2013 Madison – Week 6 Volleyball Tourney & Playoff Preview (Oct. 21)

Updated: October 24, 2013

There is only 1 week left in the Regular Season!  Want to give a big Congratulations to the 2013 Madison League Volleyball Tourney Champs – Team Salomone – KE SO (popchips).  The Wrap-Up is going to work differently this week as instead of utilizing the Power Rankings format we are going to go through the Standings and give a bit of a Playoff Scenario list.  Before we get to the Playoff Scenarios here is a link to the Weekly Video Highlights.

So here is a look at the current Standings (after Week 6’s Volleyball Tourney).

Top 10 Teams Qualify for the Playoffs
PointsPoints Behind Leader
Team Max - AePi JR (MacTaggart's)1300
Team Salomone - KE SO (popchips)9040
Team Philosophos - KE SR1 (Roast Public House)8149
Team Abrahamson - KE SR2 (GameFly.com)7852
Team Olson - Sig Chi SR (9Round Black)7555
Team Saltzman - KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy)6565
Team Rosenberg - AePi SR (Madison Taxi)6070
Team Baldeh - SAE (9Round Graphite)3793
Team Muss - Sammy (Badger Bowl Gold)30100
Team Holway - AePi SO (Ian's Pizza)20110
Team Simon - Sig Chi (Sparkt)0130
Team Freeman - Statesider (Teplitz & Bell)0130

1. Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s MKT) – Clinched 1st in Standings w/ 115 points

After a 2nd Place finish in the Volleyball Tourney – Team Max has done what VERY few have done before in All Sports Series History.. They have clinched the Regular Season Title and #1 Seed in the All Sports Series Playoffs with Regular Season games still left to play.  Since Hoops is worth 15 points and Team Max has a 25 point lead over the closest team they will be the top overall seed.. Now the question becomes who will win the #8 v. #9 Opening Round game and get a chance to slay the giant.

2. Team Salomone – KE SO (popchips) – Currently in 2nd in the Standings w/ 90 points.

A huge Volleyball Tourney victory has sprung Team Salomone up the Standings with just a week left to play.  They have a date with #1 Seed Team Max next Monday Night in a Hoops Game that could become a Playoff Preview.. The story for them is simple.. win and you are the #2 Overall Seed.  If they lose and then Team Olson wins — we will go to the tiebreaker setup, since Team Olson trails by just 15 points.

Brief Tiebreaker rundown: 

a. head to head. (If 3 teams are tied then we will still use head to head.  Teams will be seeded in the following order depending on their head to head record: 2-0, 1-0, 0-0, 0-1, 0-2)

b. If teams did not play head to head then we will use the teams individual records… If a team advanced past the pool stages of volleyball then that counts as a W (if not its a Loss). So teams have 7 games in their record.

c. If still tied, we will go to Strength of Schedule.  We will add together the total points (from Standings) of the opponents for each team for the entire season. Whoever had a stronger strength of schedule will win the tiebreaker. (VBall tourney games are not scored in this).

3. Team Olson – Sig Chi SR (9Round Black) – Currently in 3rd in the Standings w/ 75 points.

Team Olson has been at or near the top all season long, however, they were unable to capture any volleyball tourney points and thus lost the inside track on a top seed.  They are still in great shape however.  With a win and a Team Salomone loss they can hop into a tie for 2nd place.  With a Loss to Team Abrahmson on Monday Night they will fall to at least fourth but no lower than 6th when entering the Playoffs.  I think that would be a disappointment for these guys as they have been stellar all year long.  No matter what they will not have to play in the Opening Round games which the 7-10 Seeds must play in — definitely a good thing.

4. Team Philosophos – KE SR (Roast Public House) – Currently in 4th in the Standings w/ 66 points.

5. Team Abrahmson – KE SR2 (Gamefly.com) – Currently in 5th in the Standings w/ 63 points.

These two teams have extremely similar scenarios come the final week of the season. It’s fitting for these two Kappa Sig Senior Teams too be so dependent on one another.. It’s simple. If both of these teams Win, they will leap frog Team Olson (since Team Olson would have had to lose to Team Abrahamson) and Team Philosphos will end up in the 3 spot and Team Abrahamson will end in 4th.  That is a best case scenario for both Teams. If Team Abrahmson loses they could actually end up as low as 7th — which is huge because they will need to play in an extra Playoff Game. Team Philosphos safe from the dreaded 7 spot as their basement is falling to the #6 Spot.  Should be an interesting final week for the Kappa Sig Seniors.

6. Team Rosenberg – AePi SR (Madison Taxi) – Currently in 6th in the Standings w/ 60 points.

Team Rosenberg has had a roller coaster ride this season and next week will provide one final Regular Season climb up or dive down.  They have a game with Team Muss on tap for the final Monday Night.  Win and they will finish in the Top 6 (they can get as high as a tie 4th) but lose and they likely will fall into the 7-10 Range where they’ll have to win not one but two Hoops Games in the All Sports Series Playoffs — not a place where they want to be in.

7. Team Saltzman – KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy) – Currently in 7th in the Standings w/ 50 points.

Similar to Team Rosenberg these guys have been up and down during the Regular Season. They did receive some much neeed VBall points last Monday Night as they won their pool and got to the Final 4.  With a win and a loss from either Team Abrahmson or Team Rosenberg — Team Saltzman can finish in the highly sought after Top 6.  A loss and they are going to have to play in the Opening Round of the Playoffs.  They can’t finish lower than 7th but to reiterate they want to finish in the Top 6 for sure!

8. Team Baldeh – SAE (9Round Graphite) – Currently in 8th in the Standings w/ 22 points.

9. Team Holway  – AEPi SO (Ian’s Pizza) – Currently in 9th in the Standings w/ 20 points.

These two teams are locked into the Playoffs.   However, they aren’t close enough to get out of the 7-10 range.  So these 2 teams will be 2 of the 4 that make up the All Sports Series Opening Round Hoops games.

10. Team Muss – Sammy (Badger Bowl Gold) – Currently in 10th in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Simple. Win and you are guys in.  That’s a good thing for these guys as their best week of the Regular Season was on the Hoops Court.  These guys have enough to get it done.. If they lose they and Team Simon wins, then tiebreakers will be used.

11. Team Simon – Sig Chi (Sparkt) – Currently in 11th in the Standings w/ 0 points.

They need to beat Team Philosophous and they need Team Muss to lose as well. Then it will come down to Tiebreakers to see if these guys can get into the Playoffs.  What I’m saying is.. There’s a chance!

Good luck to everyone next week! Have a great weekend.

– Holden