2013 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 5 Hoops (July 24)

Updated: July 25, 2013

Two Weeks is all that separates us from the Playoffs! We have Softball in Week 6 than the Volleyball Tournament in Week 7 and that is it!  Before we dive into the week that was.. Here is a LINK to this week’s Video Highlights.   Week 5 brought some great Hoops action — let’s get to the Power Rankings!

Power Rankings

1. Team Moccio’s – Currently in 1st place in the Standings with 90 points.

Team Moccio’s is #1 this week mostly because they have earned it with having the most points and getting win after win after win but they are also #1 this week because I’m scared to see what happened to me if they weren’t.  Captain Eric “cool as a cucumber” Hernandez promised speeding tix galore from his teammates if they didn’t grab the #1 spot after avenging their 2012 Championship game loss to Team Deerbrook Limo.   In all seriousness, Team Moccio’s has dominated the 2013 Regular Season much like they did in 2012.  However, nothing will really matter until Playoff Time in August.  This team has one goal and it is to hold the Crown in 2013. McKenzie “leading scorer” Cherestal had 14 for his squad and Christopher “gearing up for the Week 7 Volleyball Tourney” Gottschalk added 12 of his own to help secure the big W.  These guys have everything they need to win the whole thing and I’d put them as the odds on favorite to do just that.  But there are lot of games left between now and the Championship — anything can happen.

2. Team Deerbrook Limo – Currently tied for 2nd in the Standings with 70 points.

The 2012 Champs were dealt a bit of setback on Wednesday Night when Moccio’s got them in Hoops by a good margin.  However, like most Championship Teams — these guys will not sweat the small stuff.  Unlike every other team this Summer — this group knows what it takes to win the whole thing and they know it is a marathon not a sprint.  They will be just fine.  The next two weeks for them will be large in terms of seeding as they are a strong Softball and Volleyball squad.  They need to make sure to grab those points because who they play in the Elite 8 Hoops will matter greatly for them. They finished 0-2 in Hoops so they’ll likely need a high seed to make their run at a Repeat. Scott “make it rain” Kulberg led the way on Wednesday night with 7 points for his team.  I expect them to rebound next week on the diamond.

3. Team The Alley in Highwood – Currently tied for 2nd in the Standings with 70 points.

Their run of consecutive weeks earning points came to a halt this Wednesday Night when they dropped the Hoops game to Team Equinox/SLA in a heartbreaker by 2.  They had the ball at the end of the game and a couple last second 3s just didn’t go down.  Johnny “I think the only League your not in is the Co-Ed one, want me to find you a team?” Lindquist had 21 points in this one. They have historically been a solid softball group and I expect them to get right back on the right track next week.  Most teams in the League have clear strengths (and a weakness or 2) but I think the Alley is really well-rounded and can play just about anything with anyone.  It’s a great trait to have come Playoff time when the matchups will really matter.

4. Team Equinox/SLA – Currently in 5th in the Standings with 38 points.

This squad has proven they are no joke on the Hoops court.  This marks their 2nd Hoops victory of the Season and it looks like they are a team that no one will want to play come the 1st Round (Elite 8 Hoops) of the Playoffs.  Matthew “throw it down big man” Wolk had 13 in the game.  The 2 pt victory was big for the Standings but I think even bigger for this squad’s morale as they now head into the final 2 weeks of the Regular Season feeling pretty well about themselves.  Next week they have a date with #1 Team Moccio’s in Softball.  This will be a true test of whether Team Equinox/SLA is ready for a serious run in August.

5. Team John’s Garage – Currently in 6th in the Standings with 35 points.

Back to their home turf this week was Team John’s Garage.  Let me tell you if this was an All Sports Hoops League then these guys would be the clear front runner for the Championship. They have size, handles, speed and shooters too.  They definitely feel at home playing Hoops.. The thing is you have to be able to do everything. In a rare opportunity, Team John’s Garage was able to exact revenge on Team Cy Fredrics on Wednesday Night.  If you remember, Team Cy Fredrics handed them a Flag Football L in Week 4.  Here’s what we can count on. Team John’s Garage will be in the Playoffs, as everyone will be, and they are more of a lock to get out of that First Round (Elite 8 Hoops) of the Playoffs than anyone.  They have looked great in Hoops for 2 straight summers now.  The question for them is, can they win in the sport they have to play next week?  Softball is the only thing between them and the Crown.

Rest of the Pack

Team Cy Fredrics – Currently in 4th in the Standings with 45 points. – For as good as Team John’s Garage is in Hoops.. Team Cy Fredrics gave them all they could handle.  They dropped the game by 6 points but really had a chance at the end to take the game.  Captain Jordan “farmar?” Lemick led his crew with 13 points and Jonathan “making a run at the all @AllSportsSeries Team Ballot” Gluskin added 11 of his own. Next week they will play a different team than John’s Garage — Defending Champs Team Deerbrook Limo!

Team YourTaxShrink.com – Currently in 7th in the Standings with 15 points. – VICTORY!!! Listen all that matters is that 15 points is deposited into the Bank account known as the Standings under Team YourTaxShrink.com — the first points are the hardest to come by — I expect them to be swimming in points now the rest of the way.

Team Rory and Co. Gluten Free Goods – Currently in 8th in the Standings with 0 points.  – Off to a slower start than they’d like there is still time to gain some momentum before the calendar turns to August and the Playoffs begin.  I’ll tell you something the last 2 weeks this team has really shown fight and they will certainly be no easy out!


That’s it for the Wrap-Up this week. Have a great weekend and see you at Softball next Wednesday night!

– Holden