2013 Madison – Week 7 Hoops & Playoff Seeding (Oct. 28)

Updated: October 31, 2013

Win or go home. That Simple. 10 Teams have scratched and clawed for 7 weeks to earn a Playoff Spot.. Now it is time to fight for the Crown.  Here are the Weekly Video Highlights from the final week of the Regular Season!  Also, here is the Madison League All @AllSportsSeries Ballot. You have until Friday Nov. 8 to VOTE.  The Wrap-Up this week is going to preview each Playoff Matchup from both the Opening Round and Elite8 Hoops games.  Let’s not waste anymore time and get right into the Playoff Preview!

Playoff Preview

1. Team Max – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market) – Plays Winner of 8 v. 9 in Elite8 Hoops

Team Max clinched the #1 Seed before the Regular Season’s final week — a feat that is that more or less unheard of in All Sports Series Leagues (only once before and in the 2012 Chicago Co-Ed League has it happened).  They have been the top dawgs since Week 1 when they asserted their dominance on the Hoops Court and have established themselves throughout the season on the gridiron and the diamond as well.  They continue their roll into right on into the Playoffs as they defeated #2 Seed Team Salomone in a tough matchup on Monday Night.  Josh “so underrated” Schur went for 19 to lead them in scoring.  Captain Tyler “to the” Max has what could be the deepest group in the League and some with Championship experience.  These guys really have it all and everyone will surely want to avoid the #1 overall seed for as long as possible. These guys will face the winner of the 8 v. 9 Opening Round Hoops game and will of course be the favorite in any Playoff game they are in… However, the way the seeds came down.. The 8 v. 9 game features two of the best Hoops Teams in the League and, thus, Team Max will have to work to get into the Final4.

Reason why Team Max can win it all — Have you been paying attention all season?

8. Team Baldeh – SAE (9Round Graphite) v. 9. Team Muss – Sammy (Badger Bowl) – Winner Plays 1. Team Max in Elite8 Hoops.

It’s fitting that these two teams are going to tango on the hardwood in the Opening Round Hoops Game.  They both impressed back in Week 1 and really looked like the creme of the crop.  However, both teams stumbled as the season moved outdoors for Softball and Flag Football… They did enough to earn a spot in the Playoffs between their Week 1 and then Week 7 Hoops victories.. I know the rest of the League is breathing a sigh of relief after realizing these two squads would square off with one another in the Opening Round.  Also, the winner of this game (who could very well be the best Hoops Squad in the League) will then have to go toe to toe with #1 Overall Seed Team Max.. For the other Teams in the Playoffs this is HUGE — there is potential for one of these two Teams who are Hoops Studs to upset the #1 overall seed and do their dirty work essentially.  This side of the bracket is definitely the one to watch next Monday Night.  Both Teams are anchored by a great top scorer — Team Baldeh’s Ross “led the Madison League in Hoops Scoring” Koehn averaged 27.5 on the year and Team Muss’ Brandon “two firsts” David who averaged his own 20 on the season.  This game could come down to which one of these guys have the hotter hand.

Reason why Team Baldeh can win it all — They have proven to be one of the strongest Hoops Teams this Season and they have a chance at not 1 but 2 Hoops victories which can catapult them into the Final4. From there anything is possible!

Reason why Team Muss can win it all — See Team Baldeh above. Ha.

2. Team Salomone – KE SO (popchips) – Plays Winner of 7 v. 10 in Elite8 Hoops.

Team Salomone lost a really intense matchup last Monday Night w/ #1 Seed Team Max.  However, since they were so good all season they built up enough of a cushion between themselves and the rest of the pack for the #2 Spot and that is where they will start their Playoff run. These guys had a great Regular Season ride which included a Volleyball Tourney win in Week 6.  They were 1-1 in Hoops, which is what everyone cares about right now.  However, the loss was to Team Max and they won’t be seeing them until a potential Championship Flag Football Game. Team Salomone will also reap the benefit of being fresh next Monday Night as they await the winner of the AEPi battle between Team Rosenberg and Team Holway.  The winner of that game will have to really dig deep to compete with the #2 Seed later in the night.  Seeding is huge and this is why the Regular Season is so important in the Playoff Journey.

Reason why Team Salomone can win it all — They are on the right side of the bracket as many of the Hoops powerhouses will be avoided and they are as athletic as anyone.

7. Team Rosenberg – AEPi SR (Madison Taxi) v. 10. Team Holway – AEPi JR (Ian’s Pizza) – Winner Plays 2. Team Salomone in Elite8 Hoops.

Both Teams have had their highs and lows this Season. Team Rosenberg just missed out on getting that key #6 Spot by a meager 5 points — which would have allowed them to skip this Opening Round all together.. They have to shake off their disappointment though and try to end the Season of their younger bros.  Both teams have had their struggles on the hardwood this Season but that really doesn’t matter.  One game separates each of these teams from a date with #2 Overall Seed Team Salomone. I hope both squads are beginning to hydrate now (maybe grab some Greater Than) because playing not one but two Playoff Hoops games is just tough.  It’s not unheard of however..  There have been many cases where the stars align for a Team playing in the Opening Round to get on a roll and shock the world by eliminating a top seed.  Both of these teams have what it takes to do that.. Of course, first things first.. They need to get past one another.

Reason why Team Rosenberg can win it all —  They have the talent to get hot. It’s there. They need to take a deep breath and think, “why not us.”  If they win the Opening Round game against Team Holway, the confidence they’ll grab will be immense.

Reason why Team Holway can win it all — 10 has been a magic number in All Sports Series history.  It just seems League after League and Season after Season the #10 Seed goes on a run.  Also, I think Captain Brad has been clueing his teammates in on how tough these Playoff Games are for some time.  They’ll be ready.

3. Team Philosophos – KE SR (Roast Public House) v. 6. Team Saltzman – KE JR (Badger Bowl Navy) – Winner goes to the Final4.

This matchup is exciting. Two Kappa Sig squads that know each other all too well.  The winner gets a spot in the Final4.  Team Philosophos was near the top for much of the Regular Season and they narrowly missed out on a top 2 seed (advantage of that being they get to play a team that has previously played on the night).   As for Team Saltzman, they just surpassed Team Rosenberg (by 5 points) and got into the Key #6 spot. Now, I’m not saying facing Team Philosphos is a prize at all, but I’m sure Team Saltzman is pumped they avoided the Opening Round and are straight into the Elite8.  In terms of what to expect Monday Night, I think the higher seeded team here is the favorite as Team Philosphos has shown more on the Hoops Court his year.  That being said, Team Saltzman hasn’t had a great opportunity to showcase their Hoops depth and I don’t think the upset is out of question by any means.  This could go down as the closest game of the night.  It’ll be interesting to see how these teams match up considering the familiarity between them.

Reason why Team Philosophos can win it all — If you finish 3rd in a field of 12 during the Regular Season — you clearly have enough to win. The Playoff sports also align well for them.

Reason why Team Saltzman can win it all — The All Sports Series Playoffs always come down to matchups and these guys have gotten a really nice pull in terms of seeding.  Not having to play in the Opening Round could go a long way in their November run.

4. Team Abrahamson – KE SR2 (Gamefly.com) v. 5. Team Olson – Sig Chi SR (9Round Black) – Winner goes to the Final4. 

Love when this works out — this is a rematch of the knock down drag out Hoops contest from last Monday Night.  Team Abrahamson got the W then and with it the Higher Seed (although the designation between 4 and 5 is pretty much just that — a designation).  These two teams really wanted that W last week and now both teams will get a second crack at the other, but this time the Loser will go home for the Winter.  I think I’m most excited about this game than any other for next Monday Night.  Team Baldeh and Team Muss will surely put on a show, but these two teams are going to play “Playoff” Hoops.   Good Luck to both.  The winner of this game will move on to the Final4 — where a potential Flag Football game with #1 Seed Team Max could await.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves..  It’s going to be a slugfest. Rest up.

Reason why Team Abrahamson can win it all — Two Words — John Shulte.

Reason why Team Olson can win it all — This team was at the top of the mountain for sometime earlier in the Season and that was no mistake.  They need to just get passed this tough draw in the Elite8 and they are as good as anyone from there on in.


Good Luck to everyone in the Playoffs on Monday NOVEMBER 11 (no games on Monday NOVEMBER 4).

– Holden