2013 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 6 Softball (July 14)

Updated: July 18, 2013

Can you believe that we just finished up Week 6?  The Summer is flying by.. Here is a link to the Video Highlights from the past week.  This Week’s Wrap-Up is going to stray from the Power Rankings model and work as a Playoff Scenario post.  Each team’s scenarios will be highlighted as we go from 1 through 20 in the Standings.  What’s really crazy is that entering the final week of the Regular Season — every team still has a shot to make the Playoffs!  Flag Football is on the docket for Week 7 which means each team can still earn a huge 20 points in the Standings.

Here are the current Standings through Week 6:

Team (Top 16 Make Playoffs)
x= eliminated from Playoff Contention
Regular Season Point Totals
Points Behind Leader
Top2. Team Simon (Carriage Hill Kennels)1350
Top2. Team Greco (Crescent Movers)1350
3. Team Valvassori (Once Upon a Bagel)10035
4. Team Maione (Norton's)9342
5. Team Wilneff (Factor 75)8847
6. Team Lev (Highland Pop)8055
7. Team Levin (Sarkis Cafe) 7857
8. Team Deutsch (Baker Boys) ** Wins Tiebreaker w/ Team Watts - Strength of Schedule (410 - 343) 7065
9. Team Watts (Sunset Foods) Loses Tiebreaker w/ Team Deutsch - Strength of Schedule (343 - 410)7065
10. Team Teitelbaum (North Shore Turf)6570
11. Team Abramson (Menchie's)6075
12. Team Merritt (Michael's Event Catering)4590
13. Team Gambino (Sushi Kushi Too) ** Wins Tiebreaker w/ Team Sternberg - Strength of Schedule (541 - 431)4095
14. Team Sternberg (Camp Ojibwa) ** Loses Tiebreaker w/ Team Gambino - Strength of Schedule (431 - 541)4095
15. Team Almeleh (Loree's Closet)35100
16. Team Rijos (Salon ALX)22113
x-Team Kuhns (Janice Goldblatt)20115
x-Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel)15120
x-Team Putlak (Tamales)15120
x-Team Liss (Testing Timers)0135

Ok so let’s start at the very top where things are pretty uncomplicated.

T-1. Team Greco (Crescent Movers) and Team Simon (Carriage Hill Kennels) – Currently tied for 1st w/ 115 points. 

Both teams have been at or near the top all season long and it is only fitting that they have both Clinched a spot in Top 2 Hoops game in the Opening Round of the Playoffs before the Regular Season even finished up.  Allow me to take a step back and give a few details how they got to this point.  Team Greco won 5-1 against Team Wilneff in what a Rivalry game should look like.  The game was well played by both squads but Team Greco’s 2nd inning was just too much for Team Wilneff to come back from. Jimy “the punisher” Risi had 3 hits in this one to lead Team Greco.  For Team Simon, they won 9-3 against Team Putlak on the diamond. Lucas “garnering MVP buzz” Jacobson went 4-4 from the plate with a HR to help lead his squad to the W.

So with the wins and the Team Valvassori loss earlier in the day — they had a large enough gap in between 3rd place to ensure that they’d finish in the Top 2 at the conclusion of the Regular Season.  A Top 2 spot is huge for a few reasons: 1) Those 2 teams essentially get a Bye to the Elite 8 of All Sports Series, 2) they also get to play each other in an Opening Round Hoops game where the Winner gets to pick their side of the bracket for the Remainder of the Playoffs.  There is a tremendous strategic advantage to be able to line yourself up against teams in particular sports and that is what the winner of the Top 2 Hoops game can do.

Next week is merely a formality for these 2.. I’m already looking forward to the rematch between these two squads as they did battle in Week 5 Hoops just a week ago.  Good Luck guys.

3. Team Valvassori (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently in 3rd in the Standings with 80 points.

For the first time this Season Team Valvassori was unable to get points in the Standings.  With the L, their hopes for a Top 2 spot were eliminated.  J. Harry “gotta know what the J stands for — it’s killing me” McCaffrey did go 2 for 3 from the dish in the game. However they still have plenty play for entering into Week 7 — The 3 seed is there with a Win and they can fall all the way down to a tie for 8th with a Loss.  They will have a tough test next week with Team Abramson (Menchie’s) and it will be a great indication of where this team is going into the Playoffs.

4. Team Levin (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently in 4th in the Standings with 78 points.

In 2012 Team Levin entered the Playoffs as the #5 overall Seed and did so as the youngest group in All Sports Series.  That was terribly impressive, but in 2013 it seems these guys have their eyes set on reaching new heights.  They will have their hands full with who many think is the best Flag Football squad in All Sports Series — Team Wilneff (Factor75.com). With a Win and a little help from their friends Team Abramson who play Team Valvassori (currently in 3rd) — Team Levin can wind up in the #3 seed.   With a Loss they can end up as low as #9 entering the Playoffs. Did I mention Zak “Chris Davis” Lieberman went for 4-4 last week? Well now I did.

5. Team Maione (Norton’s) – Currently in 5th in the Standings with 73 points.

These guys were the 2012 Runners-Up and did so from the tough #10 overall Seed.  They have fought hard this Summer to make sure they aren’t going to need any Cinderella slippers to get back tot he Championship.   These guys will get a rematch they have been waiting just about a calendar year for.  They will go head to head with Team Sternberg in Flag Football.  This is a game Team Maione has literally been chomping at the bit for.  Last year, Team Maione just couldn’t stop Captain Sam “QB” Sternberg enough times to get the Championship crown.  If they manage to avenge their 2012 Loss, they can climb as high as #3 entering the Playoffs if Teams Valvassori and Levin fall.  If they Lose they can find themselves as low as #9.  I’m getting so pumped about the Playoff scenarios that I am forgetting to mention the shout-outs for great performances — Big Willie “style” Goldberg went 3-3 from the plate as Team Maione got the Week 6 victory against Team Watts.  This is sort of obvious but look out for these guys come Playoff time.

6. Team Deutsch (Baker Boys) – Currently in 6th in the Standings with 70 points.

Some said it couldn’t be done.  But I knew they had it in them. It just took 11 innings.  Yes. Yes it happened Team Deutsch won a game that was not Hoops!  They defeated Team Kuhns (Janice Goldblatt) in a game that just didn’t want to end.  Ari “the unbridled star of the game” Nemetz was the Star of the game. Period. Get him a reality show.  Anyways in terms of Playoff Scenarios — these guys were roughed up in Football a few weeks back and will need to shake that off if they want to get a W against one of the big guns — Team Simon (Carriage Hill Kennels).  Maybe Team Simon will be resting their Players? With a win and a loss from Teams Valvassori, Levin and Maione — Team Deutsch can climb into 3rd.  With a Loss Team Detusch can fall as low as a tie for 10th place.. They have one of the largest scenarios heading into Week 7.

7. Team Wilneff (Factor75.com) – Currently in 7th in the Standings with 68 points. 

This is the lowest Team Wilneff has found themselves in some time. I’m not talking 2013 here, I’m talking like 2011?  None of this really matters for these Vets however.  What we know is they are in the Playoffs.  They took a tough L to rival Team Greco 5-1 on Sunday.  I have to say they kept it closer than most would have thought and showed that they might be capable of finally getting over that Softball hump this season.  With a win and losses for Teams Valvassori, Levin, Maione and Deutsch they can still climb into 3rd place before the Playoffs.  They will face Team Levin so some of this is in their hands.  A Loss could drop them as low as #11 which would be completely stunning considering the talent on this roster.

t-8. Team Abramson (Menchie’s) & Team Lev (Highland Pop) – Currently tied in 8th with 60 points.

These 2 squads took different paths to get here but nonetheless they are tied in 8th right now.  For those curious about tiebreakers in terms of All Sports Series — the Rule section can be found here.  Here is a brief rundown how tiebreakers work — 1) Head to Head matchups, 2)  The overall win-loss record of a team (if you advanced out of pool play in Volleyball it’s a W, if not it’s a L) are taken and whoever has the better record gets the nod, 3) if still tied somehow, strength of schedule will be used by adding up the points in the Standings for each team’s opponents during the season. Whoever’s total is higher gets the higher seed.

Ok so for these two teams — if both have the same outcome next week and wind up tied — 1) they did NOT play head to head.  2) Team Abramson is 3-3 (which includes the L for not advancing in Volleyball) and Team Lev is 4-2 (which includes the W for advancing in Volleyball).   This means Team Lev would get the nod should these two teams wind up with the same point total after next week.

With wins these guys can climb as high as 4th and with losses they can fall into a tie for 13th.. This is big because seeds 13-16 have to play an extra Opening Round Playoff game. That is not a place you want to be in a Single Elimination tourney.   Team Abramson (who many teams already mentioned will be rooting for) take on Team Valvassori and Team Lev takes on Team Rijos is fighting for their playoff lives.

10. Team Watts (Sunset Foods) – Currently in 10th in the Standings with 50 points. 

Team Watts will take on Team Liss in Week 7 Flag Football — a team that is desperate to keep their Playoff hopes alive.  In recent history, those teams have proved dangerous in the final week of All Sports Series.  Anyways, Team Watts had a tough assignment this week when they had to face off against Team Maione (Norton’s) in Softball.  This crew will likely be happy for the experience though come playoff time. Team Watts is a very strong Hoops squad and it is likely they will find themselves in the Elite 8 of All Sports Series which of course is softball.  Those at-bats on Sunday will definitely help them in a couple weeks time.   A win for these guys and losses to Teams Deutsch, Wilneff, Abramson and Lev could mean Team Watts climbs into a tie for 6th. A loss could drop them as low as 14th and, thus, they’d have to win 2 Hoops games in the Opening Rounds to get through to the Elite 8.  This is a big one on Sunday.

t-11. Team Merritt (Michael’s Event Catering) & Team Teitelbaum (North Shore Turf) – Currently tied for 11th with 45 points.

t-13. Team Sternberg (Camp Ojibwa) & Team Gambino (Sushi Kushi Too) – Currently tied for 13th with 40 points.

I’m lumping all 4 of these teams together because many of the scenarios are really the same.  This group provides a real interesting mix of teams from the Defending Champs who once again will find themselves right around the #11 spot they won from last year.  Also, is the youngest Team in the Field — Team Merritt. Then there is Teams Teitelbaum and Gambino who both have begun to find their stride in recent weeks just in time for the Playoffs.

So really quick between Teams Merritt and Team Teitelbaum — They didn’t play head to head and both teams are 2-4 (with a L from not advancing in Volleyball). So if they have the same result in Week 7 they will go to a Strength of Schedule to determine who gets the higher seed.

For Teams Sternberg and Gambino — They didn’t play head to head and both teams are 2-4 (with a L from not advancing in Volleyball). So if they have the same result in Week 7 they will go to a Strength of Schedule to determine who gets the higher seed.

Basically Teams Merritt and Teitelbaum can climb as high as 8th if Teams Abramson, Lev, and Watts lose.  They can fall to as low as 14th which again means they’d have to play 2 Opening Round basketball games to get through to the Elite 8.

For Teams Sternberg and Gambino they can get up to a tie for 9th with Wins and losses from Teams Abramson, Lev, Watts, Merritt and Teitelbaum.  With a Loss and a win from Team Rijos — they can fall to as low as 15th.

Either way all 4 teams have locked up Playoff spots and are the last 4 to do so.

15.  Team Rijos (Salon ALX) – Currently in 15th in the Standings with 22 points. 

After falling to Team Teitelbaum in Softball it’s a simple scenario for Team Rijos — Win and You are In to the Playoffs.  Lose, and you open yourself up to a lot of potential heartbreak here.  They will play Team Lev who are no slouches on the gridiron. They are actually the opposite of slouches.  So with a Loss — here’s what Team Rijos needs to know.. Team Gordon currently tied for 16th with 15 points plays Team Kuhns who currently has zero points (but still alive).  If Team Gordon wins they jump Team Rijos since Flag Football is worth 20 points.  If Team Kuhns wins then Team Rijos would still finish ahead of them.  However, they are not out of the woods yet because if Teams Almeleh and Putlak were to win (even with a Team Gordon Loss) and Team Rijos they’d be on the outside looking in on the Playoffs.  Basically — “just win baby.”

t-16. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel), Team Putlak (Tamales), Team Almeleh (Loree’s Closet) – Currently tied for 16th in the Standings with 15 points.

16 teams make the Playoffs.  These three teams are tied for that last spot going into the final week of the season.

Let’s go through the tiebreakers — should all 3 wind up tied with the same point total for the last spot (Note — all 3 lose on Sunday and Team Liss or Team Kuhns win — either of those teams would jump these 3 for the final spot. [Also, note that Team Kuhns plays Team Gordon on Sunday]).

In terms of Head to Head between these three teams — Team Putlak defeated Team Gordon back in Week 1 49-47 in Hoops. So they would get the nod ahead of Team Gordon. Team Almeleh didn’t play either team.  That means Team Gordon needs to win and have 2 of the following 3 teams to lose to get in: Teams Rijos, Putlak, or Almeleh.

For Team Almeleh and Putlak should they tie for a spot it would go to Strength of Schedule which is described above.

Team Putlak will take on Team Teitelbaum and Team Almeleh will play Team Merritt.

I feel confident in this while it is not a mathematical certainty — if you are in this spot and you win — you should get in. The Playoffs essentially start this week for these teams.

t-19 Team Liss (Testing Timers) & Team Kuhns (Janice Goldblatt) – Currently tied for 19th with 0 points.

It’s simple for these two squads — You need a win and losses from Team Gordon (playing Team Kuhns), Team Almeleh and Team Putlak to get in the Playoffs.

There’s no tiebreaker data yet as we’d have to go to Strength of Schedule to determine which one of these teams would get the upper hand.   It will be a whole bunch of scoreboard watching for these two squads come Sunday. What’s  interesting is that both teams play in the final games of the night.. They will know exactly what is at stake as they take the field come Sunday evening.


That is it for this Week’s Wrap-Up.  Just think.. At this point next week we will be going over Playoff Matchups! #can’twait

Have a great week.

– Holden