2013 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 1 Hoops (June 19)

Updated: June 21, 2013

Welcome to the weekly Suburbs Men’s Adult blog Wrap-Up!  Each week the games will be recapped right here. Many of you are first time Participants and thus first time readers.. Just to sort of preface the wrap-up — 1) I write about all of the games using a statistical review; I do not see nearly enough of the games to have a decent opinion as to what is going on..  2) The Wrap-Up uses a “Power Rankings” type review as opposed to the individual game wrap-ups.

You also can count on a link to the weekly Video Highlights right here each week!

Alright hopefully you are still with me.. Week 1 is in the books and here are the Power Rankings!

1. Team Moccio’s – Currently tied for 1st place in the Standings with 15 points.

The 2012 Runners-Up find themselves in a familiar place after Week 1.  Last year the Moccio’s clan led both the Standings and the Power Rankings for much of the Regular Season.  They fell just 1-inning short of taking home the 2012 Championship but have looked like they have completely moved on from the heartbreak.  Team Moccio’s is under some new management as Eric “player/coach/gm/owner” Hernandez has taken the reigns from Justice “still around in 2013” Wilkins.  On Wednesday Night these guys edged out Team Cy Fredrics in the best game of the night. McKenzie “I wish you were on the Spurs during game 6″ Cherestal hit some clutch free throws to clinch it for Team Moccio’s.  Next week these guys will get their first taste of 16” softball in 2013 as well as their first glimpse of the strong and powerful Team Equinox/SLA.

2. Team the Alley in Highwood – Currently tied for 1st place in the Standings with 15 points.

Captain John “Da Coach” Whitehead is back for another season and another crack at the All Sports Series Crown.  This Summer, he has brought some new friends along like Matt “more in shape Rex Grossman doppleganger” Greenberg who went for 14 on the night.  They were accompanied by some “fresh” legs on the Hoops court and it showed.  The guys from the Alley were running and gunning all night long.. Did I mention their opponents on the night were 2012 All Sports Series Champions – Team Deerbrook Limo.  The Alley won by an impressive 27 points and showed 2013 is certainly a new year!  After the game Scott “signed a free agent contract w/ the Champs a la Ray Allen” Kulberg would not answer questions about his departure from Captain Whitehead’s crew..  More on this will surely come out during the season.

3. Team John’s Garage – Currently tied for 1st place in the Standings with 15 points. 

Well if you can’t beat ’em… Last season the staff from John’s Garage and Leonard’s Towing actually wore the Flag of the Alley.  During the 2012 Season they were in close games but just couldn’t get that first victory to gain any type of momentum..  Elsewhere in 2012 was Captain Gerald “GG” Good and his excellent Hoopers.  At some point in the off-season these 2 squads from 2012 became 1 and the results have been great thus far!  The guys from John’s Garage picked up their first win in their All Sports Series history! Congrats! Not only did they win but they looked impressive doing it.. Captain Gerald’s original crew is going to benefit greatly from the passion the John’s Garage guys bring this season. This is a team to watch.

4. Team Equinox/SLA – Currently tied for 1st place in the Standings with 15 points.

A true Rookie squad to All Sports Series is Team Equinox/SLA — some people might recognize them if they workout at the Equinox gym in HP as they are the guys pumping you up!  Captain Jason “bron bron” Foster has a crew of in-shape and ready to go athletes looking to make a splash in their debut season.  Matt “sir dunks alot” Wolk put in a whopping 31 points on the night and really looked dominant in the Hoops victory.  I’m not sure how their strength and athleticism will correlate to the softball diamond but I am definitely eager to watch them take on #1 Team Moccio’s next week!

5. Team Deerbrook Limo – Currently tied for 5th place in the Standings with 0 points.

So the #1 spot is usually reserved for the Defending Champs. It’s just the way I am.. “To be the man you gotta beat the man…Woo!” (sorry for my Ric Flair tangent) .. Anyways in 2012 these boys in blue took home the All Sports Series Championship.  So while their Week 1 Loss was enough to drop them in the initial Power Rankings it was not nearly enough for me to worry about their chances to repeat.  I will add this.. No team in All Sports Series history has gone Back to Back.. Definitely a storyline we will keep an eye on.  Captain Dan “hungry like the” Wolf has brought back most of his roster from 2012 and has added some parts as well — Brian “one of the nicest guys in town” Kaplan and Scott “Ray Allen” Kulberg were both big free agent signings.  I’d also like to point to everyone that these guys had a slow start last year before going on their fantastic Championship run.. So in my book they deserve a spot in the Rankings until Week 1 becomes a weekly thing..

Rest of the Pack – Alphabetical Order – All Currently tied for 1st place in the Standings with 15 points.

Team Cy Fredrics – Another Rookie Squad to All Sports Series — they just came up a touch short in the best game of the night.  Captain Jordan “go say hi to him at Cy Fredrics” Lemick had 14 points in this one and hit a huge 3 to actually give his squad the lead with under a minute to go.  Team Moccio’s ended up getting to the free throw line after that however and sealed their victory.  Considering it was their first night as teammates I think they will only get better and I think they will hop up into the Rankings in no time!

Team Rory and Co. Gluten Free Goods – Captain Patrick “no relation to Barry” Larkin has a good group of guys (some just were absent for the Hawks game) and they will be a factor later on in the season.  Nick “let’s get you a fun nickname” Rosa led the way for these guys with 11 points on Wednesday Night.  Next week they will go toe to toe with Team Cy Fredrics on the Softball diamond.

Team YourTaxShrink.com – The purple people are the final Rookie group in All Sports Series.  They fought valiantly on the Hoops court on Wednesday Night but just couldn’t match Team Equinox/SLA’s size up front.  Eli “Jay” Cutler and George “@bodybysolomos” Solomos both had 11 points for Captain Jon “they should recruit Steve” Kerr.  I think these guys are going to be fun to watch as the season progresses.

That is it for the Week 1 blog Wrap-Up. Thanks for reading. If you have any comments, questions, ideas or concerns just let me know!

See you next week,