2013 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Playoff Preview

Updated: August 9, 2013

We have arrived! It’s Playoff Time!  Before we dive into the Playoff Preview here is a LINK to the Weekly Video Highlights from last Wednesday.  Also, here is a quick plug in case you missed it — a Link for the Suburbs Men’s Adult All @AllSportsSeries Team and MVP Ballot.  We are through with the Power Rankings format and instead we are going to preview next week’s games but before we get to the Playoff Bracket let’s look back on how we got there…

Week 7 Volleyball Tourney

So for those not in attendance — the Volleyball Tourney works goes from 8 Teams to 4 Teams based on Round Robin Play. There were two groups — Earlier in the Night Team The Alley in Highwood won Group A and Team YourTaxShrink.com got 2nd Place and advanced to the Knockout Rounds by defeating John’s Garage in a do or die game.  For Group B — Team Equinox/SLA went undefeated and won the group while Moccio’s advanced to the Knockout Rounds as a Wild Card team by going 2-1 in the group.

That set up the Final 4 — Group A Winner The Alley in Highwood took down Group B Wild Card Team Moccio’s to head to the Tourney Final.  On the other side of the Bracket Group B Winner Team Equinox/SLA defeated Team YourTaxShrink.com to set up a match between undefeated teams — The Alley in Highwood and Equinox/SLA in the Tourney Final.

Team Moccio’s won the 3rd place game with Team YourTaxShrink.com to gain 3 more points in the Standings.  In the Championship Game Team Equinox/SLA would just not be denied and they ended the Tourney by going undefeated on the night (5-0) — an extremely impressive accomplishment.  Team The Alley in Highwood took 2nd Place and locked up the #2 Seed in the Playoffs.

Here are the Final Regular Season Standings: (Playoff Preview Below)

Regular Season Points
Points Behind Leader
1. Team Moccio's 1160
2. Team The Alley in Highwood1097
3. Team Equinox/SLA** Wins Tiebreaker w/ Team Deerbrook Limo - Better Win/Loss Record7046
4. Team Deerbrook Limo** Loses Tiebreaker w/ Team Equinox/SLA - Worse Win/Loss Record7046
5. Team Cy Fredrics6551
6. Team John's Garage3581
7. Team YourTaxShrink.com1898
8. Team Rory and Co. Gluten Free0116

Really quick — before the Playoff Preview — a brief explanation of the Tiebreaker system.. Team Deerbrook Limo and Team Equinox/SLA did not play head to head this season. The next tiebreaker is overall win/loss record during the season (advancing out of group play in Volleyball counts as a W, not advancing counts as a L).. Team Equinox/SLA had the better overall win/loss record compared to Team Deerbrook Limo and, thus, they get the nod for the #3 Seed.

Playoff Preview – Elite8 Hoops

1. Team Moccios v. 8. Team Rory and Co. Gluten Free Goods

For the second consecutive year Team Moccio’s is king of the Suburbs Men’s Adult Regular Season.  However, as you and they both know.. Championships are not won in the Regular Season. Captain Eric “Fireball” Hernandez certainly has his troops ready to go though.  They have done everything possible this Season to set them up to get right back to the Championship game and I think many would consider the odds on favorite to do just that.  They come into the Playoffs with tremendous momentum as they have more or less picked up points each and every week of the Season.  The only thing that can hold them up this Week in the Elite8 is if they start thinking about Softball next week and overlook their opponent this Wednesday Night.. For Team Rory and Co. it hasn’t been a tremendously successful run in terms of points this Season.  However, that is all behind them now.. All they need to do is put 40 minutes of Hoops together and shock the world!  Crazier things have happened… Ehh maybe almost as crazy..

Reason why Team Moccio’s can win it all:  They’ve proved over and over again they are the cream of the crop.. 3 wins away from their goal.

Reason why Team Rory and Co. can win it all:  The sky is the limit if they can just get everyone to the gym and on the same time.  They are playing with no pressure.

4. Team Deerbrook Limo v. 5. Team Cy Fredrics

The Defending Champs Deerbrook Limo come in flying under the radar which is just how they like it.. They lost the tiebreaker to Team Equinox/SLA and because of it dropped down to the #4 Seed.  While they’d never admit it (well maybe they would) I bet they are actually happy with dropping to #4 because they have avoided #6 Team John’s Garage in Elite8 Hoops because of it!  This has nothing to do with the talent on Team Cy Fredrics — it’s just that Team John’s Garage has never lost a Hoops game in All Sports Series — this spans over 2 Seasons now.  As for Team Cy Fredrics — they are a sneaky pick for a run at the Crown.. I think they have every piece necessary to take it all.  As happy as Team Deerbrook Limo is to not have to face Team John’s Garage in Hoops, likely equals the happiness Team Cy Fredrics has that they don’t have to face Team Equinox/SLA in Hoops (another strong Hoops team)..  Captain Jordan “he’s on the Ballot” Lemick has his guys clicking (aside from VBall but that doesn’t matter anymore) and I think they are primed to become the first team to ever beat Team Deerbrook Limo in the All Sports Series Playoffs.  #1 Seed Team Moccio’s likely awaits the winner of this game in Final4 Softball, barring a tiny miracle :), so can the Defending Champs manage to set up a rematch of last year’s Championship game?

Reason why Team Deerbrook Limo can win it all: They’ve done it before! Only team in the Field trying to Repeat (never been done in All Sports Series)

Reason why Team Cy Fredrics can win it all: I think their softball team might be the strongest around.. So if they can get out of the Elite8 Hoops round still breathing, I like their chances.

3. Team Equinox/SLA v. 6. Team John’s Garage

This is game is like when you are filling out your March Madness Bracket — you get down to the Sweet Sixteen and realize that two teams you thought would advance far into the tourney happen to be facing each other earlier than you expected — so what do you do?  These two squads have been two of if not THE 2 strongest Hoops Squads in the League all Summer long.  To see them matched up in the Elite8 Hoops round will be a treat for spectators but definitely it throws a wrench into any Bracketologists out there.  One of these teams will have to leave the Hoops court with a Loss which is something neither team has done.  We will certainly have the Cameras ready for some Highlights.  I am really excited about this!

Reason why Team Equinox/SLA can win it all: Over the past few weeks they have shown their versatility and can match any team in the athletic dept.

Reason why Team John’s Garage can win it all: Captain Gerald Good

2. Team The Alley in Highwood v. 7. Team YourTaxShrink.com

Matchups play a key role in All Sports Series — especially come Playoff time.  The Alley has worked very hard this Summer and have earned their #2 overall seed.  Team YourTaxShrink.com has had a late season Point surge and they seem to be finally gelling as a unit.  However, is it too little too late?  Not to harp on the 3. v. 6. matchup above, but just like I said with Team Deerbrook Limo and Team Cy Fredrics — I think both Teams here have to be ecstatic they are playing each other as opposed to Team Equinox/SLA and Team John’s Garage..  I think these two squads can and will be fairly evenly matched come next Wednesday Night.  The main difference I see between them is that The Alley expects to get Ws at this point and in a tight game that could be just the thing to give the Alley a ticket to the Final4.  I think that whoever comes out of this one has a real shot to be playing in the Championship game next Wednesday Night at Sunset Park.   One thing is for certain.. A lot of 3 balls will be fired in this contest.

Reason why Team The Alley in Highwood can win it all:  Captain John Whitehead has likely been devising a plan for Playoff Success since last August.  That is a lot of time for the Coach.

Reason why Team YourTaxShrink.com can win it all:  There’s a movie in here somewhere — a group of guys, most of them didn’t know each other before the season, joined forces, struggled early, showed a bit of success late, and then steamrolled the Playoffs.  Right?

That’s it for the Playoff Preview. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Rest up, we have a big week ahead! Good Luck!

– Holden