2013 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 1 Hoops (June 9)

Updated: June 12, 2013

Welcome to the weekly College/Prep Blog Wrap-Up!  Each week the games will be recapped right here. Many of you are first time Participants and thus first time readers.. Just to sort of preface the wrap-up — 1) I write about all of the games using a statistical review; I do not see nearly enough of the games to have a decent opinion as to what is going on.. 2) The Wrap-Up uses a “Power Rankings” type review as opposed to the individual game wrap-ups.  Normally there will also be a link to the weekly Video Wrap-up however , the video will start after Week 2 (don’t worry Week 1 highlights will be included as well). Here’s a link to the Stats from Week 1.

Alright hopefully you are still with me.. Week 1 is in the books and here are the Power Rankings!

1. Team Sternberg (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points. 

The Defending Champions picked up right where they left off in 2012 – with an impressive victory over Team Liss (Testing Timers) 56-51. I live by a simple rule — if you are the Defending Champs and no one has beaten you in the new year — you are #1 in the Power Rankings.  So the League is on notice, want the top spot? Knock these guys off it.  Yes, they are under new management and they have some new faces, but these guys still have massive amounts of TWTW (#TheWillToWin).  Led by Captain Sam “get the guy a clipboard” Sternberg who had 15 and Max “18 is a ton of points” Forman who had 18 points (go figure) Team Sternberg pried a Victory from Team Liss.  This game was really fun to watch.  Both teams are clearly talented and had several smart Hoopers on the court.  This came down to a few extra makes at the charity stripe for Team Sternberg where Team Liss just fell a touch short.  Next Week, these guys are going to have their hands full once again as they play a team who will appear rather shortly in the rankings — Team Greco (Crescent Movers) in Hoops.

2. Team Maione (Norton’s) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Much like the Defending Champs, the #2 spot is reserved for the past year’s Runners-Up – which so happens to be Team Maione.  These guys caught some people off guard last season.  They made an improbable run as a 10-seed to the final and quite frankly almost won the whole darn thing.  I don’t envision that same scenario taking place this year.. Not that they can’t get to or even win the Crown, but this Season Team Maione isn’t going to sneak up on anyone!  Captain Frank “Ricard” Maione brought back most of his squad from 2012 and they looked fantastic in week 1.  They put up 77 points which was good for the 2nd highest point total of the day against Team Gambino (Sushi Kushi Too) who themselves are no slouches (2012 – Elite 8 squad). Their performance as a team earned them the @theMacMentor Genius Team Performance of the Week! Congrats! The game was close early on but just too much of Captain Frank who had 23 points, too much David “just wait until volleyball” Ofer who had 22 and too much Austin “cause stone cold said so” Natkin who tallied 18. These guys are going to be a force this Season.  Next week they will get their shot at Team Liss (Testing Timers) in Hoops. Just realized how brutal the beginning of Team Liss’ schedule is wow.

3. Team Simon (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Let me put it this way — If I was forced into coaching a track team for an unknown reason — I’d want Team Simon to run for me.  They are F.A.S.T.  That and they can seriously hoop. Seriously.  These guys looked awesome in their first All Sports Series action.  It seems that Captain Michael “Rookie GM of the Year?” Simon has assembled a juggernaut.  They put a hurt on Team Watts (Sunset Foods) (yes w/o Captain Mack) by putting up 71 points and winning by almost 30. That was a team who excelled in and won a playoff Hoops game last year.   These guys were throwing outlet passes like Kevin Love, running under them and then finishing in the lane with ease.  If returning teams don’t know these boys in blue are — well now you know.  Kurt “PTPer” Karis led all scorers w/ 26 which was 3rd best in week 1. Kurt actually did enough to be labeled the @DrinkGT Greater Than Performer of the Week. Congrats!  I’m already jacked up for their game w/ Team Abramson (Menchie’s) in Week 2.  #Can’tWait #BartScott

4. Team Wilneff (Factor75.com) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

People talk about the Original 6 in Hockey all the time (especially over the next few weeks w/ the Hawks and Bruins dueling over the Cup).  Well in 2010, there were 12 original All Sports Series teams. Team Wilneff was 1 of those 12.  Back then they were the young pups of the League.  Each year Captain Brian “I’m tired of getting 4th in this League every year” Wilneff makes subtle tweaks trying to repair what was the small chink in the armor from the year before.  Each year these guys have just as much talent as any other roster.  Each year they fall just short of that Crown.  This year however might be the best rendition of Team Wilneff yet and they certainly have more experience than any other team in the College/Prep League.  They are big. No scratch that — they are huge.  They are fast. They are hungry.  Did i mention they are huge?  Newcomer Mitch “welcome to Chicago” King had 22 points.  It’s hard not to mention Captain Wilneff who had 21 of his own and then Bradley “let’s get a hand in this guys face” Schwartz & Cole “please don’t break the rim” Stern both had 15 as well.  For the non-math majors in the building that is a lot of points. They actually scored more than any other team in Week 1 – totaling 86 points – not too bad in 44 minutes of play.  What’s truly scary is their best sport will be flag football not hoops.  In week 2 Team Kuhns (Janice Goldblatt) has the chance to knock these guys off.

5. Team Abramson (Menchie’s) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Last Year this team made a really far run in the Playoffs. They came up a bit short but they rightfully think they can beat anyone.  They were a top seed in the Playoffs and really excelled in just about everything in 2012.  2013 seemingly is no different for these guys. They beat Team Kuhns (Janice Goldblatt) 71-56 in week 1 and really looked solid doing it.  They made shots when they needed to and locked down on D for a good portion of the game as well.  Connor “no stranger to the blog Wrap-Up” Nass put up 17 to lead the team in scoring.  Todd “NEEWWWW” Neuhausen put up 15 as well.  I think the major difference this year is these guys are walking into the gym with the expectation they are going to win.  They might have said it last year, but this year they seem to really believe it.  Next up for these guys is a date w/ #3 Team Simon in what I already labeled the #Can’tWait #BartScott game of Week 2 Hoops.  Going to be fun.

6. Team Greco (Crescent Movers) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Before I really dive into the solid Week 1 by Team Greco.. I want to welcome back Captain Morris “#theReturn” Greco.  This guy is simply tough as nails and it great to see him back out on the court again.  Last season, Morris went down to a torn ACL and is back less than a year later to try and lead his team to the Crown.  Team Greco would be the first to admit that Hoops is not their strongest sport.. They are likely the best softball squad in the bunch and last year they won the Volleyball Tournament..  They added to their strengths this year and might have the scariest volleyball team assembled in the history of All Sports Series.. So what does this all mean?  You better beat them now, b/c they have the inside track at the #1 seed.  They won Week 1 over Team Teitelbaum (North Shore Turf) by the score of 50-40. They were actually down much of the game but clawed back, seized the lead and then didn’t look back.  Mehyar “where’s Maysem at?” Amani led the way for this crew with 11.  This squad is tall and can jump so handling the boards against them is a tough task.  You must box them out!  Week 2 they have the #1 Team in the Power Rankings and Defending Champs Team Sternberg (Camp Ojibwa).  I’m going out on a limb here and saying that if they win this game — Team Greco will be the #1 overall seed come playoff time.  If they lose, I still expect a higher seed out of these guys.

7. Team Deutsch (Baker Boys) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

Team Deutsch’s former Varsity Hoops coach would be proud with the defensive effort this squad put out there in Week 1.  They eeked out a win against impressive newcomers Team Lev (Highland Pop) 44-43. While this game didn’t have a ton of points, it was not short on excitement.  The game came down to the final seconds and the lead exchanged hands several times over.  Captain Justin “my favorite” Deutsch has taken over the reigns of this squad who is also an #Original12 squad.  These guys have made some nice additions and they look like they have the talent do take the whole thing.  I think because of their age and lack of scary size teams might sleep on them a touch.  You’ve been warned.  Jake “I think he can get more when he wants” Norcia had a cool and collected 23 points in Week 1. The kid is good. Really Good. I know that is Breaking News.  These guys are scheduled to battle (and battle they will) with Team Gambino (Sushi Kushi Too) in Week 2 Hoops.

8. Team Levin (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

These guys were the Cinderella story of the 2012 Regular Season.  Even though they were the youngest team in the field of 20 last year they climbed all the way up to the #5 Seed when the Playoffs started. So impressive.  This year they have a much different feel to them. They no longer look like the youngins. They look determined and they have a ton of talented players.   Captain Jeremy “as nice as they come” Levin was helped out by Tommy “boy man” Sutker who had 13 and Grant “for 3” Paley who chipped in 14 of his own in the 66-40 win over newcomers from Northbrook – Team Merritt (Michael’s Event Catering).  I’m excited to see what this crew can do in year 2.  In Week 2 they will do battle with a team they should know pretty well — a team from HP who also won in Week 1 — Team Putlak (Tamales).

9. Team Valvassori (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

I know, I know.. you guys are probably thinking, “what took so long?”  All I can say is let this fire you up.  You have some teams to climb over now.  These guys are also entering their second season in All Sports Series. They had an impressive 54-37 win over newcomers Team Rijos (Salon ALX) and did so with out Captain Chris “hope Ireland is fun” Valvassori.  David “I always internally use the Dr. Evil Voice when saying your last name” Lazer had 13 big points for these guys.  Teams that played last year will know these guys as the group who will fight hard down to the last second.  I expect big things this year from this crew as they have a year of experience under their belt now.  Team Merritt (Michael’s Event Catering) awaits them in Week 2 Hoops.

10. Team Putlak (Tamales) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 15 points.

The cool thing about coming in 10th (or last) in the Power Rankings is knowing that you are still ranked over half of the League.  So Team Putlak congrats on finishing Week 1 with a close win and a spot in the Power Rankings!  These guys won a nail biter 49-47 and needed every second in the game to really pull it off.   They had a few late arrivals on Sunday and because of that fell to a fairly large deficit early in the game against Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel).   Josh “who I think only played about 25 minutes?” Weiss put in a hefty 21 to lead all scorers.  This is another new squad for 2013 and while I can’t say that I know a ton about them, I do like what I have seen so far.  Week 2 Hoops v. #8 Team Levin is on tap for these guys in Orange.

Rest of the Pack – Alphabetical Order – All of which are tied for 11th w/ 0 points in the Standings:

Team Almeleh (Loree’s Closet) – I expect a few bumps along the road as these guys will need some time to gel. That being said they have some strong athletic players and I think they will make a big splash come playoff time.  Co-Captains Stu “big shoulders” Almeleh and Nick “ice that shoulder!” Block are working toward getting everyone ready to go for week 2.

Team Gambino (Sushi Kushi Too) – I fully anticipate these guys to be in the Rankings in no time. They are one of the most talented bunches in the entire League – which they showed in 2012 with a run to the Elite 8.  Jacob “so impressive” Sholl put up 33 points to lead all scorers in Week 1. Not for his team. For the League.  33 is awesome. wow.

Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) – They suffered one of the hardest losses of Week 1. They had a big lead early and ended up dropping their week 1 game by just 2 points. I know these guys – like family – and I can tell you that they will be back for week 2 hungry for a big W.  These guys are entering their 3rd All Sports Season and I’m confident this is the year that everyone will take notice of the Fighting Igors.  Ethan “is it a soft G in your last name?” Leigner put up 14 in Week 1.

Team Kuhns (Once Upon a Bagel) – Captain Ryan “ryno?” Kuhns and crew were a little shorthanded roster wise in Week 1. They only had 5 guys dress and because of that they simply wore down by the second half of their game. These guys will be in close games all season and I think they will pull most of them out!  Moses “so far my favorite name of the Summer” Park put up a big 18 points in Week 1.

Team Lev (Highland Pop) – If I had to pick one team I was most impressed by that still lost in Week 1 it would either be these guys or Team Liss.  They battled w/ Team Deutsch and traded the lead with them several times.  They missed a few easy ones that I think normally they would get. They have tons of size. Lots of skill. They also are out there to win.  Captain Mitchell “another one of the nicest guys you’ll come across” Lev took the loss as well as someone can considering the 1 point defeat; instead of complaining, he immediately asked for a rematch.. I can see a rematch of those 2 strong teams come playoff time for sure.

Team Liss (Testing Timers) – Like Team Lev, Team Liss really caught my eye even with a L in Week 1.  First off they were winning most of the game against Defending Champs Team Sternberg and if not for a couple of missed shots I think they would have taken the game.  As the Summer rolls along you will notice that the teams making Playoff runs have that one guy they can turn to at the end of the game who wants the ball.  Not because IF he makes it he’s the hero, but because he thinks WHEN he takes it – he’s making it.  Captain Jordan “Mr. 52” Liss is that guy.  He’s going to win a game this Summer for his Team.. It’s not if but when..

Team Merritt (Michael’s Catering Events) — Captain Alex “the organizer” Merritt is just a fantastic captain.  He’s organized and on top of his stuff.  Many of you don’t care about that, but the guy writing does, so it gets mentioned. Boom.   These guys are going to be better in weeks to come.  They had a rough first half in their first ever All Sports Series game but they seemed to start clicking in the second half and I’m sure that’s a sign of things to come.

 Team Rijos (Salon ALX) – Another new crew in 2013.. I like what I saw out of them. They just happen to play against a real solid Team Valvassori squad.  I expect Team Rijos, led by Team Captain Parker “lets come up with a solid nickname for you” Rijos to catch a few guys napping during the season and steal some wins.  Randall “Orton” Pulfer led his team with 18 points in Week 1.

Team Teitelbaum (North Shore Turf) – New in 2013 as well although this crew has some old faces.  They went up with a tough opponent in Team Greco and I think Team Greco’s size really bothered their offense.  Scott “you remind me of someone and I just can’t put my finger on it” Schwartz led the way with 18 for this crew.  These guys will win some games sooner rather than later.

Team Watts (Sunset Foods) – Last but certainly not least — sometimes you just run into a buzzsaw and there’s nothing you can do. The buzzsaw in week 1 was Team Simon.  These guys missed Captain Mack “attack the day” Watts who could not play in this one.  One of last year’s scoring leaders Connor “the deerfield sniper” Shields was held to just 5 points in this one.  Team Simon was every where at once and Team Watts just never got going.  Except, for Alex “the kid can stroke from downtown” Sacks who had a whopping 27 in week 1.  These guys will be there come playoff time and I wouldn’t want to face them.

That’s all from the Wrap-Up this week — if you have any comments, questions, concerns or ideas — leave a comment below or email me – holden@allsportsseries.com

Thanks for reading and see you Sunday,