2013 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 3 16″ (July 10)

Updated: July 11, 2013

Week 3 is behind us now and the theme for it was “the rich got richer” — that’s right most of the Teams atop Week 2’s Power Rankings got Ws in Week 3 as well.  Before we dive into that — here is a link to the Weekly Video Highlights!  Ok on to the Power Rankings we go!

Power Rankings

1. Team Deerbrook Limousine – Currently tied for 2nd in the Standings with 45 points.

 Another week another W for the 2012 Defending Champions — Deerbrook Limo.  These guys proved last season they were a 16″ juggernaut and Wednesday Night was no exception (well at least from the offensive side of the plate).  These guys won in what finished as the 2nd highest scoring 16″ Game of All Sports Series 4-year History.  (History Lesson — In 2012 — Team Glass and Team Apuli combined for 45 runs in the Chicago Men’s League).  Deerbrook Limo won 20-18 on Wednesday Night in what felt more like a track meet than a softball game.   Jeff  “I have a cousin with the same name” Rosenberg went 5-6 from the dish and knocked in 5 as well.  Mark “any relation to Jabbar” Gaffney went 4-5 and knocked in 3 more.  Next week they will face a team that is hungry for their first points – Team Rory and Co. Gluten Free Goods.
2. Team Moccio’s — Currently in 1st in the Standings with 50 points.

As I said earlier — the Rich got Richer on Wednesday Night.  These guys game into Wednesday Night #1 in the Standings and continued their excellent run through the first half of the Regular Season with a 15-1 W on the diamond.  Ulises “spell check” Hernandez went 3-3 with an RBI and Ryan “copy and paste” Erjavac went 2-3 with a 2-Run HR!  These guys have shown no signs of slowing down and last year they looked great on the gridiron.  The strongmen of Team Equinox/SLA will get their chance to knock these guys off the peak of the mountain next week.

3. Team the Alley in Highwood – Currently tied for 2nd in the Standings with 45 points.

I think this team is sort of flying under the radar considering where it is in the Standings and how much success they have had early on this Season. Captain John “can be found atop the Stats Page this week” Whitehead has shown an ability to surround himself with talent and so far so good for The Alley!   Matt “Rex Grossman doppleganger” Greenberg went .500 at the dish and was aided by Captain John who had 3 hits of his own!  Next week I expect a lot out of these guys in Flag Football but they will have a tough task with the hungrier than ever Team YourTaxShrink.com.


4. Team Equinox/SLA – Currently in 5th in the Standings with 23 points.

 A bit of a weird week considering half of their team lined up on one side of the diamond and had guys play on the other side… Either way they had fun!  They also find themselves in 4th place in the Standings following Week 3 which this week is good enough to land in you guessed it — 4th place in the Rankings!  While I haven’t seen this group play Flag Football together before I just have a hunch they will be solid.  They have a tough matchup with #2 in the Power Rankings and #1 in the Standings — Team Moccio’s.
5. Team Cy Fredrics – Currently tied for 5th in the Standings with 20 points. 
Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.. Other times it helps to just show up!  While Cy Fredrics had a rough go of it on the Diamond they did more than the team they were supposed to line up against and for that they got a big 20 points to jump into the Power Rankings! They also have Sweet Sweet Cy Fredrics hats which Captain Jordan was nice enough to give me one of. Seriously they are awesome. Brian “B Double” Blum led the way with 2 hits for these guys on Wednesday Night.  Next week they will try to keep their new point streak alive against Team John’s Garage!
Rest of the Pack
Team YourTaxShrink.com — It’s not often you score a whopping 18 runs in Softball and come out on the short end of the stick.. What’s encouraging is that they went toe to toe with last year’s Champs in their best sport and had several chances to win the Game. That experience is going to help them come Playoff Time.  I want to give a quick shout out to George “Ricky Henderson” Solomos who led the game off with a HR for these guys! Impressive stuff!
Team John’s Garage and Team Rory and Co. Gluten Free Goods — These groups paired up to take on Team Moccio’s on Wednesday Night and it just didn’t go that well.   There are plenty of weeks left for both squads and I think both are in store for bounce back weeks next week!
That’s it for this week’s Wrap-Up. See you next Wednesday at Sunset for Flag Football. Have a great Weekend!
– Holden