO (popchips) v. 7. Team Rosenberg – AEPi SR (Madison Taxi) – Team Salomone wins 66-44

These two squads met over a month ago on the gridiron and Team Rosenberg took that one.  However, Monday Night was a whole ‘nother ball game (literally – Hoops) with it being the Playoffs and all.  Team Salomone has really hit their stride since back then which is no secret since here they are with the #2 Seed entering the Playoffs.  Team Rosenberg knew what they were dealing with and knew they’d have to play a near perfect game.  Unfortunately for them, Team Salomone brought their A game on Monday evening and really controlled the game from the onset.   Four Team Salomone players wound up in double digits including their All @AllSportsSeries Team members Cameron Mitchell and Lucas Jacobson.  Moving on, they are now all set to face their “older bros” the Juniors and Team Saltzman in Flag Football.. With a spot in the Championship game on the line.  Team Rosenberg didn’t make it as far as they’d like this Season but making it to the Elite8 in such a deep and competitive League is nothing to scoff at.  Captain Rosey and the rest of his Senior squad have a bright future ahead of them in terms of Chicago All Sports Series Leagues.. They also will have a leg up on the competition with their new found experience.

1. Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market) v. 8. Team Baldeh – SAE (9Round Graphite) – Team wins Max wins 59-33

Team Max came into the Playoffs as the Vegas favorite and for great reason.. They ran roughshod over the Regular Season and truly earned the #1 Seed.  Some thought there was potential for a Cinderella story here since Team Baldeh would be flying high off an impressive Opening Round victory with the gamely Team Muss team… Those people were wrong..  Team Max took whatever doubts anyone had and crushed them within the first 10 minutes of the game on Monday Night.  They came out in half-court pressure on Defense and never let Team Baldeh feel comfortable. Not for even one possession.  Before anyone could even blink Team Max was up 17-0 and packing their bags for a date with 4. Team Abrahamson for Final4 Flag Football.   Captain Tyler “All @AllSportsSeries Team member” Max who was returning from a groin injury went off for 23 points and locked like he’s ready to contribute on his team’s path for the Crown.  As for Team Baldeh,  playing the #1 Seed on little rest was just too high a hill to climb.  Winning Playoff games in All Sports Series is no joke however and that is something this team can build upon for the 2014 Madison League. They have tons of talent and with another win or two in the Regular Season they could have avoided the juggernaut that is Team Max — or at least for a little longer.  I think their future is bright however and I wouldnt be surprised if they win one of these in future years!

So the Final4 is set — 1. Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market) v. 4. Team Abrahamson – KE SR2 (Gamefly.com) and then 2. Team Salomone – KE SO (popchips) v. 6. Team Saltzman – KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy).. You can see that Kappa Sig has faired extremely well so far in these Playoffs getting 3 of their 4 teams to the Final4.  However, the favorite going into the last Monday Night has to be the bunch from AEPi — #1 Seed Team Max.  Whoever comes out with the inaugural Madison League Crown will surely have earned it.

Thanks to the teams whose Seasons ended on Monday Night for Participating. Hope to see all of you out there again in one way or another!

For those left… Rest Up. Dress Warm. See you out there.

– Holden