2013 Madison – Week 2 Softball (Sept. 23)

Updated: September 27, 2013

Welcome back to the Madison Wrap-Up! Before we dive into the week that was.. Here’s a link to the weekly Video Highlights!  Now let’s get to the Power Rankings!

Power Rankings

1. Team Olson – Sig Chi (9Round Black) – Currently tied for 1st place in the Standings w/ 35 points. 

Good Teams win close games.. Team Olson sure pulled out a nail-biter on Monday Night.  For those who didn’t see Team Olson took their Week 2 Softball game right out of the hands of Team Philosophos and won with a walk-off triple! These guys are for real and I think they have official established themselves as one of the team’s to beat this Season.  Team Olson was picked up at the plate by Brian “he’s no” Lady who had 3 crucial RBIs in this one.. Next Week the Seniors from Sig Chi will be facing off with some familiar foes.. Team Simon of… Sig Chi.

2. Team Salomone – KE SO (popchips) – Currently tied for 1st place in the Standings w/ 35 points.

Dominating.  Simply dominating.  Team Salomone brought big sticks out with them on Monday Night and they backed it up with excellent defense as they took down Team Muss 12-1.  Some say Team Salomone should be #1 in the Power Rankings — and frankly I don’t disagree — however, if the #1 Team from the week before manages to win, it’s a tough thing to knock them from the spot.  I think its safe to say the top 3 teams in the Power Rankings this week could all really be interchangeable.  I’d like to welcome back to the Wrap-Up Luke “2013 Suburbs College/Prep MVP” Jacobson who went 4 for 4 from the dish with a HR and 2 RBIs… He picked up right where he left off this Summer and has begun his Campaign for 2 MVPs in 2013.. Next week these guys take on Team Rosenberg on the Football Field.

3. Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s) –  Currently tied for 1st place in the Standings w/ 35 points.

There is a phrase in sports and we have all heard it before — “Defense wins Championships.”  These guys can defend.  For two consecutive weeks now Team Max has made sure that the opposing team is uncomfortable on offense and essentially locked them down.  Above I stated that the top 3 teams are basically interchangeable and I really believe that..  I still think Team Max is waiting for that statement victory to really say “we are here and this is ours for the taking!”  Still, we’re just 2 weeks in and that game will likely come..  Captain Tyler “to the” Max had the clutch stick on Monday Night netting 2 big RBIs to help his team take the Softball game 3-2.  Can Team Max keep up their streak against Team Baldeh next week?

4. Team Rosenberg – AEPi SR (Madison Taxi) – Currently tied for 4th place in the Standings w/ 20 points.

The first one is always the hardest to get.. Team Rosenberg can breathe a sigh of relief now that they have gotten that big first W.  These guys seemed extremely comfortable on the diamond on Monday Night, netting a huge victory over Team Holway.  Captain Alex “Rosey” Rosenberg went 3 for 4 at the plate and had a HR as well. Next week, Team Rosenberg takes the Flag Football Field for the first time and will take on #2 in the Power Rankings – Team Salomone.

5. Team Philosophos – KE SR1 (Roast Public House) – Currently tied for 6th place in the Standings w/ 15 points.

They were just a few outs away from their second consecutive win and quite possibly a spot atop the Power Rankings.  Team Olson just squeaked it out though on Monday Night and now Team Philosophos comes in at #5.  On the bright side, these guys clearly have enough to play anyone in anything and better to a take a loss or two now and learn how to bounce back than coast through most of the regular season only to be derailed in November.  Call it a hunch, but I think these guys are going to be fun to watch on the gridiron.

6. Team Saltzman – KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy) – Currently tied for 4th place in the Standings w/ 20 points.

Getting points is the name of the game. There’s a race for those 10 Playoff Spots… Team Saltzman got their first points of the Season on Monday Night and we’ll leave it at that.  Adam “what’s up man!” Conen went 2 for 3 from the dish on Monday Night as well.  These guys are surely in for a fun one come next Monday when they take on some familiar faces – Team Abrahamson KE SR2 in Flag Football.

7. Team Muss – Sammy (Badger Bowl Gold) – Currently tied for 6th place in the Standings w/ 15 points.

The great thing about All Sports Series is that week to week the best teams change due to the change in arena.  These guys looked awesome on the Hoops Court in Week 1 but it was a different story in Week 2 with Softball.   All Sports Series features 16″ Softball which was made famous in Chicago (All Sports Series hometown).  The Sammy squad doesn’t hail from Chicago and this was likely their first experience with the slowpitch 16″ variety..  This group seems as if they will be quick to shake off a Loss and bounce back.. Something they will need to do for next week!   Also note, even if they can’t figure out the 16″ game — a positive there is only one week of softball remaining!

Rest of the Pack – Alphabetical Order – Currently tied for 9th in the Standings w/ 0 points.

Team Abrahamson – KE SR2 (GameFly.com) – These guys are talented and will get their first points in no time. They just needed one or two more timely hits to move past Team Max on Monday Night. They will face off with another KE team in Week 3 — I think the familiarity will help this group of Seniors.

Team Holway – AEPi SO (Ian’s Pizza) – I don’t think its an easy thing to play the older guys from your house.. I think its something you look forward to and then realize its just not easy.. The older guys backs are against the wall.. Refusing to lose to their younger “bros.”  Chalk Monday Night’s loss up to the Older Brother winning the fight.. These guys have plenty of weeks left to turn it around..


Well that wraps up the Week 2 Madison Wrap-Up. Have a great weekend and see you at flag football on Monday Night!

– Holden