2013 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 4 Flag Football (July 17)

Updated: July 18, 2013

Believe it or not we are now over the halfway point of the Regular Season!  Before we get into the week that was here is a link to the Video Highlights from this past week!  Okay so Week 4 Flag Football has come and gone and what a night it was.  It was a hot night at Sunset Park but not just the weather — the Offenses were on fire!  Let’s go to the Power Rankings.

Power Rankings

1. Team Deerbrook Limousine – Currently tied for 2nd in the Standings with 70 points.

The 2012 Defending Champs pulled out a Victory in the closest game of the night.  They got out to an early 20-0 lead on Team Rory and Co. thanks in large part to Jeff “Garcia” Rosenberg throwing TDs all over the place and Brett “TO” Morrow hauling those TD passes in.  Before they knew it though Team Rory and Co. had clawed back and made it a one score game.  In the closing minutes of the 2nd half they were up 8 when Team Rory and Co. scored again to make it just a two point game!  Rory and Co. came into Wednesday Night still searching for Win #1 this Summer and possibly with that in mind went for a 3pt Conversion to win the game instead of the 2pt conversion to tie!  The Champs batted the pass down and with that they were able to run out the remainder of the clock and hold on to another W.  Next week is a game we have all been waiting for.. A Rematch from the 2012 Championship Game between Deerbrook Limo and the Team Ranked #2 — Team Moccio’s on the Hoops Court.

2. Team Moccio’s – Currently in 1st in the Standings with 75 points.

This group probably hates me at this point.  They are in first place in the Standings STILL — yet I haven’t bumped them up to #1 in the Power Rankings.. Well gentleman, this is your week to claim the top spot in both AND avenge the Championship Loss from last Summer.  These guys have been just pummeling opponents all season long and there’s no doubt they have been chomping at the bit at a chance for a bit of redemption against Team Deerbrook Limo.  This past week they got a Flag Football win by the score of 59-36 — Yes FIFTY NINE POINTS!!  Just incredible offense in this one! Both Todd “QB1” Lorenz and Christopher “Stilts” Gottschalk accounted for 5 – FIVE! – TDs on Wednesday Night. Simply incredible.. Even the ultra strong Team Equinox/SLA could not hold these guys down.  It seemed like arena football out there!  Anyways — I can’t wait for the Rematch of all rematches next Wednesday Night.

3. Team The Alley in Highwood – Currently tied for 2nd in the Standings with 70 points.

Captain John “Pat Riley” surely knows how to build a squad.  I mean these guys looked like they could go into a semi-pro football league and win some games.  They won against YourTaxShrink.com 58-21 in easily the largest margin of victory of the night.  Captain John caught 2 TDs and ran for 2 more.  Jeff “Bruno” Nault threw for another 4 and it really could have been more seemingly.  These guys are really clicking and It’ll be interesting to see what they can bring in Hoops next week against the team coming at #4 in the Rankings this week..

4. Team Cy Fredrics – Currently in 4th in the Standings with 45 points.

That’s right Cy Fredrics will have their chance to crack the Top 3 of the Power Rankings next week when they meet Team The Alley in Highwood on Wednesday Night.  Last Wednesday these guys looked great on the flag football field as they defeeated Team John’s Garage 51-21.. What’s crazy really nuts is that they were only the 3rd highest scoring team of the week w/ 51 points. I told you the offenses were on Fire.  Captain Jordan “Looked like a video game” Lemick accounted for 6 TDs through the air and on the ground — he delivered 4 of those to Jonathan “untouchable” Gluskin who was blazing quick all night!

5. Team Equinox/SLA – Currenly in 5th in the Standings with 23 points.

They didn’t get the result they were looking for this past week in terms of wins/losses but again a lot of the Regular Season for new teams is just learning to play with one another and gaining that experience for the Playoffs.   Mike “Wallace” Burroughs hauled in 3 TDs and Kris “seems to be in the Wrap-Up each week” wells accounted for 2 of his own.. They just couldn’t stop Team Moccio’s from reaching the end zone.  These guys looked great in Week 1 Hoops and I’d expect much of the same out of them next week when they play Team John’s Garage in what could be the best Hoops game we see all season!

 Rest of the Pack

Team John’s Garage – Currently in 6th in the Standings with 20 points.  — Didn’t have their best showing even though Captain Gerald “GG” Good always looks good out on the football field. Next week they get to play their best sport — Hoops — although I do believe that they will face their toughest foe yet in terms of Hoops — Team Equinox/SLA.

Team Rory and Co. Gluten Free Goods &  Team YourTaxShrink.com – Currently tied for 7th in the Standings with 0 points. –  Are they going to be the #1 Seed? No.  Do they have enough talent to knock off a #1 Seed? Yes.  And I think they just might — however with 3 weeks remaining in the Regular Season there is plenty of time for both Rookie Teams to pick up a key win or two that would get them out of the basement in terms of the Standings.


That’s all for this week’s Wrap-Up. Have a great Weekend. Stay Cool. See you next Wednesday Night.

– Holden