2013 Madison – Week 1 Hoops (Sept. 16)

Updated: September 22, 2013

Welcome to the Weekly Madison League Wrap-up!  Many of you our first time Players in All Sports Series and, thus, first time readers.. This is how the Wrap-Up works — each week we will have a Power Rankings that chronicles the week that was and also provides a bit of a sneak peak into the following week’s games.  One thing to note, I write about all of the games using a statistical review; I do not see nearly enough of the games to have a decent opinion as to what is going on (or if a team is really the 6th or 7th bet team exiting a given week)..   There will also be a link to the Weekly Video Highlights (just click) in the Wrap-Up each week.   I think that’s enough in terms of set-up, let’s get to the Power Rankings!

Power Rankings

1. Team Olson – Sig Chi SR (9Round Black) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Quite a few teams could stake reasonable claim at being #1 after the first week.. But there can only be one #1 and that is Team Olson.  These guys were firing on all cylinders last Monday Night.  They have great size and can really put the ball in the basket.  Alex “but you can call him” Sir had 20 points to lead his crew.   There are a couple questions that need to be asked now about the Seniors from Sig Chi … 1)can they play softball?  2) how will they handle playing with a bullseye on their back..  We’ll get the answers to those questions in Week 2 when they square off with Team Philosophos – KE SR1 (Roast Public House) who will appear shortly in the Power Rankings.  Ultimately, Team Olson will want to be considered the top team a couple months from now — but its nice being the top dawg in the meantime. Well done guys.

2. Team Baldeh – SAE (9Round Graphite) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Narrowly missing the #1 Spot this week is Team Baldeh.   They too were so impressive on Monday Night. Captain Nyada “down on the block” Baldeh looked like a man among boys a certain times during the game — he had 15 points in the W.  However, leading the scoring charge for these guys, was Ross “shoots better than Terrence” Koehn who had 21 on the night — good enough for the second highest point total in the entire Madison League on Monday Night.  Up next, for Team Baldeh will be Team Saltzman – KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy) who will be hungry for their first points of the season.

3. Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

While most Teams are competing in All Sports Series for the first time, Team Max is full of All Sports Series vets.  Amongst them are Captain Tyler “to the” Max and Sam “Captain of the 2012 All Sports Series College/Prep Summer League Champs” Sternberg.  These guys know what to expect during an All Sports Series campaign and that will certainly come in handy once or twice this Fall.  Aside, from the experience, these guys can flat out play.  While they came in ranked #3 this Week they might be the best Hoops team out there (really this is a testament to Team Saltzman who stayed with these guys for most of the game)..  I know these guys can defend in softball as well, so it will be a tough ride at the plate for Team Abrahamson – KE SR2 (GameFly.com) next week.  I think these guys will be ranked #1 before all is said and done this Season.

4. Team Muss – Sammy (Badger Bowl Gold) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Pictured above, Team Muss, came into Monday Night with a quiet confidence that was exuded on the Hoops court.  They won in what I think was the best game of the night.. Team Abrahamson kept trying to climb back but Team Muss was just too strong from the outside.  Brandon “always a fan of 2 first names” David went for 18 points and really made sure his team did everything they needed to end up with a Week 1 dub.  I think that these guys are going to surprise some people this season — as they are not the biggest team in the League — but they might be the most talented.  Time will tell.  Next week they have  Team Salamone – KE SO (popchips) on the diamond.  The winner of that game will still be tied for first exiting week 2.

5. Team Philosophos – KE SR1 (Roast Public House) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Can these guys be mad they aren’t higher in the Power Rankings?  Yes.  Yes they can.  This crew is one of the many Senior teams in All Sports Series which means they are playing for THIS year.  There won’t be another go around for them and on Monday Night they played like it.  They defeated another Senior squad – Team Rosenberg.  The Philosophos gang had a spread out scoring attack which usually is a sign of good things ahead.  Reason being, they won’t have to depend on just one guy to get the ball in the bucket. Captain Torger “the most interesting name in the history of All Sports Series” Philosphos and co. will go toe to toe with #1 Team Olson – Sig Chi SR on Monday Night’s premier matchup.

6. Team Salamone – KE SO (popchips) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Don’t let this Ranking fool ya.. These guys are for real.  They looked great on Monday Night and being one of the younger teams in the League usually means they need a few weeks to gel a bit more (not having had the opportunity to play together many teams in previous years).. They were anchored on Monday Night by the leading scorer in the Madison League Cameron “get buckets” Mitchell.  Obviously, it’s just one week.. But I see an All Sports Series crown in their future.. Maybe not in 2013, but with a few years to get this right I think this bunch will reign supreme at one point.

7. Team Abrahamson – KE SR2 (GameFly.com) – Currently tied for 7th in the Standings w/ 0 points.

So here’s the deal.. I always look to the team who Lost Week 1’s best Game.  The reason being, they are clearly talented enough to had make the game so competitive but they are going to arrive hungry over the next few weeks.  Many of the teams that won in Week 1 will be able to fall back on that and feel okay with their current state.  Team Abrahamason is going to be hunting for points from here on out and they are every bit as ready to take the whole thing as the 6 teams mentioned before them. That’s all I have to say about that.

8. Team Rosenberg – AePi SR (Madison Taxi) – Currently tied for 7th in the Standings w/ 0 points. 

The last spot in the Power Rankings this week goes to another a Senior Squad.  Team Rosenberg didn’t get what they came for in Week 1 but they showed flashes of everything needed for a successful All Sports Series Team.  They were anchored on Monday Night by Keith “silky” Schuman who had 15 in the game.  Up next for Team Rosenberg will be some familiar faces — Team Holway and the AEPi Sophomores. I expect Team Rosenberg to be one of the better softball teams around this Fall, and if I’m right they will be moving on up the Rankings by this time next week.

Rest of the Pack – Currently tied for 7th in the Standings w/ 0 points – in alphabetical order

Team Holway – AePi SO (Ian’s Pizza) – Team Holway’s Captain Brad is very familiar with All Sports Series and while the rest of his Team are Rookies I expect him to have his team clicking in a few weeks.  These guys are one of the youngest groups in the field and while they may be in for a slow start it seems they have all the necessary pieces for a nice long run in November.

Team Saltzman – KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy) – Team Saltzman has a few All Sports Series Alum among the group and ones that are not too familiar with losing. They had a tough matchup in Week 1 with Team Max, who might be the strongest Hoops Team out there.  These guys are too good and too confident in their own abilities to let one game bring them down.  They will be in the Power Rankings — and quite possibly near the top — in no time.

Team Simon – Sig Chi (Sparkt) – Captain Michael “quicks” Simon is certainly not used to being outside of the Rankings looking in.  Michael was Captain of the 2013 College/Prep #1 Seed this past Summer.  A team that made it to the Final4 in the ultra-deep 20 Team League… I know he sets high expectations for his squads and like many of the other teams who dropped their first game of the Season… They have more than enough to compete in this marathon of a season.

That’s it for the Week 1 Wrap-Up. Good Luck to everyone in Week 2!  Thanks for reading,

– Holden