2013 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Final4 & Championship 16″ (Aug. 21)

Updated: August 22, 2013

This is the final Wrap-Up of the 2013 Summer — and what a Summer it was. Before we get into who the New Champs are, here is a LINK to the Weekly Video Highlights. Also, I want to congratulate 2013 Suburbs Men’s Adult @AllSportsSeries MVP Jeff Rosenberg of Team Deerbrook Limo and the rest of the All @AllSportsSeries Team: Michael Goldstein and Steve Goldsmith of Team Deerbrook Limo, Eric Hernandez of Team Moccio’s, Jordan Lemick of Team Cy Fredrics, and Kris Wells of Team Equinox/SLA.  Okay so let’s find out who would take home the Crown!

Final4 16″ Softball

1. Team Moccio’s v. 5. Team Cy Fredrics – Moccio’s wins 14-4

Team Moccio’s played like a team determined to get back to the Championship Game and claim what was oh so close just a year ago.  They hit the ball all over the field and really controlled every bit of this one.  Team Cy Fredrics in their Rookie season has little to hang their heads about, not only did they win a Playoff Hoops game but they did it against the 2012 Champs!  This group led by Captain Jordan “@CyFredrics” Lemick is one I called the dark horse of the Playoffs just a few weeks ago and I meant it.  I think they will be back with a vengeance in 2014 and this bit of Playoff experience will go a long way in helping them get closer to that elusive crown.  For Team Moccio’s they haven’t quite accomplished their goal but they have now put themselves in the position to do just that.  It was a year ago, where they lost a heartbreaking extra inning Championship Softball game to Captain Dan Wolf’s bunch.. So the question is what have they learned in the past year?

2. Team The Alley in Highwood v. 3. Team Equinox/SLA – The Alley wins 18-2

In what would become a trend on this night, The Alley took it to Team Equinox/SLA early and that was really all she wrote.  A week after Team Equinox/SLA asserted itself as the best Hoops Team in the League (yup) – they just couldn’t put it together on the diamond.  This is what separates All Sports Series from other Leagues — you must be able to win in everything to become Champions!  Team Equinox leaves the 2013 Season as another Rookie team who has gotten valuable Playoff Experience. They had a tremendously successful Summer as they won the Playoff Hoops game against John’s Garage and also won the Volleyball Tourney just before the Playoffs.  They happened to run into a Softball buzzsaw in the likes of The Alley and just couldn’t get outs when they needed them.   For John “Coach” Whitehead and crew in their second season they move on to their first Championship game where they will be matched up with #1 overall Seed Team Moccio’s.  It is very rare for the #1 and #2 seeds to both make the Championship and we will luckily be in for quite the Game now because of it.. Let’s see who takes the crown!

Championship 16″ Softball

1. Team Moccio’s v. 2. Team The Alley in Highwood – The Alley wins 19-5

Before getting into the game itself let me reset the stage..  #1 Seed Team Moccio’s entered this year’s Playoffs much like last year.. On a roll and cruising into the #1 Overall Seed. I do not hesitate when I say this — they have been the Class of this League for 2 Straight Summers now and I anticipate 2014 being no different.   The Alley has been right on their heels all Summer long however and it is no surprise to see John Whitehead and Matt Greenberg’s bunch take the field for the Championship.

The Alley struck first by putting up 4 crucial runs in the top half of Inning number 1.  They hit the ball well but it was also a few uncharacteristic throws and fielding mistakes by Team Moccio’s that let a few extra runs across.. Team Moccio’s countered with 2 runs of their own in the bottom half and seemed like we were in-store for a fun slugfest — much like the Championship game a year ago.  However, Team Moccio’s couldn’t keep the runs coming in and someone forgot to tell the Alley to slow down. Before you knew it, Captain Whitehead and co. were out to an insurmountable lead and that was all she wrote!

I want to reiterate while Team Moccio’s will leave 2013 like last Season – as Runners-Up – they have become the Gold Standard for the Suburbs Men’s Adult League.   I know for a fact they will be back in 2014 — and just maybe the third time will be the charm for these guys.   For the Alley, a huge Congrats is in order!  They took down strong competition each week and seemingly never lost stride throughout the Summer.  They also seemed to be on cruise control during the Playoffs.  They arrived each night expecting to win and that was because of the confidence Captain Whitey exuded.  I think that Team Moccio’s will be chomping at the bit during the Fall and Spring months to get their Revenge and I know that The Alley will be eagerly awaiting that night as well.

I want to thank everyone for participating (and reading) this Summer!  It was a pleasure meeting some and getting to see others again.  June is only 9 short months away!

– Holden