2013 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 2 Hoops (June 16)

Updated: June 18, 2013

Welcome back to the College/Prep blog Wrap-Up!  A Link to the video Highlights for weeks 1 and 2 can be found here.  Week 2 is now behind us and teams are already jockeying for playoff position. There are still tons of opportunities to get points and push toward the playoffs — none bigger than this weekend’s Volleyball Tourney!  Let’s get to the Rankings shall we..

1. Team Maione (Norton’s) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 30 points.

Some people think if #1 falls than the team that beats them should be the new #1 — I’m more of a total body of work kind of Ranker.. As I said last week the teams who were there at the end in 2012 will get the benefit of the doubt until they fall.. In Week 2, the Defending Champs Team Sternberg (Camp Ojibwa) fell in a nail-biter.. However 2012 Runners-Up are still standing strong and got a really impressive W last week.  They defeated Team Liss (Testing Timers) 51-45 in a back and forth defensive battle.  As the case in many close games key free throws were important down the stretch. David “just getting warmed up for Vball” Ofer led his team with 16 points.  Don’t let Team Liss’ current record fool you.. They’ve had an impossibly hard schedule to start and they are one of the better Hoops squads out there — which speaks highly of this win for Team Maione.  These guys are also always there in the end come Volleyball Tourney time.. I see them there in the end but I’m not sure if they will have enough to win the whole tourney..

2. Team Simon (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 30 points.

There are statement Ws.  Then there is what Team Simon did on Sunday.  These guys look so impressive.. In just 2 weeks in All Sports Series I think it’s safe to say that everyone has taken notice of these boys in blue.. They not only dealt Team Abramson (Menchie’s) their 1st ever L in an All Sports Series Regular Season game but they did so by a 30 point margin.  These guys look really tough to beat on the Hoops court — what I am interested to see is how they will fare in other sports — my guess is quite well.  Ethan “my favorite New Girl character” Schmidt had 26 points and made it look easy.  Also, Jared “Nate Robinson esque” Weisberg had 11 points in what seemed like a 90 second stretch.  Fire would say he was burning up.  Not too far for these guys to climb up in terms of the Rankings — will they be able to prevent a step back next weekend in the Volleyball tourney? Excited to find out..

3. Team Greco (Crescent Movers) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 30 points.

And your 2013 Suburbs College/Prep Volleyball Tourney Champions are… Ok Ok, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.. but these guys won in 2012 and they added Vball depth.  This is what I’ll say — good luck to everyone!  Anyways, these guys climbed impressively up the Rankings this week after a HUGE win over the aforementioned defending Champs – Team Sternberg (Camp Ojibwa) by the score of 50-48.  Mehyar “I wonder how many you get if you just went down low!!” Amani had 14 big ones in this game.  Historically, Hoops has been Team Greco’s weakness.. They just finished up the first 2 weeks with 2 big wins over really quality Hoops opponents.  Translation — this could be the year for these guys…

4. Team Wilneff (Factor75.com) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 30 points.

Please please don’t think I’m hating on you guys.. This squad had another crushing defeat by the score 0f 84-64 against Team Kuhns (Janice Goldblatt) on Sunday.  They did so without 2 great Hoopers as well.  Cole “please don’t break the rims, we need to play more games on those baskets” Stern had 28 and Mitch “just causally dunks in game w/ defenders around” King had 26. Basically, I have no excuse why these guys are not higher up the Rankings other than for what the 3 teams ahead have done..  I think Volleyball is the one question mark for this team, even though they have tons of size and leaping ability.. Which you helps. I think they can get through to the Knockout Rounds on shear athleticism and then who knows what will happen.. What I do know for sure.. If they want to move up from #4 they are going to have to do some damage in the tourney.
5. Team Deutsch (Baker Boys) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 30 points.
Another group who may cry foul based on their Ranking.. Hey but your picture is above! So there’s that..  They took down Team Gambino (Sushi Kushi Too) by 40 on Sunday..  That is no easy task.  These guys are huge on the glass, have plenty of ball handlers and can straight shoot from distance.  Jake “outside” Norcia and Ross “inside” Chuckerman both went for 18 points in this one.  I’d say that is a recipe for All Sports Series success on the Hoops Court.  These guys have never quite made a serious Volleyball run.. Will that change Sunday??
6. Team Levin (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 30 points.
Another week, another W for Team Levin. These guys don’t care who they play or how old they are.. They just get Ws.  Grant “gets to the gym early” Paley had 27 and Tommy “I bet he can Spike” Sutker had 19 points in their win over Team Putlak (Tamales).  I’m not sure what to expect out of these guys in Volleyball but this could be a big swing week for these guys.  I expect them to finish close to the top of the Standings by season’s end and this could really be the difference between a top 2 seed or not for Team Levin.  They are ones to keep an eye on as Sunday progresses.
7. Team Valvassori (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings w/ 30 points.
Everything I said about Team Levin could be echoed for Team Valvassori. 2 weeks in and 2 Hoops victories for these guys. They got the W over Team Merritt (Michae’s Event Catering) and did so w/ just 5 guys which as you all know is really difficult to do.  Tom “you and I share several letters from our last names” Maentz had 18 points to lead his team in scoring.  Next week should be interesting for these guys.. They did not make a long run in the VBall tourney last season but also were not on such a roll entering it last season.. If these guys can get through to the Knockout Rounds it might be a sign they have really gotten over the hump.. Time will tell..
8. Team Sternberg (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings w/ 15 points. 
These guys were on quite a run since last season — again, yes yes I know the team is not identical to the one who won in 2012 — and maybe it was too much to think they could just ride the #1 Ranking out for the whole season.. But I’ll say this I will be surprised if they don’t climb back up there in the coming weeks.. These guys have nothing to be embarrassed about losing a 2pt game to the stellar Team Greco (Crescent Movers) squad.  Captain Sam “Coach” Sternberg had 17 to match Sam “one of my new favorite players to watch” Kuznetsky who also had 17 points.  The kid had the green light and did not disappoint.  Not sure what this version of Team Sternberg has in the Volleyball department but it seems like they have several solid athletes who at the very least won’t make many unforced errors, which is often enough to advance!
9. Team Lev (Highland Pop) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings w/ 15 points.
So I think last week will be the last time Team Lev was left out of the Rankings.. These guys dropped a heartbreaker in Week 1 but showed they have the ability to forget a tough loss and think about the current week — a huge ability in All Sports Series.  They got a 78-72 Victory over Team Teitelbaum in one of the most fun games we’ve seen all Summer.   Bradley “remember the name”  Reibel had 39 points! THIRTY NINE POINTS! to lead his team in scoring… What’s more unreal is that he did not lead the entire League or Game in scoring for week 2 as Zack “Dirk” Hilgendorf had 42 for Team Teitelbaum!! FORTY TWO! It was incredible to watch these guys fill up the stat sheet.  Anyways, Team Lev is on the right track now and I anticipate them staying on it for the remainder of the Regular Season.. Look out League.
10. Team Watts (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings w/ 15 points.
Another team that was used to being in the Rankings in 2012 who got off to an unusual start in 2013 was Team Watts.  They had the unenviable task of facing Team Simon in Week 1 but they got their first W of the Season – edging out Team Almeleh (Loree’s Closet) by 13.  Alert the authorities, Connor “the Deerfield Assassin” Shields has been found and he put up 30 points on Sunday.  Captain Mack “attack the day” Watts put up 17 as well.  Moment of honesty — I grew up in HP — so this is an odd thing for me to say — this crew from Deerfield might be the nicest around in any League.  Always happy to see these guys each and every week.  Not really important to most but definitely cool by me.. Not sure what to expect out of the VBall squad, but if these guys can advance and keep their momentum rolling then I think a High Seed is certainly in their future.
Rest of the Pack – Alphabetical Order 
Team Abramson (Menchie’s) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings w/ 15 points. – These guys took one on the grill this past Sunday. They also lost one of the best players in the entire League – Connor Nass – to a thumb injury.  Connor get better soon and hopefully we’ll see you out there again this Summer!  These guys are seasoned vets and I fully expect a quick turnaround and them taking their rightful spot back in the rankings.  For the record, they’d be #11 if we did that type of thing…
Team Team Almeleh (Loree’s Closet) – Currently tied for 14th in the Standings w/ 0 points. – With just their second game together as teammates this squad is already making great strides.. I’m telling everyone right now — keep this squad out of the Playoffs because if they get there, I doubt teams will want to play them.  Volleyball can be a perfect opportunity for them to shock the world.
Team Gambino (Sushi Kushi Too) – Currently tied for 14th in the Standings w/ 0 points.  – Last week I said I fully anticipate these guys being back in the Rankings in no time — well it might take a bit more time than I thought but I still think they will be there when the end of the Season comes.  Jacob “get buckets” Sholl lost his top spot among the League Leaders in points per game to Zach “the guy who scored 42” Hilgendorf but he is still number 2 averaging 28 PPG!  These guys will be looking to get on the board in the VBall Tourney.
Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings w/ 15 points. – One of the most one sided victories in the history of All Sports Series.  Big W. I’ll leave it at that.. They are on the board!
Team Kuhns (Janice Goldblatt Real Estate) – Currently tied for 14th in the Standings w/ 0 points. – These guys have had no luck in terms of scheduling so far in 2013.  They’ve had rough outings against Team Abramson (Menchie’s) and Team Wilneff (Factor75.com) and frankly I think most teams would have.. Moses “he parted the Defense” Park had 23 and is now averaging over 20 on the season. They have a solid bunch though and if they can shake off the slow start I think a Playoff berth is in their future.
Team Liss (Testing Timers) – Currently tied for 14th in the Standings w/ 0 points. – More than any team in the League, I believe Team Liss’ spot in the Standings (and thus the Rankings) is predicated on their extremely difficult schedule. It is like they are running through the SEC right now.  These guys unluckily got matched up with both of the teams who competed for the 2012 Championship.  If there is a silver lining in this — they played both teams to the wire — and showed that they can play with everyone.  They also have now experienced two playoff like games and I’m sure once they do get to the Playoffs that experience will help them on their run to the Crown.  Captain Jordan “have you guys checked out Testing Timers, seriously go look at the website, its awesome” Liss led his team in scoring again with 20 points on Sunday.  I fully expect these guys to turn it around and fast.
Team Merritt (Michael’s Catering Events) – Currently tied for 14th in the Standings w/ 0 points. – Being one of the youngest teams is never an easy thing in All Sports Series.  History says that the younger squads will start slow before getting their legs underneath them toward the end of the season.  Captain Alex “I want to find a word that starts with “A” for organized, so that can be your nickname” Merritt has assembled an athletic group that doesn’t seem to be intimidated whatsoever.  I think they could shock a few teams who are not paying attention to them in the VBall Tourney.
Team Putlak (Tamales) – Currently tied for 8th in the Standings w/ 15 points. – Very curious to see how this squad rebounds from its first taste of adversity in All Sports Series.  They won in week 1 and really looked good again in Week 2 Hoops, just couldnt quite close the deal.. Josh “one of the smoothest J’s in the League” Weiss went for 22 and Zach “can really Hoop” Tickman matched it with another 22 in the Loss.  These guys have enough talent to really make a run, I’m curious what they will look like when the other sports come around.
Team Teitelbaum (North Shore Turf) – Currently tied for 14th in the Standings w/ 0 points. – To end the wrap-up, just want to say this one more time — ZACK “DIRK” HILGENDORF went for FORTY TWO POINTS on Sunday!! #RUKIDDINGME?  Also, I expect a serious run in the VBall Tourney out of these guys based on some inside info..
That is it for the Week 2 Hoops blog Wrap-Up.  See you on Sunday at the Volleyball Tourney!
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