2013 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 5 Hoops (July 7)

Updated: July 11, 2013

Week 5 is now in the books!  Here is a link to the Video Highlights.  There was a different intensity in the air this week.. It’s normal really — as the regular season weeks go by and teams realize they have only a few chances left to grab hold of a playoff spot — it’s bound to get more intense.  The next few weeks are what All Sports Series is all about.. Scheduling, Playoff Seeds, Whose In/Whose Out?  — All of that will be decided in Week 6 Softball and Week 7 Flag Football.  Let’s get to the Power Rankings shall we..

1.  Team Simon (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings with 90 points.

Team Simon defeated previous #1 Team Greco in one of the hardest fought, nail-biting, physical games to ever be played in an All Sports Series regular season game.  This contest didn’t feel like just some regular season matchup it felt as if their was a Championship to be one out there on Sunday..  Lucas “making a run at the MVP Ballot” Jacobson had 29 of his team’s 47 points on Sunday and literally willed the victory.  Both teams knew what was at stake — #1 in the Power Rankings and the pole position for #1 overall in the Standings come Playoff time.  I can only imagine what will happen if these 2 squads cross paths again in the Playoffs.  Let’s hope so.

2. Team Valvassori (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently in 3rd in the Standings with 80 points.

I’m not too sure if people have taken notice of these guys from New Trier but you really should.. All they have done is gotten points every week of All Sports Series! In fact the only thing that they have not won was their Final 4 Volleyball game.  Had they won that game they may be sitting in the top spot right now. Alex “good luck!” Franczek had 22 big points to help put his team past Team Gordon on Sunday.  These guys are going to be in the Playoffs now its just a matter if they can continue their huge momentum into the Playoffs or will they falter once leading up to it?

3. Team Greco (Crescent Movers) – Currently tied for 1st in the Standings with 90 points.

Let me get this out of the way first — these guys have ZERO to be ashamed of after Sunday.  They went toe to toe with one of the more talented Hoops squads around and with a couple breaks really could have won the game against Team Simon. Like I said above, that game was as physical and as hard fought as you will see on the All Sports Series court.   Nick “fire” Fiore led his team with double digit points on Sunday.  These guys are still in a tie for 1st in the Standings and if they can get victories in their last 2 games they will still play in the #1 v. #2 Hoops game during the Opening Rounds of the Playoffs (essentially getting a bye – the winner gets to pick their side of the bracket for the rest of the Playoffs).  Let’s see how they rebound next week in their best sport — 16″ Softball.

4. Team Wilneff (Factor75.com) – Currently tied for 4th in the Standings with 68 points.

Captain Brian “Pat Riley” Wilneff assembled quite a talented bunch for Sunday’s Hoops game.  Even with a few pieces missing these guys looked as talented as any group to hit the court.  They picked up a big win in a game that honestly felt like an All-Star game over Team Abramson (Menchie’s). Johnny “he can do it all” Lindquist had 27 points for his squad.  Next week is going to be really important for this bunch as Softball has done them in year after year.. I’m excited to see if they are ready to make that leap in 2013.  I think they can.
5. Team Lev (Highland Pop) – Currently in 5th in the Standings with 60 points.
Anyone remember that these guys lost their Week 1 Hoops game?  Ya me neither.. Since then they have rattled off win after win and look as dangerous as anyone heading into the Playoffs.  Softball will be interesting next week as it’s the first true look at them on the diamond as a unit. If they can pull out the win next week — I think they are in store for a top seed because they looked nearly unbeatable in Flag Football.  So many of these guys had solid outings on Sunday its hard to single out just one guy here — so here’s a list of the guys who scored at least 14 points — Andrew Novak, Captain Mitchell Lev, Adam Chick and Jake Scholl. Well done guys.
6. Team Watts (Sunset Foods) – Currently  in 7th the Standings with 50 points.
These guys looked as if there was no one even guarding them on Sunday.  Just looked great.  Enough Said.  They are likely to have a high seed and I think alot of lower seeds will have problems with them in Hoops in the Opening Rounds of the Playoffs — definitely a team to avoid..
7. Team Maione (Norton’s) – Currently in 8th in the Standings with 48 points.
Back in the winner’s circle this week after not looking like themselves in Week 4.  Zach “double first name” Ryan had 21 and David “no slouch” Ofer had 17 himself as well. These guys look now to be locked in and eyeing down the Playoffs. They proved last year they are one of the best Softball teams around — can they shake off their week 4 loss in Week 7 Flag Football?  We’ll see — maybe last year’s Championship Flag Football game is staying with them more than I originally thought.. ORR its just a coincidence.
8. Team Deutsch (Baker Boys) – Currently in 9th in the Standings with 45 points.
Team Deutsch proved once again they are a force to be reckoned with on the Hoops court. The Twin Towers Chris Kozloff and Matt Wolk had 19 and 16 respectively on Sunday.  As you can see above these guys have 45 points this Summer. For the Math majors reading — they’ve had 3 Hoops games each worth 15 points — which equals all 45 of their points.  So with Hoops out of the picture the next two weeks what will become of these guys?  You need to be able to do everything to hoist the Championship crown at the end of the Summer.  I think a high seed will definitely help these guys down the road so the next 2 weeks will hold extreme importance to them.
9. Team Levin (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently in 6th in the Standings with 53 points.
Team Levin was very uncharacteristic on Sunday.  They usually get out to fast starts but last week they found themselves down by 20+ in the first half against Team Gambino.  They did however manage to scratch and claw their way all the way back — with the help of Tommy “also one to be mentioned on the MVP Ballot” Sutker and his 42 points (side note — there is something about 42 this summer — must have something to do with the movie release). Anyways with just seconds to go they found themselves down 2 with the ball but an untimely turnover sealed their fate.  If they can contain the loss to only last week and just chalk it up to it being a weird game — they’ll be fine — otherwise this is the type of game that can stay with you for a few weeks and that is not what they want with the Playoffs looming.
10. Team Abramson (Menchie’s) – Currently in 10th in the Standings with 35 points.
Sometimes you just run into a buzz-saw (named Team Wilneff).  These guys looked really good even with the L on Sunday.  It makes you think what would have been if Connor “Get better soon” Nass didn’t go down to injury.  Anthony “he won’t like it if” Haack led the way with 16 points for his squad.  These guys still have the inside track to a Playoff spot and they are a strong Softball bunch. I bet by season’s end they will be in the top half of the Standings.
Rest of the Pack
Team Rijos (Salon ALX) – Currently in 11th in the Standings with 22 points. — Team Rijos got a much needed victory on Sunday Night and it helped them leap over a bunch of teams in the Standings. I think one more win should do the trick in terms of the a Playoff spot for these guys.  Jake “JP” Prizant had 19 for his squad in this one.
Team Merritt (Michael’s Event Catering) – Currently tied for 12 in the Standings with 20 points. — Team Merritt took a minor step back this week after getting their first points of the season in Week 4 Flag Football.  They are going to need one more win in all likelihood to find themselves in the post-season.  Josh “one fire” Newlander had 23 for crew on Sunday.
The following Teams are tied for 14th in the Standings with 15 points. Note 16 Teams will make the Playoffs.
Team Almeleh (Loree’s Closet) — Picked up their first points on Sunday and are getting some much needed momentum.
Team Gambino (Sushi Kushi Too) — See Team Almeleh above. Hopefully Mr. Scholl can get back healthy soon.
Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) — Rough one on Sunday, still right in the thick of it however.
Team Putlak (Tamales) — See Team Gordon above.
Team Sternberg (Camp Ojibwa) — Defending Champs and my gut still tells me they’ll be heard from before this is all over.
The following Teams are tied for 19th in the Standings with 0 points. Note 16 Teams will make the Playoffs.
Team Kuhns (Janice Goldblatt) — Moses “fun to watch” Park had 29 points but his team dropped a close one.  They’ll get a W in the next 2 weeks.
Team Liss (Testing Timers) — From what I hear they can swing the bat and I think they are in-line for their first win of the season in Softball next week.  This will put them right in the Playoff mix.
That’s it for the blog Wrap-Up this week. See you on Sunday at Sunset Park for 16″ Softball!
– Holden